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The Democratic Demonstration

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The democratie rati'Scaiiou Uft uight proved nn imincuso iiffair. The procpwioD was tlie mnin featuro. The head hf tño line tegan piraing Tiunmany Hall irt a quarter past teven o'clock, and from tLát huur Ihe column was contiuuous iintil at ten minutes pist eleven o'clock he last club had pnssed. Many features ifore noticenble, euch na both ïfceam and Iiand fire-engine, lióse cfiiriágts of the days of the voluntcer fire derjurtYnent, full-rijrgcd sliips, platform wagons cárrying calciatn fights, Graek Sre snd liuge fraiií-pírercreí!, Scö. íil;uiy i:uba vrere (iresscd in fircftienT8 uniform, and eeveral hsd sectioua of men attired in índian costmne marening in t-heir rank. The procession was reviowed by Gov. fiorTman, Gen. McCIeilan and the TaniVnany S'achems from ft platform ttüich )md been sppcially eteötod io iont of the commïttce room. In Union Sqoare tbc discharge of Gretforks and filre balïoons was coutinaous, and tito Ihröng of people immense. 'ïhe pratid Btand, facing Croad wb}', was lighteá by gas áud very beautifully decorated. In Ukj lurgo and small halls of the Tummany buildtog thero was epcaking, as well as at tbe or.tside stands. The fnecting in the roain hall was presided óver bj Mr. August Beímont, and the speakers were Ex-Governof Seymour, Slichael C. Kerr, James S. T&ajer, Judgc Curtis and JacsKs Fisk, Jr. In the saiall trreatcr speeches were made ty Fernnndo Wood, Assistant DistrictAttorney Fellows, James D. Qallagher, f CoDDCcticut, and ethers. Senator Creamer presided over the grfend stané ki linio Satífare, n+d ti! speakers here rid at fhe otter stands eré Algeinob 3. SullivaD, Jas. Brooks, S1. 8. Cox, A J. Requier, William E. Kobison, A. J. Kogers, Thos. C. Fieldf, E. O. Pcriïn and nnmorous lesscr lights of the domoorutic firmament. By midtiigbt the last spread eagle sentauce hnd bu un atiere j, the last rocket or cnndle disi'hiirgcd, and Unku Síju;e waa dsrk and deserted. It is reported that tb eommittee bave decided to bestow the prize banner U[ on tho Seveuth ward. The cost of the dfuioustration is said to havo been


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