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ji-- amm --umi m- .... Mortgage Salo. DEPAITLT 1inviit; bèèn mrule in th roiulitu-n!" of L aceitaln m ■ ■ ■ i AiUtm Flnkbiuder, Í- 'to securu ihe parchase price üf linde tïirercru i deeerfbed) to Orrin Thatcner. '.'■ late the '-Vil hiv uf Angust, A. 1). 1868 . and recordud o i. the office of the Relater ol Deede tor the Connry B f Watbtenaw, and State f M i higan, In llber 41 of ■ b, i page 212 on tbc flflecí.th fisj day of Hay, A. i. 1809 . and 'ii whlefa ald morteagAthera ! lt hedaoatthe date ol thtsnoticc, the tam ui iiiiiinii ;u:il nine dol la ri and nlnety .-ix centftj ( (4 i'.'.'i'j iui'l Doeoltor proceëdlng . etthef atlawor la r equity, hn [Dg heen Institnted to recover the or .ui part thorèof ; Now, therefur, RoiSce la acre by glveu.that by vlrtui ■( the pow i of sale In sald nrorlL'Ht' t';iit;inii-l, I wlll ■]] nt public Ider. en Wedue Jay, the tweotj thini riay ot November ni'xi. ut ten o'ctock in the Corenoon of sald day. at the eoittb door " the Couti H iu the Ctty of Ai. ii Arbor. and (.'onnty of Washteoaw, afforesald, fBaldrutir1 tïpne bclng the place of holding tha Clrcnit Covt In aaid Connty), (he fol premieefl deacrlbed Ln iald mortgave, to-wft : Allthoee pareels of land deMribed aafoflowa, viz: Utta frautber fourteen n-t-.n in-u 'i.. and alxteeu (Mh.afaoone au'! one hall (lirodi ofTtheaonto end of [ota mrtnoer 005 ■'). two (2), and three f3) in Hoek miinlnT elghl (sj, in the vilíagt of Sylvan, County muí State aforesald, or eo nmeh or part f!, -ni u Bhali bfl m-crsj.-iry to Mtjafy the aBlOOOt dne on safd nrortgage ai the date of ihi notlce, togettter wlth the fnrther lu WH whlch hall haventcmed therrou. ar.d twMity-ftve (tol fa ra Attorney fee na in snit! mortr:iv;f prnvidert, tind thfl conts. trharpeg nnd expennr alfuwod by law and providcd for in' ?Hid mortgage. Dated. August Wd.lSTB. ORRIN THATCIIER, Mortgagee. A. J. Sawyke, ALt'y for Mortgugec. Mortgage Sale. DZY&Wt havfftg b"en made In the cooditloDS of ácertatn mortae made and exeentad by Julia A. Oefcforri . f the City Of A nu Arbor. Stat of Midiíl'hii, tu Charles Pantle, hearing date 'tic etghtb. day f Miy, one thuii:unl í-íl'Iii bnndred and sixty-elffht, and recordé! on the ninth day of May. A, I 1868 In the ofitce of the Register of Deeda of the Connty of Washtenaw. fftetef Michigan, in líber w.) ol mortragai "i pft&c I8?i by whlcb the power of sale thcreín contium-A ka become operattve, and tinamonntclnlmed iobc dne on caid mortgage At the date of thte nolice, beinp the enm of one hundred nnd sizty dollar and au Attorn?v fee n( Oiirty dolUra expretsly agreed to bc paid" in case any proceedtog be taken ío forcejóse iald mortgage, and no snjt or proooedlDg ut law or in eqnity having been institntfdto recover tbc hip. iiu-,v rcmainhlg doe and nnpaid on tafd raortgage. ftr any part tberiwf; No ttcétstherefore, herehy Blven, 'that on Mondaj the twf'iiiv-ioiirili day oi0ctober, A.I). 