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The Military And The Elections

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In the Senate, on Friday last, Mr. Casserly, of California, offered the following resolutions of inquiry, which wer adopted : Resolved, That the President of the Uiiited States be and is hereby requeated to transmit to the Senate, if not incompaiiblo with the publio interest, the following information : ' 1. When and wbere, siuce March 4th 1869, the armj or uuvy of .the Unied States, or any portion tberesf has. been employed to aid the. vil poer, State or Feiieral, cither by eiifcWïing the re?enue liws, or asisiig 'itr any tnannor at S'ate or Federal eleutioDs, or in contests arising out of tho same, or preserving the public peace, exoept iu what are koowu as Indiun dia'urbanceá, or in any way wliutever otlier than in the guardiufi and preservation of f.rt3, posto, and place, and property of the Uuited States. 3. On wbose request, advice or representa tion, eithcr verbal orwriiten, tho anny or navy was thus employed io each c se, tygather whh oopiea of II letter, dispatchcs and papers fro:n govcrninei.t offictra orciviiiann which ard iu passession of the Executive or anv of it department or bure.-ius, advisiag, askiug or justifying Buoh einploy ment. 3. Complete copies of all orders, dipatclie, nij'jisitious or reporta made ia iaoL casu, eittier by the Prvsideut, Secrelary of War, Secretary of the Navy or Huy militiiry or naval .fficer, together w L a atatemeut of what were the diapOMtions u dutuil mado of the arruy aud navy in each casa, and wh;it orders were iss.ied for euch dispositiona and fór tho armins and othor piepaiatioos of 8aid aruiy and uavv, trith copies of all reporta mnde) and what touk phice under the afuresaid ordera and dispatches requiring ioforuiation respecting the Bame. 4. Aq estímate ni ea;h casa of what was or wiil be tht; probable coat to the tfoverument of suoh employment of the military or Daval iorces, iuclüding the pay and rationa of officert and men, transportation of them, their arms, muuitious and suppües b. A copy f all ordera or regnlutions, priuted or writ en, general or pecial, in f'jrco io the military or naval servioe of the governmsut at this time describing the circuuiitances under which the army or navy or any portion theroof, may ia time ofpeace iuovo or otherwise aot ia a;d of the civil powors, and ordainiog what civil officers, if any, shall be rebponsiblo for the conduct of the military or naval forcea toward the people, or for injuries inflicted by them on the people on such occasions in violation of the lawsof the land. 6. What civil offiaera of the United Síntoí or of any State have been iince March 4, 18G9, recognized by the admiuistration os having authority otherwisa tban by the requisition of the Legslaturn or Governor of a State to cali upon tho President, or directly, without lis intftrvention, upou a conimander ia he avniy or navy, lor the servioe of the arrny or navy upon the ground of exccuing the laws of the United States or of a State, or of regu'ating eleotionsor the egiotration of xottrs, or prtservii'g pubic peace within the liinitsof any State of .be Uuioo, and whetheror not, w hen suoh oonimaiHler is so called upon by a civil offiiier of the Ucited States or of a State, ie is poiraitted to make independent inuiry into the circunistances of the casa ir x.-rcisc hia owu diacretimi as to the necessiiy and extent of the military or naval service to be rendered by the orces under his oommand.


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