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Congratulatory Address To The Democracy Of The Country

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lbo followiiig congratulatory addres was iswued Sauirday hy th chairuiau of the National Deinucratio Congrcftional Resident Comuoittee : "The .National JJciuocratio Congressionui Resident Couimittcu teuder ilion congratulations to the Democratie and Conservativa votéis of the tbreo great States of Penns, Ivania, Indiana, and Obio, for thcir recent buceussus over the corrupliou of Rndicalisui, aHed as the Radicale have been ly a proflígate and desptrate administra! ion at Washington. In Permsylvania a gain of five nietiibers uf Cougiess ha been tecured, the Rad ical mojority of last year has been reduoed in oaeh braDch of the Legisla ture, and thero i a deeided majority in the State ou tha popular vote ngaiiist the administraron, in Imliaua, the Stute has been redeemed from further Jtadical niisrule tiy ihe clectinu of the Democratie nnd Conservativo State ticket, oarryiiig with it a gain of two membere of Congres and a majority in eacb branch of the Legis'alure. Keonomy and reform are thus made sure to tli people of that Stale in tho innnediate iuture. In Ohio the Kadical majority of two yeara ago has been reduccd roere ihaa oiie-half aud the leader of the Radical corruptionisle n the preseut Conre88 been defeated. We now ap peal to the Democratie and Conservativo voters of the States in wtiich elections are about to be held to raake further sud more deteruiined efforts in behalf of the restcration of an honest administration. We atk that thcy disregard threats fioiu auy central soiircc and paj no attention in any respect, to the proposed une of military power of the govemmont in the local maaugement of electioní io the States. Ltt the áoois of our organizatiou be thrown wideopen for the adiuih.üoii of all who delire economy nd houesty in the managt-ment of tho public treasury, so that tho pre8eut buiden of taxation may be thereby lutiigated. rcgardlíBS of former jssut.'3-or ['ast poli - ical assoeiatiou or uanio. :nd bruig about cutiré coopera t ion araong alVwho seek a restoratiou of tlie Uniou foandcd upon pesee and good will aroong their fullow-men, aud u return to strict iutegrity amoug the public officers of the natioü. SAM. J. RANDALL.Gh'n. N. J. Jspfiiibs, Sec. Tuk President douies tbat tiiere was ny dihivgn-utneiiL bctweeu bimself and Secretary Cox, faot gives il to be understood that everythiug was lovely betveea them. And Tiohigan'u distinguished Senator - ack Cuandlicu 'm now reported as not hoving " interviewed" Grini until alter Cox resigned. Bolh of wbioh disclaiiners are probulily equally true - that is -true. Sátiro is a sort of glass, v?herein beholders gonernlly discover cverybody's face but their own, which is the chicf reasou for that kind ii reception it rneets iu the vforld, nnd that so ery fow are oflendcd wiib it.


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