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Too Much For The Fever

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Duriug the recent alarm escited by the provalenee of fever in ïtew OVleans, a good macy persons adopted all sorts of prerentives. Any Bugsestiou whicli tended to noeomplish tliis purpose w seized upoD with avidity and applied without scruplo. Oí tliis nuaibor was a youncr man wliose insune tfread of the dfeease amounted to monomanía. Every unnouirable nostrum wns taken, and every possiblo liquid imbibec) as a preventive - lemonade, bratidy ani water wine, citrate of magnesia, mineral water, buclitt, cathartie pills ord iron lózenges wero t&kcn sticcessively the game day, anff in turn rejected for newcr and more efficiënt remedies. Toward night he begao to feel badly. His Btomach was. in evidcDt disorder, and rackinr pains prevailcd in the región of his hoad and baclc Satisfiod that Yellow Jack was la-ving siegue to hrm in earnost, he sent for a phjsician, and Begged of him piteously to save his life. The doctor esaminedhim carefuliy. "You havcn't got yellow foTer,"' he Bid, "but you have enten somothinc thnt has disagreod with you. I shall have to give you an ometio." The prescri[Uiou was iorthwith applied, and the result was awaited with impatienee. Suddenly the odor of brandy filled the room. "Why, you have Been drunk," said the doctor. "Wait, doctor, wait," gasped the patiënt in his paroxysm. Then carne lemouade. "Why il's punoii yoa've been diiukiog. "Wait, doclr, wait." And then, ïaiiigling with these compounds cainc t!iü ninell of buehn, the eickeninp eSÉnk of nitr, tempered and subdued bv port wio. "Why, man, what ia all this?" cried the astonisned man of science. "Wait, doctor, I haveu't got to the botlom jetr"'and then cau.e out a dark liquid, hich the pnlienb, rn hia distres denoininsted "inolaescB and water." Then came gin, whisky and maderia, to be uucoeedcá in their turn by Congres water, Yicby and Kissiugen. The doctor was in dtespiir, whicli was augmented by the now frautic iuquiry oL his patiënt r "Doctor, have I gut the yellow feves-:?" "3ct the deuce ! N(1. Yellow fever, cholera or small-pox woiïld' be a waste of material with you. Have do dread tir; uothing less ttian an earth'juako can ver do you üny damage," and the physician took his leave, and the patiënt rapidly reoeveied1.


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