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Mortgage Saío. DEFAlTLThavirgheen mnde In the comlition of Nccitain mortgage executed bj BUen lïuel of the City Of Ann Arbor. Conoty of Wn.hienaw and Siiitc of Michigan to Martlmis íj Khutta a ml Horace !irkiiison. ui' Washtenaw 'onniy and Sute of Michigan, on the third dny óf Muy, lo the year of our Lord onaihane&Ddelght hundre"d and sixty-aeYMi, and rcoorded In the office of the Rcgl-ter ofDeeds lor -atd ounty of Waanténaw, on the 4th day of May. A. 1). imK. at VH oeock A.M,, in lilx-r 'M of mo tsage. page 180 whlch sald mortatre wan esBgneo By Ho race K. Dtcklntfon to Martinas L. Bhxtttfl ou Kif flííw di.y of Jaae. . I9ST. aiiJ morded In llbor '_' -f asiilffainenta of moritffteteg, on tito lïih day of November. A. Ü.1S70, at 0 oc)ock s M. on piuM' (;.r3 .aunagitln nstilgned by Martinne L, Strotts to l'ariiiK Dona las a on the lïtn dity ot B ptemher A. !. i And recordedlo theoftjeo ol the Register of l'eeda ontheKth day oí November, A. 1 1870, at ito'dock . M.,inïiber 2 orasijgumeDt ofit ri. on page t'i-2, and thut títere íh clafmed u be nne At the htVeof Ui' .sum t.f flvo hnndred and ■■■ - i-i. ven dollar. aNo all ol hvi nlv il vu (l.illrtr whotiM auy uroceed$Bgs be had to f n'ecloee thi mortgaïje, nnd tn snit or proceedlugs nl luw or in '(jnït,v havlngbeen nnd to recover in d I een red by tsM mottg ste or any pari thereof : N ■- If tierebj giriD, thftt hy vlrtne of the power qf sale iu iaid nvirtiíae ëontatnedi I MmII Bell at public auctlon . to the btehest IrMder, on the tweny-rtft lny of Fibni.-i'-y A. 1. 1871. ai two odoek ín ihc aftfrnouo ot ibiit dav. nt the front door of the Court Hnuse In the City of tnn Arbor, In Connty of Waphtenaw and State of MiPhfean . the prmfue (tesriih.-din Biü.l mortL'iiiie. ?: All Ibat certaiu pteet or parecí of land nituut in the Uv of ma Arbor, in the ConutyandSutoaforefaU.and known anddt vrlbed as fotiowa to-U: Lm. mwnber thtrteen in block nnniher two f'.'j norlb rf ranffe Ko. fbnrteefl punt in th' ravtern ; ilditiou to the City ol Ann Arbor [fornu:rly vill;ic ) Dutedf'Nuvcmbcr'Sth 1pT0. I.ftriSA ï TICKNOR. Kxocntrix o' the Lat Will and Testament of Dmiti Dooglasa, lit-c. Joiií N. Oott, Attotnéy fortho Bxccatrht Mortgago Snle. DKFAUf.T having been made in the condltlon of i (.■on.ii i mortgage executed by Dorhska N. Qregnrv ■uk] K-lir'ir l . Gntgorj of the dtv of Ann Arl-r, MlchiKOn, t Knoch James o the Mme pïaoc on Ui.' iir.-t day u' Octobt-r A. I'. one thoninul eigbt I undred nnd lïxty ïreenod rocorrted In the office of the (è?#lRler of trceds fop the Coantp of Wnshtenaw iuid SiaUs aforenafd, on the ütlh fhn of Octoher, A. D i'i::. ;tt 7:J') ovh.rk i1 M. of samday in Hbet ;n of mortgagce. pajre 330, whlch sald mortjaze "'as duly anulgned by sal 1 Bnodh JamoA to McnryL Jumes. f Wllllainsburxh, Mastacltuectta, on the f om teen th day of larth. A, T). i SftA, and in the office of the Rejrlater of Deed foi caid L'oraty r Wa&bte■niti (n the -d day of November. A. D 1 "i. ai 9 cPcloob a ,M. in líber 4:i of mortffagéCi page which eatd mortu.-ijre and bond accompaoyiiur the sanie, thera is clalnmd to be due at the. date of iins noties the mm ot liiiH-tt't-n huudred and fivo dollata, rtlso an feo of fifty dolían sbotilfl aay proesi'dine bè acn,to foTcloo saaae nnd no snit oí pfloVedÏDtE iji law or equlty bavtn been lustltuti-d to recover tne debt or any pari fbercof: Ko tice I hm'by trivíii tliat by ol the power of sale in satd ntorteage containedt T niall aell at public anctiou. to the hilu'Sl bidder, on tlu; llthdiyof Fi'brnary . n xt, at i wo o'clock P. M of "nid d.iy" at the fr1 nl door of the Court House iti the City of Ann Arhor, in sa'd CoujJíy oí Wnfllttenaw, the pr na iscs (1. scrihed InMtd mortL'.