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Proclamation By Gambetta

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Tours, Nov. 1. Gambetta ban ssued tho following prnclaination to tbe arsnies of the Freoch : "Boldikrs - You have betrayed no dishonor during the tbree months fortune has been unfavorable to yon, owiug to incapacity and treacbery You are now rid of the unworthy chiefg. If yi u are prepared, uoder proper guidanoo, to wipe away the outragc, forward. You no looger struggle lor a detpot, but for a country, for homes burnt, for familita outraged. France ia delivered up to the fury of an implacable encmy. Yon have a sublimo niiseior.. Make ever}' sucrifico to sbaine tbe calumniators, wiio render tbe army ruBponsible for tbeir infa iny. Your chiefs have justly incurred the stigma oftreasoo at Sedan and crime at Metz. I cali yon to avengo yuur honor, whioh is that of France. Your brothers ia the army of the Rhiue already protest agniiiet the cowardly attental, and wiihdraw from the cursed oapitulation. It is for you to rai9e the utacdard of France, soiled by the last Bonaparte aud bis ussüfia'es, aud recall victory. 13ut {Táctico rcpublican virtue, discipÜDC, aclivity aud contenipt for Icath. lienr iu luiud the danger (if tLe country. The time tor treachcry aui wcnkntüs is past. The destiny of the eountry is confirmod. You hnviug rcstured Frunce to eetcnit, , then be 11 free aud fieucetul citizen of the Hepublic."


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