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The "ague."

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C[jePícignnvrgns .lúa URO 11 mi evcning bleary, vVhile l Bttt me rireaminjc lr?ary, (:i the souslilrre, thinking o'er.Tlilñsá tira' passcd liKtaeyaof Jöie . (Vtille 1 iwliiiii, neart] Sfetping, Skintly cu)e in Minethlng crecplng, (iicpiuir ii)nrani froin the floor. "Tis :i COOllug breey.r." I trred'. " Prono tlie reglóos awth the floor ; ftnly .lij M MtttoS aoít nrore." JHI nïong my back tlio cfceplng Boon gaye place t.o rusthins, lenpiirg, As i f rouiitless Iron-ii demons IInTconelife(V lo explore All t,le cavitlcs- tUe vannints- Tuixt ma and niv net her garmenta, Thronsh my boots into the floor; Tiien 1 ibund tnymH MaWngf- 'iently shnkiu more and more - Ever; moment inore and inore. Twaa the &gn_e, and It sliook me liito heavj clothe, atut took m Slinkiiiirinto the Kitclien - evcry Kvvrr pluce where tliere was warmth in store, Hhaklttg-tlU tlie China rattlcd, Shaklup lili my moráis rattled; Siiakins, and'wUh al! my warmiDg, Fcelinr cotdfcrthmi before, 31mk!tt: tlll Ifhad erhaustecT All ita power to shake me more- oould.not shake me laorc. Then It reated tlll the morrow, When it eame with all the horror That It had the face to borrowT S!i:iklnsr. shiikiiifTfis hefcre, AV.ii irom that fihy in September - Day which I shall long remember - It has made diunial visits. Öhakinii. shakini;, oh ! so sore ! Ijhaklng off iny boerfs, aiitlsJJaklng Me to bed if nothfng more, Fully tiiis, f. nothihg more. A)d to-dav the smtTlowa filttln Homid my cottage see me sittlngi Hoodlly withln tlie snnshlne Jnst inside my ilent door. "Vyaitlnj; for the A};iie, secmingLiken :n:ui l'orever dreamiqg; And the fiunlijiht on me streamlng, Slieds no shadows on the floor, For I am too thin and saUow 7 o inake shadom on the floor, Nary shad'ow - any more !'


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