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Have The Taxes Been Fair And Just?

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We take the following extracta from a recent speech of Hon. Henry Uhamberlain, Dernoeratio nominee for Rcpresentative in tho second Congressional District : If tbe debt of the Government has been paiü honestly - as fast and do faster than the interest of tbe laborcr roquires; if ihe conditions upon which it wiis contrncted have been compliod wiih ; if no greater sum bas been paid tban vena agreed upon, tben, on thet coiinln, wo havo no reaeon to cotnplaiu. If the money raisad to pny the expunse ot'tlie goverunient, tbe interest and prinoipal of the public dabt, lias been raiscd fairly and erjually from tho wealth of the oountry, tlieu, on these accounts, we havo no reason to complain. If, bowever, ibe clebt bas buen paid in the interest, of capital and against the interest of labor ; f tbe revenuea of the govèrnment bnve been collected from the toiüng millions, wbilo wcaltb and capital havo esoaped tbeir just share of the burdDS, then, in tbe name of the song and daugbters of toil, it is your rigbt nay, it is yuur duty-n dutyyou owe to youraelves, your children and to gcneratioiig yel uiibürn, not only to complain, but to hurl from plnee and power tbe men who liave proved uiifaitbful to your iiiterests and to iheir trusts. They have nut dpne tlair duly ifonecbild basgone slioeltí.-á or one woman poorly ciad; if the bours of labor of one man have been extended ; if one family has bad less fui a, 1u.-js clothing, less of the comforts ui life, in cousorjuence of tbeir neglect, cupidity or stupidity. IIOW THB "(JECON1-" PAYS TAXES TO E. II. WAKÜ. The "reduction" of taxation made by tlift Fortièth (mgrp88 in 1868 was not made in thd iaterrat of the people. It was made for the interest and benefit of tbo manufacturen of the Eastern States and the very few largo ones in the Western In order to appease the tben raio E. B. Ward, wbo threatened to defeat tbe oleetion of General (irant, ihI a!io, tu work upon the fears of tbe officebolders, told tbo country gome wholcsome trutbs- to appease hit wrath, i cay - uongress, near the close of lts s-siin, truck frora the list most of the manufaotured goois then paying an intornal rcveniic lax. You wiü recollect th:it at thu time the iriternal revonuo tax was mposed, the tariff, on all cotnpeting iiuported goods was increased, ut the instance of manufacturera, as much as tlie tax on ddmestic goods, and n many cases more. When, thereforu, the iuternal revenuu tax on manufacturera was removed - tariff dutiei on competing goods remained as beforo - the govoriiiuoiit lost the mtinufacturers' tax ; the manufaclured goods, protected from oom petition by tho tariff, umiiitiiined their tuinier prico ; the people paid just as mueli as they did befare, and the "reduction" of tuo tax arnounted to jugt ttiis a:id DO(btng more - the people paid for thir goods juut as much as before, but the mooey taken from them, instead of goinjr iuto the coffers of the governmen t to pay the national debt and exponses, pussed into thft pockets of tho jacified fi. U Ward, and tiis coniederates. The honest wrath was appeased ; ud sinoe then. their patriotic rebukos f profligacy and corruption Lave not 6en heard in the land.


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