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Marshal Mcmahon

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- The sielcr wüo i nursing Marshal McMahoa says tbat Le never uttered acomplaint during during the dressiug of bis wound. No matter how they cut nnd hacked ia the frightfiil wound which complelely traversed his tbigh, and in which a boy ten years old might turn his fiat around, not a groan was heard. Whatevor is given him, whatever is done for him, his roply is always, " Very well, my good sister." A correspondent of the Maine Farmer had two apple irees thnt were about thirty yeaw old, and had nevar borne any Iruit nor even blossomed. One oí them hnd been grafted ixtnen ycars, and the other was ungrafted. They were apparently ïu good health. He spread two or three quarts of salt under each one as far as the limbs extended. Tho next year ihey boie orops and have oontiuued bearing ench seasou lince. The appli oation of salt was about eix yeats ago, and it has not been repoated.


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