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The Official Vote Of This State, Polled

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at the late election, is at iü-t annouuced. The majoritieB aro : For Balthvln, Governor, 1(5,785 " Bates, Lieut. Oov., 19.127 " Striki-r, 8eey. f State, 10,838 " Collier. State Traas., 18,0!)4 " Hnrophrey, Auditor Gon., liJ,7ö6 " May, Attorney Gen., 10,058 " EdmoiuTs, Com. B. Jj O, 17,084 " Hosfonl, Supt. of Pub. Ins., 17.1)71 " Baxter, Member 8. 1$. E., 18,493 The rote for the raodldatw on the temperance tioket avcragad about '2,500. Ou the eeveral ameudmeiits the majorities were : On llrülffes, &c, agaimt, 22.724 " Impartial Buffrage. for, 3,307 " Salaries, agalDBt, 88,808 " Ruilroacls, Sec. 1, for, 27.C5 " " Sec. 2, tor, 25,718 " " Sec. 4', agalnst, 28,375 On the railroad meuciincntg about 129,000 votes wore polled ; ou the other ameudmoDts, ufeout 100,000. The vote for Governor, Hknkt I'isii, temperance oandidate, havirig 2,710, was 180,277. lbo Congrespion a) majorities aro : Ut tJfcfc- Waldroá, 001 2d dist. - Monghton, 3,57!) 2,1 dist.- la ir, 1,403 4th dist.- Ferry, 6,4(!7 5th dist. - Conpcr, 184) Gth dist. - Suthei'land, DciB., 1,709 The m:ijority for iLAin s at leaet 100 less than etated above, tho tjguros for Washtenaw County being wrong. The majority for Huohes in this county was 209 instead of 109 as giveu in the official table. The tcmperance vote n iho sevenil distriots in order, was : Parmnli-e, 332 ; Jonea, 593 ; RussjI!, 556 ; Ch ibb, 427 Smart, 268 ; no cuudidate h tha 6th district. Tuk Canadian jourimls wax dccidedly humorous over President Grant's proposition regarding the freo navigutioo of tho St. Lawrenoe. TVy concede it, and sketch the progre?s of a vessol f rom the Lakei over Niágara Falla, througb the rápida abcve Montretl, to the ocsan, aiid then back again by the sume olían nel. But, mind you, tbeir ooncessious are confined to the river itself, aud thty dou't seem to tbink tliat American sh;pping can possibly havo ny claim tofrec and uurestrictcd passitge throutrh the Gunadian ditchos or canaU. Gran't hado't looked at bis freo navigatiou seheme in that liht. - For the yer endkig June 30th 'last, 2,881 Americnn steum and snii vepgels, rated at 705,742 tons, pasad through the Weiland canal alone. Oswego, Clevoland, Dotroit, and Chicago ought to clamor f r cutting off tho bonding system - that is the systein of bringing goods in boud through and across Canada by rai! - and tho free navigation of tht St. Lawrence. The Lansing Republican has been nol a little iuohned to crack the whip over the baok of its Sute exdianges vrhich ventured to differ with it as to the policy of municipal : id to raüroads, coustitutional ainendment8, etc , culling the ooaductors thereof penurious, blind, repudiatore, and n host of such other pretty names. In arrother matter it is now enjoying a similar Messing, aod is smarting under the lash of its own party papers, and just because it bas dared to express an opinión that Judge Sutuekland 8 nul iueligiblo to seat in Congress, nnd that it is not the duty of the State Board of Canvassers to refuse him -.:„„,„ ita nolitical intecrity is tnpugned, its bearty support 01 Kbiggh called in ijües'iiin, and its advice to tne State Board attribufcd to a "sm akii g preferenoo" for Sutiieri.and. Thin is anotber illustrition of a well-known wurning : "With wbat ui:-asure ye me'e to othcrs it i-hall he measured to you again."' Latk dispatches from Washington fay that (Jen. Schenck bas been oflerrd the misKidii to England, and tbat baring been adrised by sound lawyers - bis personal and politioul friendsiu the II uso - tbat there is nu possibility of success in ooutesting Cami'üell'b seat n the next 1 Congress, hc bas sigoified his acceptance, but h tiot to have until the close of tlio preseut sessioo. If Gen. Schenck shall charge on the British Government wilh the sanie bravery, gallantry, discretion, ud prudence that he did on the rebels at Yienoa, a speedy(?) and satisfactor)?) settlement of the Alabama claims may be looked for. But, perImps he may provo a butter diplomatist than warrior. - Otber Waeliington advicea say that Campbell's seat xoill be oontested during dciiE.NCK's absence. The Frenoh aro being defeated in all quarters; tl e Government is toremove from Tours to Bordeaux ; the Prussians possoss Havre, acd Havre is to b vigorously defended ; Montmedy is reported bombarded; tbePrussians occupy Luxembourg and her neutrality is played out; Phalzbourghns capitulated ; KiDg William has been elecled Emperor of Germany, and acoepa ; Paris it to be boir.barded on ihe 19th ; Gambetta has ivithdrawn his request for an artnistice ; the defenderá of Paris are to bury the last maa in the last ditcb; tho Eastcrn qncslion isagain agitated ; the Bussiang are massiug troops ün the Turkish frontier : such is a eammary of the latest news by cable. The Detroit Tribune, of Wednesday, took gruund in a labored editorial in favor of Hen. Austin Blair for United States Senator. We have not time to repoat its reasons and argumente, and will only suggest