1870, at ten o'clock ïn tht; ioronoon of that day, n tlie front door of the Conrt Honsi ín ihe cfïy of Ann Arbor. iu aald Oo n;y r Waahtenawi State of Michigan, Cthc satd Cnnrt House, belng tlie plact of holdlns the Circuit üoort for aaid Countyj, by viriuc o? the power of tale in s!d fflortgage eontatned, nnd in paraoattOQ "f tlie statu te in 0acb ctut inadí! ar.dprovided, thcre wlll be 50UI ut pnbllc anction or ■lllduc to the hlgnest Wddcr, the pTeailsca deferfhed in s?ii"l mortgAge, or so mach tberepjf at msy be necessary tosalisN the amöont dne and anpaldonsAld mortgagtt, atuiedate of thfl notice nitti interost and adexpenpea allowed by !sw nnd provided for !n ?fiiti mortgae. The Báld preroises areaesciibed In sald mortgage ur fo)lowi All of lot rmmlwr tlx accordiníí to the recorded, plat of Ilicock' improved additlon to the city of Aun Arbor, State oí Miehiíran, and alao lot seven ou the aause aOdition to said Datfld,JaTy?tb.l9T0. 12T2 " CHARLBS FAlïTLB, Motgagee. Mortgage Sale. WnfREAs Alirtilïlakealee, oftheTownahlpafTork Coïinty of Wasntenaw and Ötnté of Michigan, On the -."itliVjiy of .luly.A 1. l-.-;:, ex I gage to James illbbard of the sama placa, to secure Ene ["lymcut ofoertaiu principal and interest monaya thcrein nicntincd. whlch mortgage was rflcorded in the office ol Kegftei of i--is In said connty, on thefiretday of Anglist A. l LSú&,atlOo'toek a.m. ol tald ci.-iy . i u líber 38 of mortgage, on page 68 ; whicb said mñrtL'flp'1 waa n naes Ilibbardro Jeremlab (iiackei unan on the Wth day of Deoambei ltiT , and recorded in the Register! office, in satd Countyof Wn.-h enaw, on lOthOaf of 'nly, A. 1868, at 12 o'clock nu, in Iibi-r4'! ofmortgagea on page "290 and Í91 and agahi asatgned by sald JeremlahQnackenbash to Angnaia Hibbard on the I4i h day of December, A. 1 18OT and recorded in the utlïcè of Uw Regfster of Dwdsorsairl Coimtr, on the lOth day ofJoly, .. I) 18S8, Rt uVlock m . :-i ofmorteagea, on ma -.ou and 891 ; and agaln atsigned by B. Aitgnstn Jlibbard to Levltnfl 0. Hïiich. on the iïth day of Janaam a. D. ih1, and recorded in th office of the Reguter of Deedfl In sni.l Connlj ofWaahtenaw, tbe26th day of M:uch A. I). 18O9, at 10 o'dock a. ro ofavid diy, in ïlber ■10 of morteaget on page íss ad agaln nwigncd by Le-vHui O. Uatcn toDavfdBaTber.orMifnlhis, In the Connty of On oo daga, Étate of New Tork. n the ift dnyoi Pebrnarji A. D. 'ÖTflt tn racoraed in the office of the Rcpifeter of Decdd, on the 6tn fly Of Aagost,A. D iTi'.at 2'3 o'clock p. m. of saut day, in fiber one of Asalgnments ofMortsagee, on page 58 1 : Whereaa defanll bas been mado for more than dsys i.i tbe ptyraent of an instalment oí ttU interest monev wnlch beoamdoebn lhe86th day oi' Jaly, A. 1) I8T0, by reaou wht-reof, nfl piirsiumt t" the toroM of sald mortgage, said mortgagee hereby ek'Ctft that so mnch of mild principal as remato nupatd " iili all arrearagfis of intcr ist tnereon sha II bccomcdut' and payvbte hnnedlately: Aul, w ■■ tberi is clatmed to hr dne and nnpatd on sald mort gage, nt the !.'it.t ofthls nofloe, ihe tnta of two tnonsand two handvcd and forty nlne dollars and eightysixceatc for principal anduiterev, alsoan Attorneys fp of tony dollarpf shald any proceedtdgabe taken lo foreclove satd raorlgage,and no soit r prooMdiiif; h&ving been InsUVBted citlier In law or rijuil v to reco ■ i OT itï.v part thereof, notlo ■ themfore hereby ptven, thal "i tha Mth da; "i December next, at ! o'clock i. ni. of eakl day, ai the front door of tho Conrt Hooae, Iu the Olty r Ann Albor aToresald, tlit belng the building in wliich the Circuit Court for satd County Is held. and by virtoe ol lh power of eale contalned ín sald mortshall seM at pabilo aaetSon, to the hlghest imiftea de ribêd u paM mortgage, to ansfv the nmonnt of principal attd Interest cYalmet to bedae, !th the charges ofuch sale, Innr8nce and an Atlorney's fee oí forty dollar, the followlng deacrlbed lauu, tü-wit : Mi thnt eert kin tract tr para i ''' land rftaated 'm ilie Connty of WaaJitenaw and State of Michigan, known and aeenbed y ('! Iqws, to-wlt; Tho southeast qnarter of scctloi nomber ftve C5J ;-;i town four Bootbt range - containlng une hninJred and sixty acres of land mort or less DutcdScpt. 