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Wo understand tliat D. Ckamkr, Esq , of tlils place, delivers the Masonlc address at liyron, ijliiawassee couuty, on the cveuing of the 27th inst. Jnst received, a fino lot of Flat Letter and Note Papers, rnlcd for Letter Head iugs. Also Flat Foiios and Caps for Checks, Notes, Circular, etc. Orders promptly filled. The Fair aud Festival given by the yomig ladlesof the Congregatlonnl Church, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, was wcll atteuded and liberally patronizcd The proceeds net about $150. The second lecture in the courBe to yoimg men will be dellvered n the Episcopal Church next Tnesday evening, by the Kev. C. A. Fobtku, LL. D., of Kalamuzoo. S.oi. B. Ravenauoii, Photographer, No. 20 Huron Street, is making somo very fine photiigraphs that are spleudid holiday presents. It WW lay ! -and Hou . We heard recently of two farmers who cach came to the village with a load Of grain. Oue accepted the flrst offer of six cents a bushei over his previous sale. The othrr haring read In his local paper of an advance of 15 to 20 cents per bushei, held off until he obtained 18) cents advance, or $4 more than the other, on 33 bushels of the same qnality of grain. The paper cost liim f2 for a whole year. The above In stance was only one of several such gains during the year, in sales and purchases Did the paper pay t His family know what i-i ii-ii- mi ai honii' and abroad, and are g ,'owlng intelligent. Ouly last mouth a man hcre received one of forty or llfty "private coofldeutlal circulara," sent by mail to different partles, offering great returns for $10. Herent the money and that is the last he can hear fïom it. Two ofhis ncighburs reeeived the same "taking" circulurs and were disposed to iuvest also, but turuing to the Ainerican, Agrlculluaitt they i'diimi the ail'air described amoug the nulütudc of Bwindles constantly Mlng shown up in tliat Journal, and they ke[)t their money. The paper cost thein f 1.50 a year. Did it pay We could give niany illustrations similar to the above. The man who thinks he cannot afford to take such papen Is greatly mistaken ; he cannot afford to be without thein. Tbcre Is not a man iu the country who eau afford to be without at least one local paper, even if it be wholly fllled with advertisements. He will sell enouifh better, and buy euough cheaper, to many time repay the cost. And wlii-u ! his home want ís supplied, we are sure it will pay him to also take such a paper as the American Agriculturiti. It is full of good, reliable iuformatlon about all inatters pertaining to soil culture, upou animáis, labor-saving implements, etc., for the farm, garden, aod household. It has a capital deparlineiit for the young people and little folks, and the four to flve hun dred buauliful and instructive engravingt giveu every year, are alone worth many times its cost, which is only f 1.50 a year: or four copies for $5 ; ten copies f 12 ; aud twen ty or more copies at $1.00 each It is a marvel of cheapuess, combined with beauty and real valué. The ihirtieih Annual Volume is just begiuning, and we advlse all our readers to end at ouce and secure it for a year Orangk Jcdd & Co., 245 Broadway, New York, are the Publishere. - The Agrievlturitt and the Argcs ior 13.00. The Atlantic Monthly opens ita now Tolume and ycar with a number full of good things, incïuding poems by Longfellow- The Fugltlve, by Whittier- The Sisters, and by Holmes - Dorothy Q., a comblnatiou not ofteu found in a single magazine number. Among the prose papers are : A. Year in a Venetian Palace, by W. D. Howells ; Miss Moggaridge's Providcr, by Harrlet Prescott Spofford ; The Vallcy of Gastcin, by H. H.; Madame Delia's Expectatlons, by T. W. Higglnsou ; Castilian Days, i., by John Hay ; Our Eyes and how to take care of tliem, by Henry W. Williams, M. D. ; Kate Beaumont, i., by J. W. DeForest ; American Life in France, by M. L. P. , New Departure of the Republlcan Party, by Henry Wilson, In which compulsury education, as a natlonal work, is recommendcd ; ünr Whisperiug Gallery, I., by Jas. T.Fields, in which reminisceuces of Thnckeray are given ; and Reviews. The authors and articles named lor future nunilers of the year promise that they will be equally brilliant $4 a year. Addrcss Fields, Osoood & Co., 124 Tremont Street, Boston. From the same publishers we also have Our Young Folkê' for January, a capital number both in illustrations and conteuts witness : Jack Hazard and hig Fortunes, by J. T. Trowbrldge, illus. by 8. Eytinge, Jr ; The New Year (Poem), by Mariau Douglas ; Uncle Joe's Story, by Mrs. A. M. Diaz, ill. by S. Eytinge, Jr. ; Laura's ChristraasEve (Poem), by Elizabeth D. Harrington, ill. by Augustus Hoppin ; A Lump ol Charcoal, by F. W. Clarke ; A Night wlth Santa Claus, by Anna R. Anuan, ill. by C. G. Buah ; Our Boys' Skating Song (Poem), by G. H. Barnes, ill. by John J. Harley; A Talk About Animáis, by Harvey Wilder, ill. by Zwecker ; In Bolton Woods, by the author of "John Ualifax, Gentlemen," UI. by W. Waad ; Christmas among the Freedmen, by Ellzabcth Kilham, ill. by G. G. White, Our Young Contributors, Christmas Carol Around the Evenins Lamp, etc$2 a year ; with the Atlantic, f5. The first number of tha Young FolkU Rural is recelved. It U a fine looking sheet of elght pages, the largest of the young people's papers, full of entertaiuing matter -good storles, dialogues, and pieces for school exercises, plctures, etc. It is designed to cultívate a taste for Rural life. $1.00 per year ; single numbers, ten cents. PublUhed by H. N. F. Lwls, Pub. fVfr Rural, Chicago.


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