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Violets In Autumn

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From Lippincolt's Mftgazine. I knew 1 should iliul the Daley, Wlth lier f mvIilmiI ? brave and white, Forthe sim i her lover, to oomfort lier, And to keep her la beauty brlght ; And Mie lolds the last. of hls kisses In the golden well of her cup, Tijen fearless sleeps in the frosty fleldü TUI tiie mornlng wakejí her up. And the purpic p:nk o' the moQDtaln DroppetS her vel vet train Whera the strlcken glory of fbrest lea ves Is shed in a scnrU-t ruin, And noils to the late red Clover, And the stoical lminortelle ; And the timid bada of the Dewberry llide down in tlie siinny dc-U. And I gatbend the golden Aster And the blossom blades of sruss, B&ch bovving low 1 ike a cotirüur, To let liis lady Uut the Violots ! - ob, i lio Violeta ! - I thooght tlii'.v were all uleep, Each mi her plllow ol thlstledown In tbc plne wood dark and rleep. But tlicy stood in hapless beanty Unrer the snlli-n gkles, Kacii jaméntliijt her mother, Spring, Viili the uorrow of dewy eyes: Flve o' them, April 's darllngs, On a lank of yellow'd iikhs, Tliat lonir no the south wind Had iorgoUeu to blow across. And I toofc these meek, swect orphans, Falrvel 'neath ctteratd eáTes; Hm uil lor the love oi the secret dear Tliatwas liidden among thelr 'caves. Five liulc hcads blue hooded, Yonr message was all for me, And ye were iis fltteft carriers, For all that ye were so wee !


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