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The Board Of Supervisors

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Our spacc not permltliiig a full report of the proceedtngs of tlic Supervisors, we run tlicm tlirougli a condenscr, gtvlng the most i in por tam : !)ay, Oct. lOth, 1870. Holl was rallcd, Boani organi.eil, aod standing eommlHees appolntcd, ns heretoforo reported, A coininunication was reccivcd from Jndge IliciiY, certirylng that tli appolntiiifiit of ii Circuit C'ourt Stenographer was desiiuble, wliich was referreit to a conimittt-e, consisting of Messrs. Anns, Wall, and I.couard. The rules of the lust Board were adopted. TDK8DAT, Oct. lltü, 1870. J. M. Cole was nppointud Reporter, at ■fiS : the usii:il resolution was adopted, pro rlbitlng allowing claims oí .Tiistices without an alHUavil that all fine inoncys have ceu paid ovzr; October22d, was fixi'd M lie limit or receiving claims; Messrs Vebb, dippen and Tuomy were appolnted a conimittcc to visit and report upou the ondition of the I'oor House; the opinión f the Attorney General was ïvquested as o the character of the certiücate neci-ssary o be attached to the tax rolls ; a resolution ased on petition, was adoptcd, rcqn irin.i; lie Superintcndcnts of Poor to itenilze tlieir accounts; aud several comniunlcalions f rom the Auditor Geueral were re ceWed aud referred. Wedhesdat, October 12th, 1870. A resolutlon was oflered, tabled, and made special order resolodlng ïvsotution of yesterday, directlug report of Superintendents of Poor iteniized. Thursdat, Oct. lSth, 1870. Kesolutlon rcsclndiug that directing itcmized report of Superintendente of Poor was adopted, yeas 13, nays 10 ; a resol ution reqotrlng Superintendent of Poor te advertise for proposals to furnlsb all principal or standard goods was offered and tabled ; a lightoins; rqd comraunication as recelved and referred to commlttee on pnl)lic buildings ; a resolutlon flxlng the aggregatcd cqualizcd valuation of tlie County at $l?,.ri00,00ü, referred to commlttee pil fijualizaUou. Fuidav, Oct. 14tli, 1870. A cominunication from S. Pettibone tt Co., proposlng to make a county Hwp on a scale of 12 incues x,q a town, and asklug an .ipitopriatiou of 100 was recelved and tablcd ; 5fï. Cramer apeared for the Agri cultural Society, sUued its condition and aski-d an approprintiun of 200; the sala ries of nounl oljjcers jvere estaljlisljod at : County Treasnrep, $1,900. '' Perk, 1,000. PrGsccuting Attornejr, 1,000. tJijperlntendent ot Sphpols, í10 per day for 300 Uays, 1,350. $20 yotcd to ench paper in the counly pahllshlng proceedlnga in full; live accounts Teported by commlttee en civil claims, and allowed : ijtnU Jjoard adjounicd to Monday.


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