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One of the crueltst i h tirs done to clunib animáis h putting faanl-truzen ron bits int'i a horse's mouth. It is not only a p'iinful, but dangerous act For Gvorv timo liviníf flesh touches a metal iiiuch below die fraeziug point, the latter extracta the heat from the former and frcezrs it. Tlius a horse's tongue becomes frozeu by the co!d iron several times a day put into it, each time oausing these freczings to go doeper and deeper, and ends at lust in an extensivo ukeration. With such a sore mouth the poor horse rc'uses to eat and pines away which calis the liorse doctor in. They cali it bots, glandcrs, horse ail, etc., and go cramming down poisonous drugs in d'ises, and the next you know of the poor abused creature he is trotted off to be fond for fish or the crows Many a valuble hors bas beeu mys'.eriously lost n tuis way. Thinking and humane people avoid this by first vtarming the bits ; but this is much trouhle, and sjmetimes impoi-sible, as in night work, üko staging and phjsioian's work. Now all this trouble and loss aro entioely avoided, a we have tound by long trial, by getting the harness uialcerK to get leathcr bits lor winter ufo, s mado that no metal substanco caotoaobthfl Ü.eh. They are durable, and oost but half a dollar. We wonld not exi'hange oure for a gold one if it could uot be nplaced. Don't fail to try


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