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Sleep, Fainting, Apoplexy

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When a man 8 a-Jeep, his pulse beaís and Lis lungs play, but he is without sense, and you can easily wake him up. lu sleep the face i natural. If a man 8 asJeep lot liitn alone, nature will wake bim up, as aoon as he has got sleep enough. If a person "faints," he, too, is without sense, but he has no pulso and does not breathe. ín a fainting fit, it hastlie p:llor of death. When a person fa'mta, üll that is needcd is to lny hicn down flat on tho floor nnd he will "come to" in double-quick time. Ile fainted booause the heart missed a beat, failed for an instant, failed for only once to send the proper amount of blood to the brain. Apoplexy is bctween tbe two ; the heart beats, the lungs play as in sleep, and there in no senso, as in fainting, but you oan't slmko the man boek to life. In apoplexy, it is zwollen, turgid and fairly livid. In apoplexy, as there is too muoh blood in the, evory one can etc that the best pooition is to eet n man up, and the blood naturally tends downward, as mucb so as water will como out of a bottle when turucd upitle down, if the cork is out.


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