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Secretary Cox

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Jlarper'1 Weehly eayp ei the resignatlon of Secrctary Cox : "The retiruucMt of Scoretary Cox ftow the Cabiuet will be dceply rejiretttwi bj all who llave watehcd iiis'wise and foiüiitttl efiorts to secure intelligent efficieuoy mi the eervico of ttie governmeut. NnV Cox bclicves, with many of the most thoughtfuJ aad practical of hia iellow-citizeuc, Ibat (ho purific:ition and I clcvatiou of the civil ervice aystem. or the tsUblislniieijt of tlie detaiW of sdiiiiuisiraiion upon boudI biitiii'8s prineiplen - inakiuif houesty, industry and efficiency, and not 'ekill iu politics,' the tenre of of office - will tend direct1-y o witlütaud th tiiornioua incapacity nd corruplioo which aro tilo uatarsi ftuit of tli patronage of our preüunt rysteui. lt ia ntifurtunate ihatihctwo lueoibers of the first Cabinet of Presi lont Gruut who wnc most eoufpicuously asociated with administrativo reform gliould have lelt office i)'Hrontlv in consequuDce of the pressure of those wbo lueliev) that ihe ei wil service oi the country hould be organized upun the lowest party, coneideratjons. The Dames of Heuator C'imiidlcr and Cainci'ou, which ore promhmutly nanntioued iu i tiou with the reliremcnt of Secretnrj Cox, nmy probablj bi soaepUflj as il luatratioDS of ifee kmd ol ii tutDce tliai bas (icprived tbc coisulry ol itw servioea of two of tlio a biest niia most raluuble ndviscrs thst any Pieêidi'nt tikt liad - Juilge Hoar and (ener Ox Tl'at tlc interest of a great party lie tlió Kepublican are tafar wilh gfiilleilJÉR like tlie Senators than with lemiers like llie late ureinbers of the Cubniet nc cfö not bslieve.1'


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