30th,"lST0, DAVTDBARBER, ABsIgnccof iiiil Uortgage. JOHN N.OOTT, Attornej for Aesignceof Mid Mor ■ Murtgage Sale. DEFAUIT hsvlsg been made in the condltloB :i certaJn monsage, whereby the power i .ile therelu eontained u beeowe opera tlve, exeentee m It. Kolii-raiïfl Maria Hagdaleift Roller, nis wlfe, to Angie Rice, dated the uineieemh day o September, A D. ifi. and recorded In the offloa o the iteglêtèrof i) eds for the County of tVashCcnaw nnd state of Michigan, on the Sist day of September A. ]). 186, at n o'cl' ck a. H., in Líber :i of Mort ngea " page 210, wttch -niii Hortsage was, on ihe I4tnday ofDecesber A.J. (8ö5, dory aaanpüed t Be oj a min F. Contter nnd Wilïbwn H. ft eb ter w hich arignment waa dnly recorded i thfl office q the Regie ter of Deeda aforeald on tholöthdavo May. A l. 1S, at Vi o'clock M., In Libcr 1 o amento of Uortgagée on pase R80, ppon whlcl Mortgage there is clftimed to bedae b] vlrtneol th conditlons thereof, and re,roalnlng nnpaid at the dat of thls nolloe the nm of tbree hunitred and ttiirt. dollarsand Corty-flve cents andan aitorney fee o Forty dolíara, prorlded for in aU Uonsage in ca of Iorccloêure.makln a totnf mim ol three bnndret and peventy dollars and forty-livo cents, and no sol o proceedfng at lw bavlDg teen Inaütnted i n cover aaid rom otanypart thereof. Notlceiu tbere fore herebi öTen that on Batnrday, Hi' twenti nimh d.iy of October. Ü.Ü.18T,a1 fonr o1 the ailornooo we tball at ptiblte aoctlon lo i I est bidder, at the froni door of the Conrt Honso i the City of Ann Arbor. In th Connty of Waehfc naw, and State of Mtchttfaa, toeatlsfy the anm dn by virtucof said condilioo, fnclndinr said attorne. fee, wirli Beven per cent Interest an.ï Ie the premtoea deacribed to sald Mortgage or ílc part thereof as may be neoeiiary fo that parpoR ihatisto Bay: Tm foltowing oeacrlbed parcel o land slthaie in the Vulage of Saline, Connty o Waohteuaw, and Stateaf Michigan, ris i Fart o loi nnmber two Ie secüon four in satd Village, boni dort by a linrcommenrinr at a potart thlrtKfeet we erly frnm te north-eftt corner f Raid lot. thenc west parallel with Ch(CBg0 Street twenty-riht foei thence south rizty lx feet, tbence wet at dgh anglet (ïve teel i the weel line f eaid lot, an thence Bontherly on the linfi "i -; Ld lot alght roi to ihe rear of sald lot, thTce ei at on the line of sai jot tbirty-llurc Peet, nnrl t'ii'me norlheny 6n tl. división linebetween ( hristopher Uouear's lot an panlel Welenet'a lol tothe piace f beglnnmg, re i - ihe r&gbt touaetbe lanc for intree ant egresa to Abe rear I said)ot. and the rmht of th a lañe rt-e: ved by Aíhim Hn'wt In hls deed t Wal bridge of June Mv.enteejilh A. D. 1S53 ; als the followlng described land in the vinage of Bailo üforc-aid : hoirimiing at a point on tlicsonth-wcs'.. ]v line of the Chicago rond at a dlstance of one bun dred nd elclit reet westerly from the seuUt'Weste lycorneroftbe