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The Constitutional Amendments

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Wc gave uur readers last weck a synopsis of the pcuüing constitutional aiu e uil in en f8. The importance of tlie uliject and the suggesiioas of frieuds uui:o iu uducing m to cali attention to tlio same again. Tbis time we do so by copying the followiog article fiom the Detroit. Tribun, living the proponed aincnilinonls, with a sinyle exospifoMj ín (uil, togeth.ei wiib tlie modo, of V'oting ujiou tito same : t An nmendintoot lirlicínjg out the word "wlii'e': whereVer t ocenrs in our organ o laws, unmely, iu srntions 2 and 4 of Article ÍV,., i-ecliou 1 t. Arlicle VII., nd seoti.m 1 of Article JtVIl. ThoRe in favor ol tb ia ohange víll vote ballots beari nr the wordt, "Attmi'dtnents as to Impurtial Suffmgc - Yes;" {'poscd, ballots braring tho words "AmendmcLt u tu Inipurlial SuÜVage - No.." IX. Ad ameudinent elianging sectvio & of Article X. go t will reud as follows : AKTtCI.E X. Skc. 9. Tlie board of Supervisors ol any county raay borrón or raise by tax tvvo thousuml dolla'rs for constructing or re palring public buildings, highways, or brldges : but no greater som shall bc borlowrii or ïaised ly tax for such pnrpefteia any onu yeac, unlcss autborlzud by a majorit,y of tbe electo oí such coiiuty. votlnfi therciu. Those in favor of this cliange, will vote ballots read'mg "Ameudment relative to raistng 82,000 for public buildiugs, highways or bridgus - Yos " those opposed will voto ballots rrnding "Acendnient relutive to raising $2,000 for public Buildings, highways, or bridge - .No." III. An amendment, ohanging section 1 of Articla IX, sotbat it will read as follows : ARTJCI.E IX. Sec. 1. The Governorsliall receivean aunnal s&lary oi two thoHuand üve handred dollars ; the J Eilges ot the (Jirenit Conrt sliall ech rcct'ive au aniinal salary of two thouaand dollars ; tbe State Treasvircr shail recclve au agonal salary of two thousand dollars ; tlie Auditor General sliall recelve an animal salary of two tliousaiul Uollnrs the Surjnti'in1ent of I'ublic Iiistruc.lion sUall ïeceive an aimual salary of tvvo thousHiid dollars; the Sccretary of State sliall ïeceive au animal salary of tvvo thousand dollars ; the Cotnmissioner of Land Office abaU recelve au animal salary of two thousan.l dolíais ; tlie Attorney Ueneraj sliall recelve an animal salary of two thousaml dollars. They sliall recelve no lees or perqatsttea whaterer for the per ronnance of y duties co-uoectcl with their olUces. It shall not bc com[etent for the LeglsLatiue to lueieaM the salaries herein provKluJ. Tliose in furor of this obange will vote balluts readinp; "Amcndnieut relativa to the salaries of State ülficers aud Judges of the Circuit Court - Yes;" those öpposed, ballots reading "Ameudm8nt rolative to the salaries of State Offiuers and Judges of the Circuit Court - No." IV. An nuiendment proposing to ndd to our 8'ute countiiution tbe follewing to stand as article l'J-üj of saitl conatitution, and beentitled, "Of railroads." AHTICI.E XIX-A, KAILKOADS. Sec. 1. The Legislatura inay, from time to time, pass lawa establlshing reasooable maxiinuni ratos of charges for the transporta tloa of pasBSDgera and fi-eight on different railroads in tbls State, and sliall prohlblt running contracta betweeo such railroad companles whereby dlscriuilaatlon is made n favor ofeitherofsucli coinpanics as against other compailles ownlng couDectlpg or Interseclng liosa of railroads. Sec. 2. No railroaci corporatiou shall consolídate its stock, property, or francliist's, wltb any other railroad Corporation owning parallel or competíng line; and iu no case sliall any cmisolidatiou takë ])lace pxcept upon public notice glveo of ál least GO clays to all stock holUevs, In such marnier as shall be provided by law. Sec. 3. The Legislalure may provldc by law for tlie payment by the coanties, tawn shipsand muulclpalltles of this State, of all bonds or other obligations heretofore issutd or incurred in pursuanceof acts oftheLegishilnrc, by such couniies, tovvnships aud munlclpalltles teverally, for and In aid of any railroad cmnpauy. Such bouds or obllgations sliall be paid by the county, townsliip, or miinicipality Isauiag or incurring the same ; ad iu no e vent sliall the State pay or become liable lor any portion of ■och bonds or pbligatlons. TheLeglslatuiv shall submit to the electora f eacb of said sevcral counties, tovvnships and municipalities for their decisión, t!;e qaestlou ui' payment, together with the mock and niaifner of the sanie. Tbe provisions io regard to votinp upon the ioiegoing ameudmeut are, as follows : Kacli person votlng hall have written or prlnted on fiis ballot the vvords : "For all tbe proposltlons on this ticket which are not cánceled with luk or peudl, and agalnst all which are so canceled." For article 19 a, cntitled "Of railroads." Forscctionl, auÜiorlzLng the Legislature to regúlate passenger aud freight charges on railroads. For section 2, proiiibiting consolictation of competí iifj lim.'s of railroads. Tor section 'S, authorlzlDg the payment of bonds or obllgatloos heretofore isued. Edch of said tickets shail be counted as a vote cast for each proposltlon thereon, not canceled with inkor peneiljand agaiust each proposition so canceled. The several town nrd ward boards of inspectora of eloction will notice that these amendments require f our separato boxes, and the poll lis'.s must show the number and uames of the eleotors voting upon eich proposition. IIkpokt has it that thore are a few Demócrata in this city - aud, perhnps, a few in other portions ol the county - who stand so straight up that they lean over biu'kwards, and who propose to imitate, at the coming electioo, those Democrats iu Ohiu who aro responsiblo fur the late Democratie defeat in that State: that s, stay away fro-a tho polls aud refuse to vote, assigning as a roason that "they never will vote agin, becanso nes;roüs vote." This is cutting one's own nose off to spite a ueighbor'g face. As well mighl. these men refuso to eat, driuk, sleep or marry, becauso negroes eat, drink, sleep, nnd marry. It doesn't spite the negro in the least, and besides, the negro is not at all to blame for béing a voter, aud naturally aud, rightfully u&es that franchise wlien bestowed upon htm Will any Demoerat convent to giratify the RcpublicAns and aid tbom to a victory by refusing to veto beuause a nogro does? Il any hSjTft so. proposod; lot thotn take the sobe? fecond thought, go to the polls, aud cst ttieir voirea. Mr. Mudili, of the Chicago Tribune, unw'illiug ta employ the " dksreputuble and eorrnpt means" neccasarj to a líadical nomfnation even in virtuous n-ad Radical Chicago, buj withdrawn from tho Congrcssi(nal course for which he bad been eutcred. Mewm, is evidently too gerupulous to make bis way u naide the party.


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