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DlDSK jkii DjsoDKi.i.-That'8 whnt ntiy men or wonvui may beome who resorts habitnally to the use of the medical ci)li-;l Bitteus, so miich üiivertised now-a-dnys. What are they ? Rye wiiiskcy, noteven r'ectified mee, flavored and bitter. eö wiih just enotigh tQ give it ".tañí;." Ifyou be. lleve iii temporáneo, and necd tone and tonir.",trv Swtcl Qu'ninr. in Two rain doses twlce a day.- Th'cre's no druul; in that , Lnd it will mnke tho de. presaioi. of npir:t, weakuess and debility go instan ter. Öcr word for it. Sold bj Ebcrbach & Co. BidFimcticx- Oruu might as. well expect to relieve und cure an lnnamed eye by dustlng irritatinc powders iuic It, as to expect to sabdne and cure Catarrh which is an inflammation of the inncons membranc o( tlie air passages in the hcad) by the ne of irbranc of the air passages In tho head} by the tise of irrltatlng snufls or strorg, canstic solnlions. Dr. Sag'l Oatarrb Ramcdy cures Catarrh by its mild, soothing action, which subdues the inflam mation and restores the naturul secretion of the niucou follicles. The proprietor offers 500 for a cac of Catarrh that lie cannot coro. Sent by mail on receipt of eixty cents. Sold by dnife'Rlsts, AddreesJK. V. Pierce, M. D., 133 Séneca utrect, Bnffalo N.Y. _ Intcrestiog to Ladles. In tbls rapid a;;e it is absolutcly necessary for ladie to keep ou courant or what is passing in the world arouud them. For thls pnrpose no mediara ls so good as a flrt class magazine We recoïnmend to ladies, who deslre one useful nd sensible as vrell as fashlonabltt, DEMOREST'S ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY as the very beet parlor periodlcal that we knuw. It is more complete In its depirtments than any other. ' lts fasbions are more nniqne, becanse they ar anIhentic and orlzlual, and not blind copies oí Frenen and Germán modela. It ves wlth every nnmber full-siied patterns, which siipply, durinu khe yur. all that auy ladv uee I for ittc cutliug uf hor owu and her chiidreu's wirdrobe, II is always, nd its contributors in cld' somu ol tlie lliieet taleut In tile country lts ladU'i CUO affords vulimble and iutcreñtin" Informatiou upon every subject. Il is the best mnsazine for the ntillties and ornaraent.iuouofthehoasehold ; the besi magaiine for ncmculture, oriu'rmil mtiic, chitecture, and other topics interesting 10 ladies- all calculated to asslst in makiug our homes atlractive and happy II is the must cnterprisln „f all, and glvaa mure thnn twlce as mnch for the money. U ui o offers a large and macuitlcent Pftrlor Steel HnijraviuH, 28 bj 35 inches entilled '-The Hc-uic on tlio touriliuf July." valued at ten tlo.oo, to cach sawcrlber asa premium. The tJupKtiai is all rione !n line and stlpple, from the oitoinal palaUnf by Lillie M. Spencer, und beMe, the coyriglit cost iver seven thousaud dollars and is ncknowledged by anists to be the most pcriect and bcauurtil largo engraving cvor iued in thls ommtry Certamly m Od will not procure another mat combines so mach interest and beauty ür, it offers a flue chromo, worth Í6.0J, and other premiums, worth more than the cost of tbe mairKziue, to each xuotcrlber, post free.aud extraordinary premiums for clubs. ,,!ÍU,'!rÍprÍOnlrÍCI!lS3-00per Commence Sin.le copies 25 ets. Specimen copies, with circulai malled Tree ou receipt of 15 conti Aduress VV. JKNNINOS DEMOREST. HM Broadway, Nw York: ---. i ■ i I Crnts Additional will bny shoes with silver or copper tips, which wlll save the bnyer the price of a new pair of shoes. Compared with ragged toes and dlrty tockings thej are beantlful, to say the least. Parents try it. 12ST SceoDd Rand and Sew Organs And Melodeons forsale very cheap at Prof Mills mueic room, No. 43 Main Street. (Over llnll&Rotw inson'J".) ' ALVIN WILSEY. Bounty (o Soldiers. Those who eulistcdln ISSt on the ílrst cali of Pi-esidentLiucoln,andwho were honorably discharged beforethe explration of the term of their enlist. ment. are entitled to $100 each. as boanty. Audsoldierseulistlng tinder act of .Jaly 4th, 1664 aretobeallowedthe unpaid lnstalments of bonnty if thsy wcre dtscharged by explration of service The abovo classes shoujd make ïpplicïtion to th undersigced. MarchMth,18Ti, IMïtf .roHí: I. GOTT. Bonnry n.l rialm Ajen, i


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