Obicago Roada;nd Adrián Street g nn Arbor road, and ntonixg thence soatherl parallel wltb saJd AdriCn at-ret etphtyight fmi f the north line pfanalley twrive fet wJda, thenc v-',r]y along the Hne ofsaid alley twenty-fonr ree thenca "nortber:y paralle] wUh mlW Adran iteei eigbty-eigbt teel to the south line of ;ü Chlcag road ' Ihence i-npterlv along the aoutherly lln of paid Chicago road twenty four feet to the plat ofieplnning, all nccordlng tothe recorded plat o sala villaje of Saline Duted Jackpon, Anfrnst 2d. 170. BENJAMIN F. CURTER ) WM. U. WKltSTEH, VAseignee Oasjmt JtPitARr Attorncy&for Assiuees, Sheriff Salo. BY VIP.TfF of one writ of Fieri Ff-ynfihued OTito and nnder the 'el of tlic Circuit Conrt for th ('ountv ot i-!ii'iinw. nnd dntod the nixlli day o Octol)ör, A D. 1S70 . in fnvor of Aloilzo Clark an Bdwlo w. Preeaei plaintlflb, nml agálnst the nod u ii il chattèta, and for want thereof , th of the Inml and tciiemi'iits of Jacob PiilkiTon. dcfendant there] nampd.niiflforthi'i'um ol thrce himrtred nnd lort dolían nnd litj-elghl cente iang8, .mrl rortj-on dollar and riïtv-ilve cent costa of snit. I dtd, thi lOth (biv ofOotober, ■. D. IM v-j npon, noiie n tnke ifthp riniit. tltle and Intereat of the unid .laco Palkereon, i and to the rollowing described proper Iv towlt: The cast half of flïe norfhweat finnrtp of ai ilion nnmher thirty-six Mi in TowBatlp nam ber fonr Maonth, range fenrMj cn-t, in the o Michigan ! whlch propeiij i abnll ntposé for snlc at public .-uiction, lid teil io the hlgnest bidder, pi Thnraday, th irtl offiétember next, at 11 o'.-'o,-k In Ibreneon of that dav, at the front door of the Coart Honae In the City of Ann Arhor. Dated, Ann Arbor. Oct. lh, I8T0. l.;i,tl BÏKONK l'OKTEK, Sheriff. Real Estnte for Sale. S TATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Wafhtrnmr.M. In the matter bf the eatate of WllHanv Keleey, ,1. Notice is Barebygiven.thatlii porsnance ..f an onlpv urantedto tnr andenlgnéd, Admlnlstratrixof th'ciwtateof snid deceaaed. by t inr Hun. .lnd'e of Probate tor t Couity of Washtenaw, on enthdayof Angnst.A. p 18T0, there wjlbe aold al pnbllc vendne, to the hJgheel Udder, at lbo dwlHag liciusc of the nnderueced, la the township ttf Aii"uita. in the Cooniy of Waahteuaw, In said State on Thoraday, tenth day : November, A. t tui vloek in theWfenoon of that oay fiubjeel to uil eacamtbouwca Uy mortgage or otfcerrlae oxlsthig at the ÖnveoTthe dealfiol uidde, easeo iind lo Bobjeoi to Die ol doww ol an widow thereinj.tha lollowing d towit: The easl half of the eoathwest qnarter of sectlOB altven. in townenip foaraouth i range yen eiist, copMil8 aigbtj acres more or less, 111 aald M,,,, September lOth.Ajl]m,s Adurinutralrix. Est:ite of Thunelcla Sayers. T.M!:()VJIICIIIÍiAN',Coi;nfyorvrB,b[f.' J Atanesslouof ti rjourt for the o '"■ if Washleuaw, holden ni th Prohate .,nc,. ,'"■'; ;ty tf Aim Arbor, on.Tucsday, , K,i.-i', ,.? "■" if Octobrr, iu thu yuar oue luousand ei"hL hnV1'? . üt.V. " '""Cu : ii:.-aui J. Beakss. Judge of Proliat. In Ihe matter of the estáte of Tluxnneld í leonas! Slíi, I Ante lia NorrTnwfr, Ex-otrlíof (baltst-m rotan itol enld decenied, cumia uto . '' cuta thai hIk' i, ti.jw prepared to rL-ii ! aJÍ !':l:ii ;:itl 'I. Mh h Kxceillrix. ' Olf i Thcreopoii t i. ordered, that Mondar 11,,. . eentb day ol NoTember, uext, nt ten u'olori i "" rcnoon, be as.s;i]d lor and ti? '' uchacconnt, aud that tholegatee. dcvl " at law i,( sald dreea ed, and uM un,, td ons iuterested m s.