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Olí ! yes - 111 tril yon the RtOrV, The verv worcls tlmt wére said. Yon sep the siinppr v:is cookinff, Aml I wís slieiiis amnc bread, A"'l Richard ctimp uto thu pintry, llis face ivas exceedlngly rod. And Iip opened lii JmK-nhul fl nuera, Ajid jriiw mea slimpseofa ring; And thpii - olí ! ves. I rrnipinbi'r, TIip kctilc Ihitmm to .inir. Avr] F:ini)y canio in witli her bnhv, Tho cannlnjcst bunch of a thing. AtKl tlie blftnt were rut 'n n minute - U'cii, wbat carne next ? Let me oee - ■ Oh! Fnnuv w.-is tlti'ro with herbaby, And we all R8t down to tea ; And írranrlinn looVrd over hèr classes So qneer at Richanü aiul me ! But H wagn't till aftermllklnff, Tlini lic :iid whdt lic hHi to süt ; How was t ? Oh ! Fimny hnd taken The baby aricj irone nay - The funnicst roírne oT n feílow - He had a net tootli tliat day. Wc werp pfandlnc unrirr the pïnm tree, And BIchaW Raid somethlnjj low, Bnt T vs th-pil niid flnsfpfpd, And t rpintolpd. I aimost. know ; For olrt Hed is thp harflpst ofmilkers, And BrlndTe so horrlbly s'pw. And tlien - let me sp? - where was I ? Oh ! the sfurs errew thVk overhead, And wc tvo stood nntfer the pinm tree TI'J ihp cillckens flew ap to bed ; olí, he laves rae, and we're to be married. And that is - nbont vcliat lie sald !


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