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Dei-a tme.nt oí Statr, ) Marcli ao,iö40. 5 l'o the Hon. Thomas Ewing, Secretaiy of the Treasury : Sir - Tlio President is of tho opiuion tliat it is a proat abuse to bring tho patrdMrgd ot' ilio General Governinout uto conflict with the fieedom of' elections, und that tlns abuse ought to be corrected wuerever il muy havo been permitled t: sint, aod to be preveuted ui tho future. He therefore directa tliat information :o given to all tho ofiicers and agents ui j'our Department ol the publiu erviee, that partirán iiiterforonoe in popu ir elecliou, u-hellior of Sinte ofiiet-rs or ollicer ot this Government, and for whomsoever, or igstDSt hoiusnever it nay be exercised, or tho pnyment ot'any Diitribution or aS'.-8'.nunt on sil-irics, ir offioial coiDpensaiion for p irty or oloctiou purposos will be regardod by liin as a eatme of ükmotal. it is i.ot intended t!:nt any ofti er sha 11 bu restrained in th 3 frec and proper ■xprefsion and maintcnanpo of his opiuioiis respeoling publc men r pnhlio neasurei, or in the exerc:se, to thé fuil!! depree, of the constituliooal right of eutfrago. Uut pers r.B rmploved uodtr thu Govcrumi-nt, and p:iid for their services out of the public Trcasury, ar! 1 ot ixpocted to take an actiro or ittiuioyg yiurl in htteinpts to inüueDoe htf minde or votes of others ; snob. conduct beiog deeuied inconsistoQt with tba si'irit of (be (Jonstltution, and thü dutiesofpublio agtfftt tieting under it ; u] thr LVf siclent is resolved, so far in dopend upfin liltu-, tliat whfle the excvcise of tli c eleotive franohfee by fhe pcopié c(inll be free from undtTc v;i)ïlUenccs df oitïcinl etntion a'id authnrity, opfnión ïIi:i!1 alfo bc froe aroong-thc ofStíe'rt and ágcntí oí t"he Goveinmofit. Í ITaVé'tlio honor to be, sir, Vour obeflk-nt sorvant, Daniei, Wi:i!t'ER. IïoW lijo Republicana would stare to foad sueh il letter signed II. Fisb, by 6ideifíflio President.


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