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Tuk Republicana are relying npon general apatby in the Deinooiatio rnuks i to gire tbem an easy victory at the coming election. They are putting tbeir speakers n the field- speakers bolding goverinuent offices and paid ith tha peoplrs' monej - and tai kin? for (iear [ life; xingiög the chances on ihíir record, and charging tho Democracy with a!l the sins of humanity, from the eating of tbc apple in Eden down to tho present day, never meeting the lire isiues : the tariff, the revenue, taxation,etc. And becau8e the Democracy have no salaried and paid cfficers to pit againstthem, they iniagiue that Demócrata will etay nt homo on the 8th of November and let the eleclion go by default. Every Demncrat should resolve at once to disappoitit theui. Doter mine to be at the polls early on the day of the eleotion, and determine, al.-o, that your apatbelio Democratie noighbor- if unfortunately you have such an one - ihall b there. If each Democratie read' er of tho Argus will resolve himself into a comin tttee of ono to get out the Demoerntio vote of bis neigbborhood, school diut riet or towo, our opponents will be disnppointed. If they fold their bands and ieave it all for lbo candidates to do, the Demócrata will bo the disappointud party. Every Democrat bas the same polilicul iuterests and principies at beurt tbat a candidato bas, and every Democrat should work for the suceess uf bis party. You can do so by going to tli e polls ou election day, and by seeiug thnt your neighbor does. - Oetting ono lagging and apathetic Democrat to the polls, io vote lh entire Democratie ticut, is better than inducing il huif dozen Republicana to votu Jor a single Democratie candidato. Wk copy from some of out" esobanges the following notices of tho Democratie candidato for Sena'or : From the Detroit Freí Press. The Democrat.s of Waslitonaw County have noiuimucd E Iï Pond, Ksq., of' the Aun Arbor Argut, for the State Senate. This is u most excellent nomiuaUon. Mr. Pond has served his party long and faklilully as a Democratie editor, and is a man of sound, pi-rtctical coinmon sense. He will make a most creditable ïcpieseatative of the county in tlie Öen:ite. From the Vn Buren County Prees. The Democracy of Washtenaw County rightly appreciatinj; the value aod services of E. B. Pond, Esq., the Democratie editor of the Michigan Argtu, have placed liim n aomlnatlon at the hcad of thelr ticket for Stitti' Senator. Brother Pourt emb'xües all the.Jeffersonhtn requiieinents ; will do honor to the olllce of Senator, and ably represent hls constituems, in the upper house of our State: Legislat u re. From tbc Ypsllantl Scntlncl. Mr. Mann snd Mr. Pond, for Senator, offer little except party position tor clioice. Wê elected Pond to the Senate once, but we dou'i remember that he dlstlogalahed himself, bs indeed it wonld take a man of lar more foice and decisión thau lic, to do in the minority in wbicb the Democrats Ktood. And they are uot mgrli better oö' now. We do not lenow wli.n the new LegIslatnre may have t do with the matter of Bwlndllug botiH li ii' holders of rallroad Ixinds out of their tlioney ; hut we infer that Pond wonld Divor iiii.s f ho iets u chance. [f we are stire he f 1 1 1 l rct a chance by ming to the Legisla tu re, we should not want hiin to go. We are in llie satne state of anccitiiiiiiy with reiernice to Mr. Manu and be.sitles he is a rudical. Tho reader can "strike an average." Some timo ago llie Buffalo Commercial Advtriitcr (Rep.) made seme verv serious charges auiust Hou. D. S. Bi;xntT, the Radical nieruber of Congress from that district, for which the injured Bbnnett brought a libel suit, laying the damages to bis fuelings, reputation, and chai-aeter, at 8100,000. This suit was tried last weok. The dcfendauts jnstifiod and proved the truth of their ohaTges, and the verdict of tho jury was in tbeir favor. so one Radical Congressmau bas come to grief. Ons of the latest Washington rumora - Washington rmuors are au numer ous as a poor man's children - bas it that (''A i:i.i, is to be offered the English niiniion, and that in the evout of bis acccptanco Porniï is to be mado Postniaster (Jeneral. As Founey's plate is already out and waltiug to be filled with anything. evon " coidfittals1 why not send bim to England at once. We'd risk a sumll vas;er that be'U accept both the " ttiitlcr" aud tbs niission.


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