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Another Draught Of "porter."

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Washington, Dcc. 3, 1870. i(Mr. PwtaiDBNT - My firnl impulse on raninf the lettor publinhed n tiie New York World ni to ) to you at o;ioe aid irmiouiiee it a faliriention, ftr s íuoll I d.iiM'iin-ii t ; lint, it pir ort d to luivtí bficii wiinen six ytar nj?o ui-d publi"bed by a p'r.-on who t'nce ln'lii a prominent po.-i ion ui'dor tle fjovernment, I óeKnniti'.'d (o ncrtsin fullj if I liid fvi-r iiidi. ted sucli u Itttor befi-ré fddrcn ingynuon thosal'ject, Neittier I mys lf ni.r mv Sevre'arjr, whi ha served with pie etgfit years, oottld ite:ill to onr iLO"lieoiioi nny circumtai c i f t!,c kiml I coild not uonccivH . liat I lud iitt"n-d BentiinenH I know I cór le!(, nuil wliielí aro co at vnnn:i;u witli Uiuau thst I have uniloruily czprewed toward you The lctier, it uppesrs, tía a pr;va'o iic; and viudio ve IIIi:nt liavo beoil tlic Heurt ot' the iimn tliüt could be guil'y 'if mi grave a brouo!) ni coi lidence ; and depavud indeed must hiive betn tlie ohumoier who, lu gni'ifv hia aUobievpua iustinota, could u.aku poblic a coiiíidcutiul letter, writteu, liaps, under great ( xuiteuient, and at lühtant duy not eveu rememborc-d. It seenis likn a poor return for your uniform kiiiduesn t me and 1 am tio gUd iliai I reitU'iubcr iiotliing couuucied witb M.e letter. ■Al about tho dato of the lett r, I had pased tbroogli long and fatigning uonii-Ht with Fort Fi-her, aiid my uum oiuu fleet was almoBt overpowered by iho elflinenta. i saw the coveted pnze witliin ui}7 giasp and tben tïyi from me. t'or annther imaib I liad to battle witb ibt) Btouus of winter, anuhured on an (pen c;uist, with tbo re-ponsibility ol tlmt lnre ficet on my bands, and my mind aud body barassed by extraordinary fatig'ies. The wholenatton was looking UB excited, dreading a defeit that might prolong a coniest tbat was already sappitig i'uili;ls. You audothers know wLat 1 bad to utidorgo bodily and ally. I presume it was whilö I wa uuder this excitcuient tlmt I wrote the etter which, you say, bus uiado you lo-e your failh u human nature I have no recollection of it auy more than I would Lave of other passing circunistanotís ol six ycars ago. WhuD several perfons have al ditlerent times informed ido tlmt a letter would be published in which I had abueed General Graut, 1 treated the matter with indifierence, thiukiug it impowible tliat sucli a letter coulil exiat. 1 do not writo lor tbe purpose of exouerating injself, for I wouid rather be the wriitr of the letter than Is publishur. Th peaco of political parties and of BOciety would be placed in great jdopardy if all the private letters written during the last bis years were published, Nothing thut I have xaid will affect your fair fauie, and your maoy friends would be sadly wantiug in judgment if they wero at all ii.itiionced by the silly ezuitations of a few uicrupulous persons, who, ufter all, are ouly rejoioiug over tbe most contBinptible breaob. of confidence I ever heard of. "1 regret exoeedingly the loss of your fiitndship, and do not henitate to disapprovu tbe sentiments of which, I suppese, 1 mufit bear the odium. They appoar iu a letter of uliioh I have no rcoollection. ïhey are 80 different from the sentinients I alway.s expresa towurd youiBulf aal the gallunt ofHcors of our army, mul are no inconsittent with all uiy autecedenta, tbat I soarcely cousider them entitled ti a monient's thought. "I Luv the houor to I email), Very respectCully, Your obd'I si-v't,


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