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The Railroad Amendment

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It is nnport&nt or every elector to remember that f he wishes to voto against tho constitu'.ional amendment rclative to railroacU aud municipal aid, he uiust cancel, that is draw a bleek or red line acros each propositan he to opposes. A tickut Dot scratohed is a vote for all the propositions it is by thig ingenieus tncthod a vote is hoped to be seoured for adoptiug tho atneudment. The several propositions are : "For all tlie propositions on thls ticket whidi are nol caneeled with nk or nuneil, and agaiust all wniuh areso caupelecj. Tor A-rticle 19 A, tntitleci 'Of Uailroads.'' Kor Scciion 1. Áuthorlzlug tlie legislatura to reculillo Passenger and Frelgüt Charges on Uailroads. For Section 2. Problbitlng cansolidatioi! of compeLiiiy linos ol' Rallroad, For Seclion 3. A.utborlzlng tljo payment of oiiils or obligHtions heretotorè 'gaüert. The fust three propositions are of no earthly account, and are ouly make weights to conceal and carry the fourth. Let every votor voto as he pleasos, but let no vQter be mislod. - Tickets will be sent to each towu vvith the proposrtions properjy oanoeled. It wi'.l lio safe for opponent cf the amcinltnent to ask for aud uso ooe qf uuch preparcd ballots, MYUÜN WEflli, tho Democratie caudidate for Sheriff is a tuli. man as as nyell as a tkuc pemocrat. He wan fairly nominate'), will make agood Sheriff if elected, and will Ie tUcted if every Democrat in Waahtenaw County vote for hira. üon't ecratch his nnme. It will be nwing tarea to be résped in 1872. Voto for Webu. 47 Fotos lectod three Deuiooratio Congresswen at the late Peousylvanin election. 47 stay-at.-home Demccratg - like pome 30,000 down iij Ohio, who wouldn't vote beennse tba negrocs did - would l;.vi' sent bnek Akathono and (.'kss'a aj)(j Mgiíuim,, three Rndicals of the ultra protectionist cchool. That is what 47 votes mny boih do and prevent being dope. Will a single Demoerat in Gounty talie tbe respoosibility of beicg one of 47 stay-at-honies, and, peibnps, alo, the responsibility oi defeüting tlie Democratie ticket V JOHN J. KOBÍSON bas tnado a model County Crfrk. He is sgaiD tho candidato for that pocltion - re nominated without opponition and uuanimnus ly. Will any Democrat who voted for him in 1868 vote against him dow ? A fui.l Democratie vote will put hiin through. Let him havo it. Bkotiiük Dkmocrat if you are arrnnging to leuvs home on Mouday next to be al)sent until afler election, "don't go I A general clficlioo s helJ but ence in two year, aud every citiseeri íáiould j count it a dott to be at bis houje on ihat day, and ro cast ihs votu. Postpnne your going untü Tuesday, votjs as SI. ON AS" TUK POLIS AHK DVF.;!, Uüd tllPD go abüiil your bnpiness uith the oonsciouPiicsH of liiiving done your duty wkniever tlie vcsult. - Ro.'iicinber lbat vouiï vote may save tho ticket, srnd sov't lose it.


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