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Public Lands And Emigration

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The following statrstios, taken from cfficial sources, cooiparing the recei ts of revenue frorn tho sale of publio lands for four years - viz., frotn 1856 to 1859 inclucive - with tho last four fiscal years in as iu8truoiivo as it is euggcstive : 1656 $8,917,044,93 1KA7 D,S-.'),4G,C4 1SÍ8 3,513,71557 1S l,T56,087,30 Totat tl8,017.S34,ï4 - as cniapared with isi-,7 tl, 103,5-5, 70 I8fê ,.... 1,348.71.1.41 1SM 40.W344.34 ibW S,3S0,4SI,70 Total ." $9,8iW,117,27 To reconcile this state of affairs we must aïk ourselves three questiou-i. - First, HaVe wo no loDger advantngeous lndn to fle!l ï Second, Is there eotnpeti'.ion in the uiarket ? ThirrJ, has the land purchafiiug element diminished ? We can acswcr the first quetion by say'tng we - ti 1 h;ivo a great l al of land for salo. Bot it is so disadvautageously situatcd tlutt it is eheaper for emigrante to buy from srcond, third, or fifth rate hands, and pay more for it than from govemment. ïho second questi' n - Who are our competitors in the laud business ? is easilv unswered. Millions of acres af land have been grabbcd by the so-cnllt-d rail way rings. These wero tbe best and inost wuitable. Tbey arj beid comparatively in but few hands, and the people during the last ten years have lost tbeir uiturul patrimony by aud with the oonuivancc of a corrupt CongrefS. Thirdly - Has tho land purchasingelemfiit diminished? We can best this by tho following emigration ■tatistics : Totól rmlgratkm from 18S6 to 18B0, tnclniuo.. 700,160 Totnl emiuralion from 1867 to]lS70 iuclu-t ulve 1,200,282 ]f we divide tho amonnt of public lands so'd by the Dutnber of emigrantg, wc sliall find tlint during tho four ycrs J856-69 inclusive, we eold them a ittle over 825.50 worth per capita ; whilo during tho four years 1867-70 inolusive we eold them wiihiu a fiaction of 88.80 per capita only. Anothrr four years of Radical rule, and the govemment may be drivcn out of tho field of land sellers, to sav nothinsr of the ocreased prices of lands


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