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talon, a prominent Unitarlan ;lergyman, ui iitor of the Oltlandjftw, addressed a Jrge auditnee coorened under tliu auspices : :1e Students' Lccture Associution on Ttirsday evening of last week. His subject m'Sup," vrhicli was treatcd morally, as Pijíicíily, s a pleastire, and a duty. AsMwig tliat every person could sleep if he tífiwiíW, hetreated of some of the methkofwooing ud commauding unwilling iümber. The lecture was well dellvcred 1IUI of genial humor, an'l yct we think ïi htnrers will not all flnd hls methods Wücable For one we are uot convlnced Wtowiüis to sleep, there being phygical f wliich cannot be so easily subdued. 'i'erthelMs, others may be more fortúnate M we, and succeed betteriu discharging 'lit he was pleased to term the "great Wnd duty." "te dwelling house on what ia known ""old Arnold farm," west of Dextcr '%, belougliig to Southwick and Potï, ffai burned on Tuesday mornlng. The tailjofllr. Spenceu living in part of the "Whid been absent fouic days, but Mr. SLscer came home Monday evening, P&fire in the kitchen stove, leaviug t3o'clock a. m., without golng to bed. members taking up some ashes, but Wtliere he pat them. And that's probaw!bit's the matter, as a pan of ashes 'üscovered in the shcxl ucar where the aostliaveonglnated. Iusured ia the '"Ateuw Mutual. ■ Mr. Noïïs, liring juet west of the !l!T on Huron Street, was driving by the '"■'yinthehollow a few days ago, his klooit fright at a pile of shecp skins, J-iwl suddenly around, threw Mr. and J"'Ïïoyk8 out of thecarriage and dragged 8wef them. Mr N. had two Hbs broken, ""fthem petictrating the lung, and was "Werably bralaed besides. Mrs. N. was 'iQuch brulscd but had no bones broks- ehearthat both are doing as well Mald be expectcd. Nw EngTand Society of tfais JHlhold lts annual anniversary meetoddinneratthe Gregory House, on rjday eyening next. Rev. Mr. Bal ! ' Detroit, wlll dellver the annual "Jln the dlning hall, at 8 p. m. Masic 8JWrtet Club, led by Alvis Wmkt. rwtUbeserved at 9. fl.'he Committik "80ments wl" spare no pains to 'ne250thanuiversary a bright spot desecudants of New England. J! reader, especTally'if he ia a Re "n, win flnd an uteresting dialogue 'oier column. The Tribuí is a live ' 'Per, and as fair in lts politics as "■"nceswill permlt We coramend LDnocrats who wish to rcad both ladies of the Catholio Chureh rü their Fair on Tuesday evcnlng, hav with line success. The net pro f e are advised, wlll be about $500 t, p' W" Hayb' the populor of ftL ■ ers' Storc u ln Ncw York, puralg stock for the holidays. Not half the residen tg along our principal strects cleaned the snow from the walks in front of thcir premisos on Mouday BOfntng last, aud people whose business ca lied tliein out were compellcd to wade ihrough slush. Tliis may scera to the in difterent or lazy a llttle matter, but the comfort and health of school cfiiklreu, teachers, and all pcdestrlans would be Increased and in.sured by clean walks. We hope to sec more of tliem hcreafter.


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