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A Few Final Words

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The electiou will Uke place on Tuesdny next. The poljs wll open at 8 cTe'oek -V i v O as aoou thercafter as msy be, in encb town and war% apd oloso at 5 ovclock r m. Between those hours it i the duty of every Pomocrat in Washtenaw couuty, a duty he owos to the State and natioiK a duty to the party of whiuh he is a prof'essed member, and ia whose principies he belicvcs, to cast his vote, aud to cast Ihat volefor the cnndidutu placed in nominativa by the accredilid oonxention of his party. It ia now too lato to write at length of tariff and taxation, of finance r.nd banks, of railroad lubtidiea uud maaufacluring monopolies, of reconstruotmu and centraliza'ioo, or of tbat oorrupticm wliich ruus riot in every Separtiuect of the Government, but it is just tka time to u'ge the Demooratic readers of tho Auous, and through them every Deinocrat iu Washteoaw, to vote on Tuesday uext. Neither is it too late to caution all Democrats - and ispecially any tcho may have atpiratiom for ptece of honor and trust in the future - against cutting or countenancing the cutting of a single man on the tiokct. You may not hav eecured the iiomiuation of your favorite candidate, you may bave desircd a nominatiou yournelf, butneither of those rcasons vfill warrant you in Bcratching the name of a candidate regularly and faiily nominated, If you know a candidato to be dishonest, corrupt or unqualilied, we don't ask you to vote for him, but to cut him becau'tö not your first choioe, is to iuvite socoo other Democrat to cut your favorito at the next eleetion, and i dongeroua business. The candidatos have a right lo every Democratie vote, and if party and parly interets are put aboce telf, they wiil get them. "A word to th.e wise is sufjiciect, :' - and thsjt word is ; "Go to ïhk üoll on TUESPAY NEIT ND VOTU T1IB CLKAN TICKET. Go to the Poll JSaiily. If YOUR DüMOCllATIO NEIOIIBOR IS ABSENT BEND FOK HIM. WlIEN 5 O'CLOCK P. M. 13 TOLP OFF I.KT EVKHY DkMOCBATIC BALLOT IN BVEKY town akt) everv -btari) be in tue box. And ali, vill bk keil. EI.THU B, PüD is the Democratie candidato for Senator. If you believe that the oouvention did not make a mistake in tho sclpction, that ho is qualiñed for the poBttion, and Tfill faithfully look after the intcrests of tho eounty, vote for him. If you believe that ho is not fit for the place, ancj that his opponent til, theu rote for í}je othcr Man(n). But, if you aro n Democrat don't cross off Pond'b name just becauüc you aro a Gertpnn and uk is not. AU ehould bo Amtkican oitizens, and nothw.g eist, on eïectten day. That's all. TllK Demócrata have an excellent State ticket in lbo field, every candidate heilig fttlly competent to dischargo the dutiet of the office for which he has been placed ín nomioation, and it needs no word from us to secure for it the united Democratie support. But there js one of the candidatesfor whora we must say a special word. Every elector who knows the two men, and especially every cducator, must concede that Düane Doty, tLa nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction, is far superior to his oppousnt, Uiiamil Hosfokd, in bis qualifications for that position. Mr Di.iy ranka high tbroughout this and adjoinirit; Stdtefi, aod in State sud National AsKOciationa is recogn'zed as a peer nf the best Sohool Buperintendcnts in tho land. Ann Arbor, tho homo of his youtb nnd eiuly manhood, sliould take pride in giving Duane Doty a large vote. PHILIP BLUM bas made a correct, fiiilhfiil, aud honest Trtiasurcr. JJueause thtre were othcr candidatos good and truc is ao ri'ïson that be sliouid yot reuoive u united psx!y vote. Iiut one candidato eould be nomiuatcd, and Ei.m was tbo wioning man. Vote for him.


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