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Thc severa! Ward Boftrde ol Registrav-ii meet on Saturday, November 3li, ".JllC folio .vliiif places: jI-(,r,-At E. J. Johnson's Store. 's .. _At tlic store of Bberbaob & Co. 1 „ __At tlie SlR'i-lir's olllcf, Couri Boase. u __At Fircmou's Hall. 11 ,. _At G. H. Rhodes' shop. J? . -At Mt:Donuli1's store. paf elector should examine the prlnted . '„.(i lists, nd r hls name Is not al. "Le registe red, upphj in perion to the Saftlie Ward in wliicli he resides, beitke houw of 8 a'clock a. xi., and 8 K not oa the liste when ilie lesslon 'close'1 yoo wi" lose yür volc oa the 8th „O'ovcmuer. _TI"apPIcant for reKistratton must be „„Ie cltizen, twenty-one years oM, a rusi'aitof ■St:lU' ior thrt'1' montlls' nil(1 of yffurd ten Jnys, or tcu tiuvs pnettlhig the jaot clectlon. _Yomg men temporarlly resiJing liere ,rtllL. purposoof atteadlng upon ettber jnartment of the University, or of the lliïh School, can iKit pain the resldencp essary ta constltutc thein elector Act No. 70 of tlie scssion laws of Í9 próvidos "llml t! 3 iirtge of Probate of ivcounty, popillatlou of which-, cordiDg tó the Inst census takifii by lega jathority. oxcecils forty thousand, inay up Kiiat s probate rf-gister for such coiinty lbo steil rccelvc such animal salary as the 5uniofsu)eiviíors shall prescribe, not (icftilins 900 Pi'al)lc tnontlily from the ConntjTreasury; sajd register shall have pgwet to recelve petitions, flx thetiqaeof idmlnister oaths, and do all other icísruired by the Judge of Probate, cxceptfofflcUl acis." The census showlog the pmalallon of thls cotinty to bc over 40,000 _or to be exact, 41,d0 we learn tlmt vi;r.s. bas appolntej Mr. .J. H be Probate Uefristcr. Mr. Chask clcrk in the oltice since the first ■.lid will )akea competent Register. !' ■.-. toforc he oonU ■otblngbut mere clerical diities, bnt leautiiurity to receive petitions, Hx days ofteiriug, etc., will bc a H the puWip. A num'ser of our excbanges luve beeo enthosiastic-aïly wrltlng up an earthqtiake Ut " swoDg around the ciixle " ,of thla y.ste, Oliio, New York, anlthe Dominión, H Tlmrsihiy fbrejtóon of last weck, at lïMtllic hourof 31. It was !clt at Kaiaano -sha k ing np t'ie scliool building Bitureiiiï scaraf teachers and scholara :.. tlic street peil m'll; :■■■- J")otioit- at . ;1 pinto, the 2W6unffice, etc.; ii-, Cleveland, Ciyclnnatl, Netv T rk. AI'.Kiiiy. Hpntreal, ftc. It passed by ir, or too uuder its solid fouii: . us a single shake. -Éutthc 4-urora Eorcalls has bestowed U ae hvovs apon us as utxon otiicr ij bis i.i i' Ii' of late severa! briljiaot disp.'jiys of celestial pyrotechnlcs. - T.iaton .Momhiy cvi-uinj; last W as. real Ij jiignillceiit aaJ on tlia grandest sca'e ot inyliiingcftke kind it has been our for iae to -iiess. A broad belt or glrdlc .reïclicil from the eastorn horizon over ihe ïieaaith to the western horizon, in whicli :■■■ f.iii showo like gems of silver iu a ;-J1 of nil;y. Uut we are no artlt, 6nd ;;wit. Oor Radical fríp4 OfTcnKON, of !io was reti.-ed from the CouimkHitl nmpalgn, so that Bi.aik Deed Mdak bavlug hls IIQe lease of ofljce lapse ' h i single day, adclr.e.ssed (rom filly to 'i'-y of (hecdfioas and niULíul at the HurtHoDopPriday evenlng last. RU ijeech vac ulojty of w party aijd wkat üfciddonc, Mitji thwsaal clap-trap donum: the Dewocracy. Nelther the rcwdjwr e fnthusiasin demand longer Km. -BstCiTCHFOs says the crowds are MgMt and the eulln,u:iasii) jut .as exyywhere. M. (jiiEwoRY, of the "öregory is leen makiug some deslrable icreaslng his rooms and accoinixiitions. the store fronting Huron :wt, adjoitiníí tlie Barber Shop, has alltted up for an office, witli stairs Jead■■-■') üiesecond floor; the old office hus IJ- taken for a parlor, and raakes a flnc iirs leading from the second to loor have been removed ; and the '"Pírlors converted iuto desirable rooms. JK. meaos to keep up with thé times. 'Hrxdkickson has a building near■'mpleled and rcady for occupation, on tde of State Street, at the head of " Unlrenlty Street, In whlch he de W to open a stock of grocerics, pro, etc. A well-stocfced and kept e.torc Hcfoiut win ,o well. Tuesday afternoon next, at 8 ; !s, Prof. Adaias will glvc, In the Law Roonp, the flrst of his historical "of lectureg. Tke subject is : "The !fjth of Lilvorty la Baglaod." The lec t-tweBty-four in number-arespecially "'Soedfor the Senior, Junior, aud Lav J0' bat l&dics and gentlemen not con■"with the Univerglty who raay bedetolieu- awlllbe made welcoine. - t Sunday aftornoon - at 3 o'clock Rev. Dr. Cocker, of the Universlty, 'nniacnce, In the Law Lccture Room 'M of di8coursea or lectures upon Cm' Theory or the Orlgin of the 'er3i comparecí with the Biblical ac. " E. Müiidoch is announced to beft SksfRrian Reading orJRecttatlons "leStmlents' Lecturc Association, '"Hfsdaycvenincr, November 8(1. cJhe Pfoceedings of the Third district (Jüon Pobltshed last week, weie ln. Pcte' RII belng Incomplete dld unlotenJTlni'tlce to P M. Eaton, Esq., of Won Wb W;lS C!UMli(late tlie uoinintot, aiKl rC(;ived a large proportional On tliree ballots. The memorandum r' P oectdings furnlshed uh omitted any en to more than one ballot. t;n„ (reou'ar passenger train is now run;,t" "" thc Detroit and Ilillsdale road as o'clo-k mOlleStOr' leavlBTPllnt' abo'' oon " 'V' M' ani1 rcturDil)S In the after tj7lr!lnCc:airastofurnislithe road slx " 0 of flour, wheat, and other prorliice


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