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The Pig's Bed In Winter

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-The bed wliere hwíuo s'eep ia usuaüy mado in tie eoruer of a epacious pijtgery, where the animáis sometimos suffer more froto the cold thau if their bed were made outgide the shed, ag the cold wind oi ten whirlfrarouud uiider tlie shed renderiog the gleeping apart inent exceedingly uneomfortablo. The Temedy in suoh iiiütances is toerect u temporary parlition of boardd beucath ihe shed during the ooldest weather, so as to check the current of cold air. A malí entrance sbonld be left at the rear sidc of the bed-toom for the swine to enter. Then pile in the stniw. A brgaricful of clean airaw will secure a vast deal of comfort to a lew swine iu cold weather, and will save a busbel of grain. Where a few shotes oceupy a spacious pen, it is an exoullent practico to mako a bed-room sbuut three feet high, aud cover the tnp witb straw durinc the cold weather. -


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