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A Plea Fur Little Toes

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We devoutly believe that tliere is not a 8hoenaker in the universe who by any means pleatantor than (lie pillory couid be brought to allow spaoe iu a boot to hold the helpless little toe. Wo spcak with the unction of experience. We have plauted a. toe on a piece of paper as wide as it would 'spread, and while the shoemnker 'ollowed the outline have conjured him to leave room for that toe He never did it. Numerons uotarnished boots hanging against a wall bear expressivc wittiess to iho iohumanity ond utter lack of anatoroical knowledge in shoemaking men. No wonder a young girl out West bad her little toes cbopped off. And no wonder the young lady io Hartford liad puoh sore toes on her wedding day that slie could not stand np to be miirried. The only wonder is that our woinen stand up at all, mucli more that they walk, whiclj, by the way, they do more badly than auy women under the sun, cxeept the Chinese. Wa used 10 pi ty the poor Chinese women, but have transferred our cotnpnsRion to our own eountry-womei!. Look at them as they pass by your window somo bright riay 1 The wretched fiction of a "Grecian B(ii)d," the more wretcbed fact of lact'd-up lungs, can not wholly account for that feeble, teetering, gasping walk, a walkuttorly devoid of vitalitv, elastieity or pi ace ; but lookitig down, the wretched little boot, with its Frenen heel, bringing the whole weiglit of the body on the toes, explains it all. And this poor creatare, with cramped nerves and tnusck-s, parlial aud feeblu circukttion, is to bo the mother of men I VVhew l The nngarnished fact is that American women are last becoming a nation of cripplea. Nothing can prevent their growing to be sucli, uuless thcre is an cutiré and radical change in the chape of their shoes. Girls, respect the liuhts of your liitle toes. If you duu't they will turn and rend you. The Frovideiioe Journal advises people to do without butter, or at cast to use mach less than they have been n the habit of doing. Ás for girlfl, it taya if tliey only knew of the ravages that butter makes upon their coraplexions, how it ehanges the lilies and rosi'H of their cheeks into a " perfectlv horiid " bilious yellow, and makes every one of tbem look five years older, they would as soon wear lagt year's bonncts ae eat ) an ounca of the tuff.


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