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How To Fatten A Poor Horse

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Many gooa iiorsas devour large quanv?c8 of hay and grain, and still oontiaue tliin Bod poor ; tlie food ei?en is not properly assimilated. If the usual feed Has ieeu unground grain ind hay, r.ntbing but a. chango will affect auy desirable alteratiou in tiio nppearance of the auiina!. In o:ise oil meal WMDOt bo obttined readily, miugie a bushei of flaxaeod with s bushel of barley, oofl of oats and unotbr of ludían corn, and lel it be grouud into fiue meal. This will be a fair propotioD for all Lis feed. Or tlie meal of tbe barlcy, oats and corn, iu equal quantities, mny finst be piDoured, a::l ont-fourtk puit ol oil cake miogled with it when the meaf is spriukled ou out feed. Feed two or tliree quarts of tbe mixture two or tlifce times daily, uiiugled witb a pook of cut hay and straw. If the Iiorae vfill cat that gïft.edily, let the qnnntity bo gradaalfy hicreaüuci until he 7Ü cat fbur or six qunrla at every féedimg threc times a day. But avoid the pnetico of nllowing norse to tand at 3-rack well fiiled witb bay. In ordor to fatten a borne that bas run down in rfésh, lile grooin should be very particular to feed the animal no more iban he will cat up cleau and lick bis inanger for more. - American Stock Journal. Unconscious Influkxck Ovkb Aníbal. - The horso ia liko his driver, and tbe dog like bis maslcr. A nervous, tiuiorous man is nlmost sure to have o skittiah borse, shyiug at unytbirg, uneteady, aüd a röuawy if ïe getg q chance. Many a cow is spoiled by lack of patieucc and quictnes iu the luilkcr, jsnd iho Buiount of milk dependa more upon tbe inilker than tho pasturiigo. If nin is afi uid of a borse, the auimul kDow it before lo gein into the atable. Wehnve neen tbe most inoffenBive cow in tbe berd bo wrought upou by tbe uerrotttness of j. greeuUoro, us dexterouly to plant her fuot in his breidt and end biin reeling beels over heaij. A noisy, boiH'erous fellow about fatteniug tablea will causo a seiious loss iu guin of flesh to tbo auíinals, so important in quiet to tbetn wluu they are digesting tbeir food. Josh Billiügs ay bo believes, like Oreoly, in the uuiverBal salv&tiou of men, but be wMits to piek the men:


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