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Density Of Population

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-Rhode Islnná bas a population of 206 to tbe mjuurfs mile, which would givo a population of 618,000,000 tothe Uuitcd States - or oud liall' of the present popiilatioa (if the globe. Yet lthodo Islaud has not the dutisity of population of inany European distriets. TLeso facts gire mmc idea of Iho future of the United nutni ii m ii ■ Onondaga salt is eold ia Canada tor one dollar and tixty etntt a barrel. Our own people are conipclled to pay thre dolían and fifly-fae tentt. That is the beauty of what is called " proteciion." That i the Radical idea of enricbing the country through the ineaiis of a high tariff. - Ihtroit iret Freu. Tbe oft-repeated deolaration that wotnen are brutal tovrard each othcr xeceives some proof iu ttio faot that íaiiiale Justicee of Iho Peace in the West punish tbe erring of thcir own (z with cruel vigor, wbile male oflondert sotpe with liiht penaltiea,


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