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Át q lato disoussion of macurca nt the Eoodon Farmer's Club tbe fullowing, araoug otber conclusión, were generalij conourred m : 11 manure Í8 taken directlj from tbe yard' and plowed ander, it is handled but once, loses nothing in tbe encape of amtnonta, beoauge no fermeotation bas iaken plaoe, and is not injured at all by heatiog. Covercd two or (bree indica, it is soon iu a warm and raoigt condiiion, so that fermuntation readily takes place and gases are given off. These aro arrosted by the soi!, is are also its juices, and are not only i a state of readioess to be taken up by tbe roots of planta, but act in a doublé capacity by becoming food themselves, aud acting upon otber ínatcriiiU uutil tbey beconie 80. Iq applyiog it in a green state, mucli, of it wül be io a coarse xsonditinn, but fermentación and tho action of frost will tend to pulrcnze it, so that a second plowint: will usually incorpórate it pretty thorougbly with tbo poil. Witli thcao advautages, then, we have no hesitation iu recommending this course vritli all the manure that can be applied n tbo autumn. If composted vritli any mibstanoe that will divide the wet aaauure, eo that it can be mado somewliat fine, theo we would put it uuder in the flpring as early as the oondition of tbe soil would permit. For these and otber reasom vrhich might bc urged, we aro clearly of tbe opinión that, so far as ve caá mnke it ootiveniont, it is best to put all the ma ure we can under ground in its fresh and crude ooodition, and cover it not more tban thrac iucbes at the most.


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