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Prentice's Keen Wit

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George D. Preutice was a mnn of gay nnd lively wit, high spirit, tolerable educntion, anri great readiness wit li tho pen. In a loss provincial attnosphere In; niiglit have dïistiiigKisliea liimelf in literuture. Ar it ia liis book is made up of jokes, good, bad, and indifferent, - bnt all good enough to read as painples of what passcd in tlieir day lor sharp wit. We w 11 give a few of thora : Ab'int the only person that w ever hraid of that wasn't spoiled by being lionised was a Jiw named D.iniel. An Englitb writer eays in hia advico to a ynung mnr'ied wonian, that " their mother Eve marricd a gardener." Il niight bo addi'd that the garduner, in consequocco of ttie match, loet lus eitu ation. . liaicvcr MidüR touolipd tnrned into gold. In these days, touch a nian with g"ld and he'll turn inio tDjthiog. Tho editor of üie Ohio Statstmim wys, " More vlllainyju on foot." We cuppose the editor has lost bü borse. A .T(Í bnru paper saya that Mrs. Alicc Dr.y, of tlmt city, was lately dr,livered oï four f-tuidy boys. We kuow DOt what a day may GrÏDg forth. " Caa't we youc lever jValous, mip?;' " Oh, yes, sir, I think we can, if we pot oor hc;u!s togetber " We are oitcii told to imit:ite nature Stil!, we shculd not imifiite Iilt too literal Ij. We needn't dress iu green velvet through the suaimer t)ecusü ilic does An BUtbor, ridicGlinc: tho idea of liho.ts, aêks how a dcad man can get into a lockcd room. l'robablv with a skeletcn kej'. "Is it podsible, aaias, ftatyot don't know tbte nanres ot some of your best. ffieode?" " Certainly - I don't e"ven know what my own may be a ycar from now." Our nwghlior is still arguing againírt : tho credit systeiu. Let bim try to get credit anywhero to the amouDt ot 85, nnd lie wül find that bis argumenta are considered perfectly ooiiclusive. A gcritlciiian, if aggrieved, has a rigbt to pull h blackguard's ears, but lic should not cut thc-m off. Thcy should ae left on for the aecoonuodation of other aggricvd pnrties.


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