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Shooting Affray

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On Frliïay evcnlng of lust weck a daring outragc, wltli serious and nearly fatal couacquencos, was perpetra,ttd atHangsterfer's Saloon. Bctwecn tlic hours of 10 and 11 o'clock, - just after the close of the theatrlcai performance In the hall above, and preceding the opening of tlie dance advertlsed tbr the evenlng - a party of Medical Students, who had imbilx'il mixed or pooi' llqnors enough to drive oui dlscretlon and ïx'iison, entered the saloon for more "rei'rtsli 1111:11 is." Al most Immedlately one of the party got luto a scuffle wlUl Johm ICank, clerk for JL. Dvkiy, Kan;: Interfertng to protect a frii-ir.l agalnat Impoaitlon. Just as Kasi: aii'l the Btndent were separated, another medical student broke into tlie circle and drew a revolver. Some one knocked liis arm and the first shot went nto the wall. A second shot took eflfect in's ïiht bieast, and penetrated into the lung, rbere it ís snppoeed to have 1'id.noil, as the siirgeons have been anable o extract it. lt ivas feare.l the shot uuukl prove fatal, but this - Tbarsdsy raornlDg - he is reponed as doing vveil. la the exeltemeat of tbe moment the young man wlio iired llie shot was permiued to escape, aud by some oversight the'or noue oí lils deputles were aclvlseil of the aflftr until morolog. Tlie name of the desperado wlio flred the shot - and wholly unprovokad, lor K.vns had not passed a word with hini, and liis comrade was in no danger - is HmrBT C. Johnson, Jr., son of a prominent lawyer resident :it Ueadvllle, l'n. He had buen tu theMedlca] Department bat a few weeks, havinL, it is reported, recently rtslgned a Lieutenant's coininissiou in the regular army. The following circular, issued by the anthorities, wlll sufticiently describe hiin : $500 REWAIU). On tlie nlght of October 28, 1870, one Henry C. Joltn'gon, Jr., shot a Citizen of Ann Arbor, Mieh. Johusou is about 23 years olil ; 5 (bet 8 Incoes In oe%ht ; welght, 150 ponml:; ; light complexion, blue eyes (watery appearauce; brown liair; had llgbt side wliiskers; was dressed In diirk and Ught pnuts, aud a! cap. Is troto Meadville, Pa , where ln'E ÍRtlicf resides. Has been in the nrmy several "years. He is slow oí speech. ' I wlll pay $300 for hls apprehension und convlctlon: V. D. IIARRIMAN, Mayor, City of Ann Arbur, Mich. I Tvill pay Í300 when oonvicted. JJYUON IÍ. PORTER, Bberlff, Washtenaw Co., Mich. Address BYRON H. PORTER Sheriff, Ann Arbor, Mich. Joirxsox fled iuto the conntry, Btopped at a farm-house in Superior about 3 o'clock A. M., reporting himself thrown froin a horse, tayed until naornlng, lelt about 6 o'clock, vent to Ypsilauii, jnmpcd on the 11 A. M. relght train after it left the station, ar.d rrived at Detroit about 2 o'clock r. M., rice whlch no trace has been discoverej f hlra. Previous to golog to Hanostehfeu's reort say?he vislted JJindeu's, klcked up a sLiubance there, and kuocked his raan owu ith a biHiard ene. Kane is b iteady, sober, Industrious ouiis taan, tiou of a bard-worklng fatlier vho Uas the syinpatliies of the entii-e coinnunitj'. No effort should be spared to ring the unprovcked and vOiJd-be acsassin o jnst.ico. - Is it not time that the ïu les of the L'niversily proliibited staden ta carrylog lirearms, and that ejcpulsion was visited on he head of every oöender. And ií a single drunkeii sprea Urought expuúdon, cw even the habitual frcqiicnting of drinking saloo'.is wu Ehet'lii Lot complaln.


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