úd catate are raiulrerit,,, h' Ion of said Coort theu to bu ln,l,'i,.i, :'; robate the Cltj ol Aun Arl,,', ;' nd Bbowcauc,tl nnyeherobe 'JL'S1 I allowed : And' i, 7,11" her "rdered, IIit eaid Bxi-c -miis l-ívc notlrai Interested a saldestate ui th,. ,„ „j1"" ! said account, and the hearine ti,..,., ,c".' ansluga copy cr tbta order to be puhi)3),, '■ J ""'"!' newspaper prlnted nnri atlng n Ffiid Connty, thrce swxcsslve ."J1 preí loas lo .ild day of hcarirn; " ki 1-'a" Jndseoí Prub!,, Estáte of William V. Grant" OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Conntyor Wanhttn.. ' At o segaon of th l'robalc Court for the i" ' of Washlennw, holden at ihe Probate Office i? 3ityof Ar,n Arbiir, on Uedm-sday, ihe twciitv'Jw'f day of September, In the year oiie tuoueand 2 ? unndred nml sevcnly. "8"! Present. Ilirum .l.'lieakefl. Judge ol ]rolatp In the matter of tbe e.ttc of WhTam v h. deceased. """I, un readlnc and flltng the petítlon, dflfy ïirn Georce C. ln.'.-. Bxccntor, prayW ihat K'J he lleensed to sell certain real ('(.taie wherooi V Seceaaod dled seized. fot the pnrpose of distrital uf tb procerdí of ssch iale hium the Dom. íí Therenpon il .Hoi-tlcf.-il, (IiatMuiulny, the fonrtt. dny of November neil, at ten OttíocS (tj th (ur baaalgnedforthehearingofaldiettionandth?a: légate, devieecs, and hc-irs at law of said dra-au? and .-ill othei peraons tnterested in x.iid estáte ar, ■ lo afpMir nt a ae;lon of saidCourt. Uu'n'i". í bolden, nt the Probate Office, in tlwCity of Aun t bor, and how anytherebr, w&t Llie w„„ . tlip p"titioiicr i-honld no the trnmwl : And sí u ther ordered, thut sald petltloner glve notlec loft pereoi .- lutereeti i In núú eatate, nf the iii'ndcnn ■ ïakl prtltlon,nd ilie hosrli:;' Ibereof, l.v catrin copy of thl order to be pnbllshed in Ue Miei32 i ni v tj per, pi luted and cirvnlallne inU (,'iiumy, three buccesaive weeks previotm to tiid j of hearing. " (J trnccoP7.) JIIRAM .7. HEAKES í2íh .,f pr.,i,,,e. Estáte of Asa WiBitmn OTATE OV" MICHIGAN, c.mityof Wahten O At a sceeion of Un: l'rohate fonrt for thc Cna'-Mí of Washtonair, holden at the Probate Office IdiÍI Clt.T of Ami Arbor. on Slondny, ihe te'th d of Octobcr, in the year one thousand eirht C: dr .1 and eeventy. ' " IVesent. J. Benkes, Jwñgo of Prol8te In the raaticr of the Estáte of Asa W luían. I Philip ütich, Kzseatot of sa!d estáte, comes j. I Conrt and repreeU that he ík no propareiw I render his final no-oiint nf BOdl Ksecntor. I ThereupDn it Is ordered. thnt Mondav. thewimft I d:iy of November, nezt, at ten o'clock Ín ihefoí, I noou, be aastgned lor examtnlng and allotDci:Vi I acv.nnt. and tbat tbe lega tees, aeviteea surt beim' I lawof said decenaed, ad 11 oiher pennm ri-' I 8. are raqslrcd toappeu i j,',,' fiiui of sald Conrt, thon to be holden ni tlie Protaú I Offlo, In the Cityof Aun Arbor, ii; snid Conntv V shofr canse, if any thui-phe. wliv ihe said tcroni i shodld nol beallowedi And t i fnrtherordnrednü 1 .