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Dktuoit, Dec. 14. The tradc in holklay goods gives a littl activity to business, anti there is also quit an acüve retail trade in most kinds of dry goods, which are generally sclling qtiil lovv nnder an active competition and a desire on the part of dealers to realize on stocks on hand to aid in meeting their January balances. Askle from this, there Is a general dullncss, which the month of January will scarcely fuily redeem. Wheat has recovered some from the low rates of last Week. Extra white is quotablc at $1 31@1.82,No. 1 white at $1.24, aud amber nt$1.20@1.21. Street rates 5@8c less. Corni 54@GG. Oats stronger at 46. Beans in luir dcinand at 1.8O@1.ÜO from store, and $1.4ü@l.(iQ from strivt. Apples nrin, and prices a Bhade better at $1.15@1.2fi per bbl., witli some dioico ft-uit as high as $l..r)5. Ueeswax, 2ñc. Butter Is weaker at 2-i(g.2üc ibr good tochoice. Cheese strouger at I5@to tor good ractorj'. Dried pples are weaker at 62Gk. jiggs unctiang ed at 25@2(i or fresh. Cold weather and the liolidays would quite likely advaucc ' pr!ces souie. Hops nrc a simde ve?ker, üiui probably nol more tlimi 10c conlil be 1 for good. I'otatoi's firm at 70@75e per bushcl nxl $'2(rí:2.2f per bbl. l'oultry !m limttecl snpply and prlces flroi at l!@i:Jc for chickeu?, and 14@15 fortnrkeys. Game is not vrry abnndant as yet. Dealers otter for rteer 5@7c by the curcas, and 11 Q 15 lor laddleft : tiirki'.vs, per lb., 12@15c; pur i rtdgeB per pnir, CÖ@70o. Clovet secd $0 0 50 T'iF. PoüK BIaukkt. - The mnrkct is not pcfceptibly Improrerl The wcathcr is not sncli ii to inake it sn to Hhlp easlward. The mmicct In New York is a httetVon bet'.er. i.ivc liou's re quoteci at 707, nnd ilrcsMi! si,,v, í'3) Cliícairo muí Cincinnati whlch are tin; Ividtng packlng polntn iti du country, sliow a decline on live hoi;s on the week of 1')(nc perewt. In Detroit price are a trifle stronuer tlmn lust report, hut the movcineiit by rsiil Is a'.most notliing. A vcry few hojrs only have boen taken for sliiiinwit. Live are $6@0', and drfsed $7.25@7 75, but with fuw sales above f 7.65. ASS ARBOR PROHlfE nRKETS. Ano'is Omes, Dkc 15, 1870. Wo quote thip iftRrnoon ns followí i WMEAT- Wllitc. 11de : TieA. IC'Oc. COKS C OATS- Slcfe34. limNS-125. n(TTTHK-2.'ic EGOS- i-ic LAKb- 13c. BAT- 814 APPLKS- a.'i'.-.sOr. POT TOR3- 50c. CHIC'KENS-9c 12c.


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