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Winter Fashions

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'We slinll bu eninpcili-d," say t!e nuthoritie agiong .ur inilliiiors ' t- import nur Winter gtj leu fi om liu'üü ii nf Paris." In our admiririg ignóranos of our wives and daugbtért, we iIwhvs supposed tbey on!y submilttd lo th .■ dic batios of Ejugouie i thcir d.-ess from t ío indolcnuu induoed bv oliJ-establi.-h d oustm', aud wouid gUdtv mw bostir ihemelves to show bovv m'uoh inore icturisquelj ih.-ir wn artistiu eyrs aud skill'ul fingers could stofftheir beauty. rVhy tliey f-huuld ifaíí orders fiotn the tout Piussian FgnueiM and Frauleeos as to wlitit Lals or p-ttio3ats to orear, is nexjloab!e to tbe dull ineaouline mind. iut tbey kuow fteet wlnt ihey can do f they writa down their owu tasto as til, doubtlesí) they bave reaeon. Far be t froui us to tiieui. Bul wliy, if' we borro w (jur basques and bullions fioru the Germuns, should we not go a ]itll ftirtber, and look if here are none of theír cutoms whfofa it would be worth wbile to import f Whcre bepreaent Americ:.n id a of fashiona)le life and code of etiquette bad its origin, it would be hard to toll ; it is jrobabiy a reihauffe of tbe worul Frencb ind worst Englisb ; nothiug more bopo essly bad, it is csraiu, can be fouiul ia ny civilized natioo under hiaveu. ?ashionable life ü New York and tbe )tbtr largo cities is os di solute an 1 'rutliy as tbat of Paris, without its wil, ad is sarvile &i tfaat of Engliind, witb out its rank. T heffe are degrees in valiarity, and whore we pay allt'giance to wealtb instead of birlb, nnd subntitute a ucocfsful pill vendar's six-in hand for n historio coat of nna as the objuct of ur bouingo, we show that beneath the ong-known lowest deep of snobbishne.'s bete are yet lovver deeps for us to reaoh. 3y tbe fashionable we do not, of couree, nean tbo best and highest socie'y of tbe nies ; "tbere is as muoh difiérenos in heir blonds,"quotb Sahuino, "as beween jet and ivory, or red wino and ihenisb." But fashion is a power tho trengih and firmness of whose ru!e over weak minds is little uuderstood by tboe vbo are above it. The mándate of the ■oman of ton in N'ew York hus its inuence in every village in Nebraska, or i t e harem of Brigham hiraolf. Half ie wretoheduess, and half the crime )o, amonj; American woraoo arise froin ie eaaerness to be in tbe mode to kee[ p iippearancts on scauty means. iijow, 11 tbo sliam and (ilated ware which form ie regalia, as we might ay, of fashionl'le society, ihese cheap and nasty ideas fcaste, this substitntiou of pompous nd meaninglegs liooiooing to each other ñatead of the simple, genuine, yet re■rved intoronurse of more cultured peo)le, are tbings uttcrly foreign to us, and n-Ameiican. Nervous, greodv, and imtical we mny be as a rrl i K-yi'OöTiiicrai we are not. Tbere is not a iaw or humbutf atnong us which is not eigbed and held al its truo value. onathan is good humored onii lmi uffering; hu Iets even Fisk swcil his it'le bour upon the stagi', and laughs at i in ; but he bold him as a puppei BÍter Wli y Rhould fashionahle society lie'ie s thon ? New Eoglaod social lite iftturfllly sincere and unpretending the Vcstern (rank and ruled exceptionally y comumn sense ; tbat of the Suth, il. lio-pit;ible and generous to a fault. Vby sLould we not be done with this parióos, wenk mitatiorj of fast life broad which is extoi'ding ils rule from ur i-itits, narrowing the minds and makny vulgar the muuners of our sons and anghteis? If our women of ton must raitate fnrtign manuers, let them take me hints froui the social life of Berlin 3r let the reform begin lower down. ones, the biiicber's daugbter, whose at her cuts up beeves in the market, with a iliaaiimd in lus dirty .- hirt bo?om, 8 going lo miirry Sini'h, the saddler, lexl Week. Sho has been "educated," waltzes, renda the , reviewi, criticises 'iila-on. La1 hor be married in a musin instead of a8Ük; ia her house furnshing let simplicity, hurmoniziug col)rs, ivy growing bere and thcre, u good )iiut on the walls, hint to strangers of aMte and culture, urui supgost ennobling da8 for her owu daily lile ; instoad of tawdy carpi-tB aod chcap brocalelle, whieh only suggest the larger house over the nay, of which this is a mean imitation. Let lier substitute a plaiu good table, and real iriends aa frequeot guests 'or the ordiuary Btingy ménage and auual showy bill ; let hor be-the comjanion and teacher of hnr chüdren, instead of their semptrees ; let the walk and sail with them take the placo f her daüy drofs-jiarado along tbe avonue ; and whun tlicv are grown, let her lmld aer own positijn firmlj' aw house mother and leader in society, and not surreoder it to raw uuflt'dgi'd girls and boys American family feeüng is quite au earuest aud tender in idea as tliat oi Germany; but the Gf-rmans catry that eurucstntsa and tenderncss iuto tlieir social tifo. IJy as lunch is it ia more genuino, unconvautional, and simple ttnui i'uri, it is tbe iiner and bibber in rank. If our women must imitate importec niMiiueifl. it is wortl) their w hilo to cüu sider tbcso thiags -


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