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DflTBOiT, October 26. Dealera show more dlepoiltlou to meet the advance in lie tast on wheat, and Ihe market is 3@4c better thau last week. Flour Is unchanged, though ' 8omc Bironer. Heceits of wheat fcnd flour are liberal, nnd transnetions moderate. There is a littlo ! movcinent in barley, but at a wido range of prici'S, aud it is ditficuK to :■'. quotations. ()1 lier grains un chansed. Applee are in home 8liipping demand for winter varieties Beans are ulso coming In demand for shipment, the miuin and luniber rclonR being custuciers. Botter je searcHy fts firra as last weejc, bat decliued abont lo. D.sS are in rood drinnnd with an advauce of 3'4c Dres9ecl Hcs aro iii somewhat llbcrul uuiply from teams, but at lower prices, S@9c beinji now abont extreme rates for Ugb] to heavy. Hjgs in Chicijgo show a steady dowu" ward tODdency. üETnOIT PRODUCE MARKKT.- The followlnp; qaotations represent tho current net priceerculizcd &y comniflion tiealers.and are curcjiilly revisi-devery wcck.or ihc A;wir, bj uur DatroltcorrefDODdent. Dedactions irm these pjKOS for Oommtssfoua and charges, v. ill show ilu iní ratea to first bands i Amjlcs,- DrUd, 7'"6c; ilirecn. $2.n(i(d$2.10 per hh. liarley- perewt.. $1.50 i;-o , ii$l.T0 for l'pt. Beeswaz - per ib. 80. ltoana - white, $l.5t'ffÈl.T5 lluttrr- Roll and crock 2S@30c. FIrkla, SCt8. Cfaeew- MidiicauFactiiry. 12nl4. Uairy, bfe.12. C'hickeTiH - Draseedi p'r ib., 17 i 18c, Coru- perbn., 7c Cranberries- Perbbl. 0 f)0?i$".!.00 fi wild. Bzga - perdoz. , -'■' UidcK- tlrr. per Ib. .12('Hc-; groen, 0i(6"c. Uopa- -per Ib., i u 'JK Lamb Sklm-Mtr Ib. ■-'S'SeOo. í'.-.lí skins- Greeu, 12vl6c: drjr, 2L@S9. Shücp Skins- M@ 1.7:.. Hops- New, perlb.. I5@ltc. Lard - pi'rll).. lüV.'c. Kye- 80e. Oats-perbll..4n,a41c. ■ Clni'iis- .K'.r b.'ji. Í.OdjlOO. j9S w 25. per bbl. 0 -feiTdc. per ln. ' ' ■ Smoked llatr.s- city ciired per Ib lSc fchouldcrs Hfdsilfic. Tallow- S'ÍWSJíc. Tmkevs- di cf8c(l .perlb., 19íi 30c. Whaat- eilm white. 1.4(1(0.1. 41. ' No. l.-i. ' rahfv Ui'dl Streci. primes for wheat jure ahout Kc. below Bcard of Tradc pncep. UI iVKBOR PRODUCE ÜIARKETS. Ahous Office, Oct. 27, 1070. Weinote tlüyüfteruoon ae follows : WLite. 115: Red, K'Oc CORN- Mc. OATS- !c. BEANS- 1.15. BUTTEH- 2So. EGGS- 20c. LAKD- l(ic 11AV- Sf(4$I4. AI'Pi.EK- 4fidi-3Sc. POTATOES- 50e. caiuKUNs-ij c TURtfEya- ïüc


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