that when tho writer penned this soutence, following an enumoratiou of offices beid : ''Gov. Blair bas never ben a seeker after the positionsnamed above, but they havo come to him because be was no well fillcd to occupy them," he must have smilod audibly out of all cornerg of his moutb, Wk are quito suro tht the Aliar:' reader? wcra nl! int rvsted iu tha letttr froni AiJmiral PcRTBH to tx-Seo retary We{.LE8, louchin GenS. Guam' uní), wliich tliey f.iunJ i our ool'.iiiii'f Uní we k. Tu tliic !S'ji' we givu sootber sol ín th" snme f;nc , n Icttor of' apologj from Poktrr to Ouant. [f the ffEiDir cnufied Ghant to "Iíikc confiiletioe in human naturo," u th teleg-aph reporta, rhe liittor mi st o, hvínee the eutire public that Vice-Ad;iiiri! Porter i a fawninp, cringing sjoopbsnt, Wlth nut euoug'i of the mauly element in liim for so hjVlV h pnaition. It will be hard fi.r ihe "dldcst inhabiluut," be bit veurs ever so iniy and liis meuiory greeu as iu jouth, to recoolleet another so nbject. bu ppisíle. Portkr n-ny be brave iu the hour of hnttle, but off active duty b is gftrrulous as nn oíd woman, wilt not tharaeter sufficiont to stand by his giiirulity. Exit P'RTKR. Tur President luis plnyed the rote of ihe "magnanimouf." On Thursih'y of lnst wetk Le nominatetl Yice-Aduiii'ul I'ortkr to be Ailmmil. That abject pology had the desired effect, elso Quant wants in the chief nnvel office a man oomjdetoly "undor his thumb," and Hat er hitnself that Pouteu will never moro prove rostive and insubordiiiato. It remains to be peen whetheror no the Sonate will confirm the numinatioB. - In the eatno official commnnicntion to the Scnato, llear' Admiral Rowan was nominated to bu Vine-Admiral ; Com. F. A. Jenkins to be Roar-Admiral; and Capt. J. R. Mullany tobe Commodoro. Kumok lias t thftt Gkant and Forney bave had a falling out. Gbant want cd Flll IH I t3 writo up hij San Domingo sohcme, but Founky declined, on the giouud, firnt, that he was opposod to it, aid, toeond, "tliat hc would not wiite agaicst his couvicüuns," not exaotly for conBcience eake, but "for a person who htid never eubstantially recoguizcd his labora in the party." We wait "with oüe eye open" to cee what "inducements" will now ba ofiercd tul the support of 'my two papers, both daily." Tuk State Bord of Canvassers, which coicpleted its labora at LansiDgon Tuesday, paid no atteution to the protest of the H:iy County Canvasses iind tho Sisth district liepubücan Congressional Committee sgainst counting the votes returned for Judge Suthekland, or rathwr for JfBKZ G. Suthkrland. The Sta'.e lioafd wisely concludod tbat it had oothing to do with che matter. The House, on Monday, under a suspension of the rules, and without a divisiou. passed Logan's bilí aboiishing the offices of Adniiral ar.d Vice-Admirul iu the Navy. If the Senate shall pass the same before coufinning Pohter and Rowan, the former wi!J have ac complished nothing by gutting down on Lis knees and kisning the toe of Gkaíít. In the House, on Monday, a bilí was reportcd from the Judiciary Committee repeaüng the tenure-of-office law, and paseed under the pre?ious qucstion, by a vote of 75 to 25. It will not go as readily through the Senhte, tbe members of that body not being yet ready to let go the coutrol of appointments whicb that law gives them. The President has provided for nother "lame duck," this time by appointiog Senator Dkakk, who quacked to so :io nnrnnoo during the recent campaign ia Missouri, to be Chief Justice of the Court of Claims. The nomination was confinned by llie Senate without the usual rcference to coiumittee. - We weie about to writo : "The Seuate wi.l be relieved of one pestüent membei," but let as wait until bis euocessor is nimed. ii i ■ i i m Zack Ciiandler got od tbe rampage on the 12th, e.nd introduced a bilí for the !iiiiii.ili[i:cnt of Canadian raüroads and ship owners, by authorizing the President tocut off the bonded privileges of the former, and probibiting the latter from entering American waters. What fay the Lake cities, and the Michigan railronds having their outlet through Ganada to such a scheme ? Isu'r. that bitingone'e owd nose off tospite aneighbor's face f Mr. Rainey, euccoFsor of carpet-bagger Wiiittemore, of South Carolina, took iiirt Reat u the 'House on Monday. He is aonouneed as darker colored than Senator Rbvels, but by no ineans fullblooded. CRognr, cf ('hicago Opera House fume, h'is eued Stoky of the Time for libel, laying hi.s daniagca at 850,000. Bah 1 whatH the ■ f makiug a fuss about such a plight damagu as that to one's reputation. Jïy the actvíco and consent of the Grand Army of the ltepublic - an ex tra-coostitutional power behind the throne - Geu. Pleaoanton has beon nominated to be Oommissioner of lateraal Revenue. Onk, Congressman Bowen, of South Carolina, a radical, has been indicted for bigamy by tlie proper court at Washington. Ho claims an Indiana divoroe, and &ays that the oertified papera will be forthcoming. Gaston, Democrat, was cleoied Mayor of Boston, on Monday last-, by about 2,000 majority.


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