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Representative Convention--4th District

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The Democratie notninating convention fur tho Fourth Kepret-entative District was hcjd, pursuant to cali, nt Chekea, ou Saturday, October 22J, 1870. Hon. C. S. GiiEGony, of Rcio, was electiöd PresLJent, aod Asa Blackney, of Svlvao, Sucretary. Eaflh town in tho district was fuüy reoresented. Sevcral ballots fur a candidate were had as followa : Ist. 24. &l. For W. A. Jones, V 12 ia " J.M. CAngdon, 11 13 15 " Abi-aifc dC, 1 - - JiMKts M. Co.ngdon', of SUap, was unanimously declared nominateii. Oq motioa, Messrs. K)i:is ïluire, Orrin Thatcher, apd h II. Jones were apointed the District C.)aimittee tor the ensuing term. Afte.r which the coavention adjoiiined sine die. t . . C. S. GltECOEY, Pres. A Br,ACKXET Scc'y. Tuk Republicane aro no more enhusiaftio up ihe Huron, at Dvitsr, thnn lere. On Monday Iko Hon. Mr. Williams, all the way from Indiana, was advertiaed to uuburden himself, but the lour came with neithor Williams nor the people - and so the njeetiog went by delault. Tuesday ovening, tb candidate for üand Comraissiooer, Edmuxd?, and our old friend Dr. Alger, of Coldwater, a raan of infinite wind and noiso, f not "jest," were posted for speeches. The liour and the speakers came - but no entliuiiastio licp.ubli.can crowJ, and again no meeling was held. - CuTcnuoN is advertised to recite jis pieco next - all for the love of JJlair.


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