-.lid Bsecntor Rlvn notie to the nerson; Idi i exted in snld eslate, t ibe pendencj tffld nnd hearfns theroof, hj cnnvinK a eopj ordet to h' publighed in the Mi hyran Ar,v nn. paper prlnn-d and chenlatlng in sid Coimtj. ibw. saroeaarr weeka previems tn Mld (j of lienriC (A irnecopy.) BIRAM J I'KAKKs" 12S'l Jndeof Pruhstf, Estáte of Rcbrccs Wada, OTATKoi MlfinOAX.C.',.! ntv or Wasktm. k '' AtanaaloDorthe Probate Conrt fortlirCrnnn of Waahtenaw, holden at the 1 'róbate Office li: I of Aun Arbor, on Prlday, the tl:iriirth jj, ' mber.ln the year one thonnand elghl hnndral and M-vcnty. Present. Ilirnrr, .7. Bealtes. 3nñgt of Probslc In the matter of thc Estáte of Rebeoca Wii deecnsed. Onreadlneanddllnuthepetltlon, vcrilleii.i! Joña SíWoKt. urayiDg that a ccrUIn nstrniMt now on file m Conrt, pnrporüag tobetbelM wlll jukí uMtanieot of aflld decomed, m.iy bt-sdah ted t( probate, and that he muy bo appointed fuU Bzecntor thereof. Therenpon it le Ordered, that Mondar, thethlr.?. Hr.-t day of Octoher, next, at tfii o'clnck in the foff. noon. be aaaignedforthe hearing nf snid petitiun, nt that ihe legalees. devlaees and helra at Iv of jiidd?. ce.ised. andall other pervonfl interested in naideMií?, ■ir-;l to :i]i;'ar ;-.t a sesalon ofsald ('oart, iha t" be notden at the Prolmte Oifl'-e, In the Cityof Au Arbor, snd show cante, íf.iny therrbe.'why thepni. lie petltioner shonld notbegrantea: .'. Cnrtherordered thatsatd petitfonerelTenotlce to tbe f persons Interested in saidestate, of the pendí sald petitlon. and tfce heaiine thereof, bjcaimti I copyofthla order tn bc pnbushedtn thc tHdan 1 . ii newspaper printed and clrculatlsg is iií I Connty. three soocesstve weeks prevlons tosaiddit I of hearing. Atrnecopy.J I11HA!.t. BXAKB), i ■-;'_■ r i Jiidre oll'robnu. I Estáte of Samuel B. Wolcoit. CTATi: 05 MICHIGAN, Connty of Waahtarr.i, , i t aseasionol tnë Probate Conri for theCwt'.T i tkenaw, holden al the Probate O'ïice, in tbv of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the thlrd dij: October, in th yeai one ihonsand eightkadred and seventy. Present, Hlram .T. BeKke?, .InrU-e of Prebata. In the matter of tbe eatate ol SamnelB. Woluit, deceaped. On readlne and flltng the duly verlífírf Sabrá Ann WolcottiPraylng thatsheor ?cmeoibti I person may be appointed At!minisir:?noi of Baid deeeaaed. rhercuponii laOrdered, tbat Mondar, tbe tlkj Brei (l-rvii! October, hifiaut, at ten o"cioel ml forenoun, hr, asaigned for ihc hcarine of " in, and thut the h'-irs ut law ol nv.'.A itc-ué, and all other persons Isterested in il ..""'! ïre reqnired to appear at a sesslon ofsaioCoon then to be holden at the Probate Office. In Ihecitio! Ann Arbor, nul show canse, ii n„y thcre be.l the nrayer of the petitioner sfaould n"t be graLw: Andilisfnrtherordered that said petitlonci El tlee to rhepersotiiiinieresteri n said sítate "I tbep ilincv of daid petition, and the hearlnf ll'cr'''i; cansínL' a copv of ibis Order to be puMunea 1; Slichiqan Argui,t Dewspapcrprinted andcircnl in said connty. three snecesnre weeks previo Bah! (tav of bearinc. CA troecopy.J HIEAM J. I'.KAKEP. l_t,) Jndc"' ProMU. Estáte of Ezra Honhton. STATKOP MICHIGAN, Connty of Wachten."1At a rs-ion of the Probate Conrt for tlieCon!) ol Wnfhtenaw, holden at Ihe Probate Office in IK liiv of Ann Arbor. on Satnrday, the flr'tYJJ Octoher, in thc year one thousand eight hnwi and seventy. . :,t ilirnm .T. Renke?. .Ind;r of Probate In Ihe maner of the estale of Eira HongMCT. dcct'üserl. Albert I,. Honghton, Adminlstrator of mi uu' comes Into Conrt and representa ibat JJ" preparad to render hi anal account a snen A"" Therenpon i: Is Ordered, that Mondar, tb OJ flrst day of October Instant t ten o'cl"ck lu 22 uiKin ■ 1 for exmnintac and allowiug mn(,.and that ihe ln-lra at law of tnii ilcreu and al! other persona interested fn sald wwj reouired to appcar at a session of snld Conrt, " bé holden at tbe Probate OfSee, In the CttT rbor. in saM Connty, and sbO cause, il UI ■ be.whj the Bald account shauld not w.'11?; And it is further ordered Ihat eaid Admimim L-ive notlce to.the peraom Intereawd in '."S of the pendehcr of said account. ad tbe n! thereof. br eaaasM a eoj of thto ortler to .fjj lished in the jWiVÁiga Arpu, a rewspapc P! and clrcnlating in saM Connty, thrce enccew weeks prerlona to taid dny of hearing. . rTtrnecopy.) HiKAMJ. BEAKBS. j)0 Jndse of Prooaw. lieal Eetata for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN. Connty nf Ws(h'.enjJ In the matter ol tüe Estáte of John IVnit.p-, I tbrrft Notii-e I hereb f;ÍTen. that in l'"r?njuí' an order nanted to the nndcrsiEaed.GusrdlaBjy" ïstate i Batd ppendthrift, by ibe Un. J"'? rrr Inte lor the ( ountv of Wa-hunaw, on the w of October,A. i. ISIO.there wlll be nW.1 vendne, to the hlebest bidder, at the d on the uremises hereinafter describe! i" tbc trojv of wanlitenaw. in sald State, on WcdneMlay.J thlrtleth day of Novenber, . f 2 ov'ock in the forenoon of thal d.-.y. fsntyect enenmbrancea by murteage or otherwlse ''"Li the time of thc BaleJ the Ibllowlng il''"1", !J estáte, to wit : 'l'wenty.Uve acres uit the fMlL. qnarter of the Bontb-east qnarter of sreilon w flve, In township one aontb of range ■'"' lfl in iaid State, coninicncini! at the wuin -j corner (hereof and roOninR thence n.;rtb nw a hr.lf degreea west elfhteen chains ""JLj link, thence north elghty-ntne nnd ■ J'ïo4 cast thirteeli chains and furt v-fonr links, tncmeone and a ha I degreea easi el :lteen chamé aMjA links, thence sonth eihty-nine .inri a !'' f "J. „, de ree weat thlrteea chaina and forty-foiir mi the piare ui beglontng, Cezceptlog one acre northwest corner thereof, bcing slxtcen '" eaatand west and ten rods (ie in'rtli nu ' sold hy Batd .Tohn Pcatt to Rcbccca ETnttle.w Tlh. A.D. 1SD9.J Dated. October , A. D Mg. Kenl Estáte for Sale. C TATK OF MICHIGAN , Connty of WmM f in th matter of the es)ate , L""' „L deceas,-d. Notteelsher. Sí5PíSS?i Dfan order gran ted to the '""l''r"'íní"'ihe D I trator of the Estáte of said d. cewe. W "". „s Jndjre ol Probate for the Co-mtj f wj"! the seTCnteenth dny of October, A.P. 's'"'i.r II' 1 be sold at public vendne , to the btehest bWJ" Kfi , south door of the Court Honse, In te l Yctte." I irbor, IntheCountyorVashtenaw.InMioi Wednesday, the seventh day of December, a. ai ten o'clock in the f.irenoon ofthat day. (■ all encjimbrances by mortgsge pr o'} ttthetlnre ofhe deatb '' ' ?,-r.inJ ; tolhorighl ofdoro lu wuio ' tM,. the followii real estáte to m ':, menelng In the center of the Ann ■,-„ raad where the Territorial road '■'hMj i road. on the souihvrest quarter ol secnon rt ,lp one fonth of range !"V'II !'"■,;,„,. tlieo of Salem, Coanty and State ''"M;""Z%1 nf soathweéteol] i:i th center of sak J ' ,„, ,f (brty-one rod. tnence northwesterly . ; rl; , „lÍTerrltorlal road twentyrods. f.nf0B the cenu-r ofaaid Territorial rond tbt „„ he place of beginning, contaiaing thr.e w "GotoR.W.ELLlS&CO'B for choice Wines and Liquorfor Medical Purposos.


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