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Farmers, Attention

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The Olean Couuty Dtwoerat presenta an ituportaut question to farmers. Hero it ie : The best kind of an iron beam plow can be purchased to day just aoross tbo Niágara river for $7. For the saine article you have to pay here $14. It don't cost auy more to manufacturo ïere than it does in Canada. Labor is s high tüere as here. The great ory bout "puupor labor1' will oot apply to Jannda. Why, Uien, cannot our farmers in Oreaue county obtain plows and oiher agcultural implements, at as low a prico s the (Janadian farmer? Go up to the Suspension bridge and ■on will ascertaiu the causa. ïhero is a tariií' duty of 100 per nk Wied by the United States Govniineut on theso arlicKs. ]uy a plow for 7 in St. Catherines, nd hen you uitempt to bringit ncr083 io river you will have to pay a duty of i uj)on il ! So you may as well purlase your plow at home and my the $U. There is but ono way of removing the opprcpeion, farmers ! The remedy lies iu your hands, too. The Kepublican ctindidates for Cougress will vore in Congress to retaiu lh;t taritl duty on tho )1v if 'ou elect tlioüi. Tho Domoeracy will nominatoio man flni is nat pleried to voto f(r the fibolitioo cf tb is outriiguous, iinlnir and mi called for te riff swindle. If you wi;it to bnv your farming in ■ plemenis at a fair umi reasonnble prico, vote lh Democratie ticket .V Uy elocting a Demncratic Congres you cut down the pricesjity per etnt ! W bilt will jou do - j,ay f 14 for your plow or 87 'i Thats the que-tion.


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