-iL'o. ;is : All that certain piece or parcl of land glttiatc and b hijr in the Olto Of Ann Arhor, in tb o Counry of Washtenaw, and Stut" of Kichigan kuown and descrlbed aa follows, to-.wit.: T,ot uumber one in bloct No. one ïiorrh f rrrrron treét. in ran'ffe two. afcordinc to the recordé} plat of the vïjlage (dow ciiyj of Ann Ai hor bfttng all those iiremises known as the Monitor Hotel proper ty, Kovcmner2d. 18?Ó. HENRY L JUIKS, A?siU' e of said iíitíig!j. JOUN N. G'TT. Attorney tur Asargoce of said Mottgafte. DEFATLT havintr bten mndet in the cooditinn of n certatn mortfce eecotud by ADÜrcw Service iivd .inry Bervice, bïfl wiif. of the town ol Bharon, iu tlu; CMint1 J' W ahtenflW, BBd State of Wir-li íl'jim. to Miircus il ïtowp of the Bamc plhcé. on the twcnty-fifibdüy of Sepr miirr, A Jr nis, and recordea in the office of thé II gl-ter of Deeds for Bald County of Waohtcnaw, oc tne SMSih day of September, a. I). ïsü-i. at % Vloek a U. ol aaid day, in Líber iï4 of Mortirafs on puie '--' . whirii sald niort■age waa duly aaaijEed btod Maniis M. Rowc to BaUBel Cti . , .■■.. n the'uh iU? oí í1' i;u.iry, A U. [818, and recorded on the iith day of Pebrrarfy, a D lsüs. ut 10 oclock M., in L'ber l of ftsalgnmenta of Uortgagee, on page60i). and azalo asugoed bj Saroael coshman to lliram Blsh of Sha rob. ounty and State afort's;iid, on the 26tB èay of Detember A. 1 i 6' S, and recorded in tne office of the Register of Deeds of Huid Coumy on the39thday of December, isos,iu Libor No '2 of Asajgamente of Mongaefl on u:t'. 60, which sald mortyave was aealn aiwTDcd by Bald Stram fflgh to Latber James of thecltyof Ann rbor, Couniy aforeeaid, on the I2tb day of Jane, A. D. l'íti', and recordcd in the oflloe of the Kegister of Deeda for sa UI ('ounty, on the twenty-eightb day of November. A D. ïSTÖ atl0ovloi:k AM. in Líber ' of Afe#lpamoDt8 of MorlgapreA on pa re 657. and thatthere is clnimed toluj duo ai the date ht-reof ihe sum of one tQOH84nd find ie-;tv two dnllare and w nty-; hree cnit, ileo ta Átb-'fíi'yV fee of tweniy ftvedoll.ire sh nld any pruceedingi be had to lorocfoeo the same, and fnrtht-r lnt tal menta to become due on said mortgajje, nud uo snit or prooeedlns at law or In equily navinje been had to re ■over the deb' eeenred 6v sald mortgage or any part thereof : Notice is hfreby friven that by of tlu' power of sal r. in aaid mortgajre contalned, ; shall noli ui plilic uurtion to the nighbst bidder on the four-h day oX Maren. IX -8T1, at ' ovloek in the afternoon of tkat day, at tke Trnf door of the Court Hopse in the ily "f Aun Arhor, w inifonniy ■ f Wasfatenaw. and Htate of Hlcnlgan, the pivmitee describcd in eaid mbrtgage as4 uil ihcue eettaln pleoefl Oi pfttwhi of land deacribed ut followe, to wil : The west half of the soulheant quartt-rof eet ie n tw nty-flve. and the e: et third of the eas Imli' ol' Lèw sotfthwest qtuirtfr of sectioD Iweoty-five in lown three aoakh ofraoge three eavt; aleo the -outhatt úimrter of Ihe southwest quarter of eectiin nuiulx-h ti;irty-one iü towuuiiip namber three bouth of casge numbor four eagt (escep int' oue acre herctofore odo .lacob Scio]ej tu tu. ■ ("nu nty of uathu-nuw. and Sfate of Hichlffan, aeeordbra to the United States Bnrvey. contaiomg one hundred aud forty-niiie aerea be the same more or les. Daierl.'November 7 I8T0. LUTHBR JAMES, Assin.p. Jui;n Gott. Attori ey or As.sinee. 1998 Mortgage Sale. DEFAT'LT havtnf been made In the eondition of a ccrttiin mortruge executed by Jofcph W. Wnit, ot the City of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan to j.itnrs Treadwell of tlie townshin of Ann rbwr, County nnd State aforesald. on the seventh day of .Tuly i). 