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Michigan--the Census

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Tlic census ot Üv.a State is noiv complete, aiul the following tuble-tlic figures of whlcb raaj be regarded as official- wlll sliow the popislatlon o! each comity, alio the popalation as shown by tbe censns of 18G0. The total populatlon is l,JÍJ,Jt(!J, a net galo in ten years oí 4-42,34:7 , uaarked aml evtry wy íatlaíactory lacrease: ] TH 1S00 Alcona SHO ] AlleijMl 82,1M 1G O'J; Alpoaa ü,7ft6 -.01 AiKriiu i,ïib& 179 fc:irry S2.1IJ0 34.00 Bay 1 3,lt'j Bcnzic ï,14 Borrlen 35, u94 2'-',3ï3 Urnuch ...v 8S3M 81,19! Unllwun 88,17:1 ■_,::.., Cua 21 O'.iT 37. 721 Cbarlerotx 1, '■-■ .... ' Clicboytrau -,Hi7 599 Cüippewa -;o 1,644 Clinton i!v,SS(i 18,U2d' üttltu ï. -141 1,172 katon 2i,!o tö,P99 Bmmett j,2il 1,14 ■ U.910 2Í.4CT U rund Traverso '4,44 I ï-t Gratiot 1T.889 4,0-27 llillsdale v 31.74 M.S0I HouLiluot 18.801 '9,L'ñ:( Hurón fl,o? 3 1U7 Lngluun 25,2S1 LI I 0 leuia Ü7.UT6 'J",C5.' 4.;66 ■ 17' [aabfella 4.479 1,455 latkson BC1O8I 8S.ta4 Kulnninzoo 3:,(iB 2', 051 Kolkaaka 44 Kont ■ 6o,ajo S0,T2l Kccweenav, 4,20oP0adg" Lake _.. 548 .... Liiji'er 21.SÍ.6 14,875 Leelauaw.... 4,r,76 2,168 l.eimwec 45 0a5 .13.497 Llvlogaton I9,:t3! I,BS8 Mackiuavi ■ 11.6 ifiM SCaoamb' V.ZU 23 llï Manistec 6 074 97ó Matii;óri 891 1 ,U4:i Uurquelte 14,982 2,854 Masun 3,20G S81 Mecosta 5.645 88U Mi:iiininee 1I888 ... Midlnnd 3,621 7S2 Ml-ttaukee j:;o Mouroe .,.,. 27,436 21.64S Moutcalm .-.■ 13 561 A8M HlWkegOll 14,829 3,847 Newaygo 7,294 ï,7iu Uakland 40,893 38,n2 Oceana 7,2.; 1816 Og.-maw 12 Notreporteil üutuuagon , 2,s;i5 4,575 Ueccola 2,105 .... O coda 70 27 Uttawa 26,658 13,216 Presque Is!e 355 .6 Sagiuaw v. 38,9iï li,7os Sanllac 14.564 5,u3 Stiiv!,sree 20.85S 12.S38 Sl.Llair S6,37 SS,8U !St. Joseph ..... 2(J,6t!9 21,108 Tuteóla .,■ lTU 4,BS5 Van Bureo ... 1 .-..-.... -28,S"2 15.214 WasUtena' ... 41.449 3o 747 wayue 119,(85 7Ö.2O4 Wexfojrd k... ....;■ ejo Uuorgaulzed CouiiUra 330 Totala 1,191,481 749,113 If Congress shal! flx tlie next House at 300 members, and the popnlation of the nation rcachci} 40,000,000, Michigan will be ! entitled to 8 members in the uext House. The attendance at the Oyster Supper S'iven last Wednestliy eveaing, tbr the beueflt of the Mission Sabbath School, was not large, owinj; eithor to tóe threatening appearance of the clouds, or the general forgetfulntss of the commuulty, or a lack of interest in such things. That cane was voted to Dr. IUrhis, presetited, aud returned by him to the comiuittee to beagaiu disposed of for the benefit of the school. Mr. G. B. Niobom, of Detroit, hus been appointed by Gov. Bai.dwix, on the recommendatlou of Jmlge Higby, Stenognpblc lteportcr for this clrcnit, composed of Wanhteuaw, Jackson, and InghamcouuUe. The salary, $2,000, is pild by the three couuties in proportion to the population. Kate Fiei.d is now announced as one of the lectnresses In the present Students' Lecture Association course. VV1H she teil again "thethrlliiug tale" of the Adirondacks ? The Board of Supervisors completed lts regular business onWerlnosday, and 1 jouraed to the 15th inst., at which tima a wasion -tvlll be held to approve the bonas of the Countr TreaBorcr M?ct.


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