1S(?i, and recorded in the KegittiT's office of the Co;.nty of Washtenaw. ou the seventh day of Jtily A. D. I8$S at } oclock P. M.. iu libiT ' of mortLaLep. on pas 44 and that there i claímed to be due at the date of thts notice the tam of foor bucdred and sixty-nine dol. lare aiuKvteíky-twoí'i.ii is, also an AttorneyN fee of lUieen dollars hould any proceediss be tak n to ioreclose said nv rtcape, áud no proceéofncs at law or ín cquit havhiK been had to recover said sume oí moiify or any part thertof ; Now, therefore. notice ia herehy giren, that by virtu of a power of sale in sald mortgage contatnéï, I hall seiï at public auctiuu to the h ghut bidder, on the lSlhday of February, A D 1371. at ï o'clock P. M. of sald oAy at the lront door o! the Court House, 4 bcing the place ffhexe the Circuit Coart for tlie County of n ahteoaw ajoesald ia held) the 5yowIns descrlbed pü ces orparce of land etttutted in the City of Ann vrhor, and desdibed as follows to-wit : Befrg Ioik No one. two aud three in btock ix, in ti'myn & Fuller's ddiiion CO the Tlllage of Ann Arbor : also ( iht roda squa.-e of land lying uorth and (idjoininir eaid block six. aud frontlng on Pontiac ytreet; alo a picce of l;md acUolnlng sairt Iota e;if-tcrly, and beine nJne rods and tix links in lengtb and four r ds in width, and adjoininy the uorth line of said block etx. l'Ated, November 2d, IR"". JAMES ïfiEADWJi.Mot.tgagee. John N. Gott, 1W attorney for Mortgngee. Mortgfige Sale. DEFAVLThivIng bom made In the coudition of a ceriain mortgaKe mde ainl executed by Dorliska N. Greg1 ry ann Edgar M. Gregory. of th city of Ana Arhor. in the County ol Waahtenaw nnd State ol Michigan, to Lyman li. James on the twen ty third day of August lRtïS, and reoordéd theflftDN day at 9 o'clock P. M ., in ïiber 29 ot mortgagea pajre ■'■-Ta and that U now due and DQpud on sald mortffage and obligtun accompauyin? the eame, the Hum of one hundred i'.lid,o:,t: ifi It).. dollars. ai)d to bccomt' duo, two thonaand dollars and interest at the rate of ten per cent. per anniim, s('inl-:inim:iliy, from the 23d day of Augnst Ubt. on the twen ty. third day of Aagtut.1879, ateo a reáaonablfi Attorney 's fee shold any proceédlnge be taken to forecJoee eame, nnd no proceedtagn at law or in equity h.-ivinji been had to recover the eame. or ny part thereof ; Now. therefore. notice ia hÖreby giv en, that by virtue of a pAwer of sale in aaid mort gage contalned, I shall m-il at public auction to the nijhcat bidder, on the tweiity-tirst day of .lanuarv next, at 2 o'clock P. M of s-ifd day, ai the fr ntdoor of the Court II mi se, Ín the city of Ann Arbnr, in said i ounty. all that certain tract or parcel of land known and dencríbed as follows, to-wit ' Lot No. one, blck nmaoor one north, in lüiiirv two east Iq the city of Arn Arbor, iu the County of Waehtenaw, and S.nttiof Mifhiran. Dated, October 2Sd. 1870. LYMAN D. JAMES, Mortpairec. Joum N. QoiT,Att'y. for Mortgagee. 1-liy Mortgage Sale DEFAVI.T hnvingbeen made in the cnndihon of a ctTiaín tnortgaye trxciited by Wil itun Mol I --i i Ji ;l ut 1 and M:ny Mollenkamp of the tptfnfthlp f Shnron. OonnWof Washtennw. nnd Ht&tft of Michigan, on the twenty-ñftl. dy of September, A. D. I8(ii to Lu t her J.imeP, of ïhe City ot Anu Arbor, Oonnt aforesaïd and recorded In the oilice of the Etofrlvtet ol ii'i da for said Oouoty oí vtnht.enaw, on tfee 3lb dar of Pebruary, A D. 1870, at 5 o'clock I'. M. of iaid day, in Lüht 4v of fttortgages, on paire 311. aud tiiat ihare la cl a i mud to ue due at the date hereol t'u önm of elfevoa hundred, and twnty-nne dollfttsand eleïity-cighi cents, also au Attomey'a fee of filty dollaif fhould any proccedinps be had to forcclose this mortgflge ; and nu Balt Ct prOCttedlngS at law or in eqnïty havinsr betui had to, rpeowr tne debt Ptx;urod by gakï mortpaee or any part thereol : Noticeis hereby pivPD that. by yirtuc of the power of aoJfl In aald mortgatcq containod, I fhn) stil at public auction to the biches; bidder, on tli' fdorth day of March next, at '2 o'clock in the aftTnoon of that day, at the front door of the Court House in the City of Anu Arbor, tu the Couní oí W.-iphU'iuiw, ii d State of Bllchlffan, the premisee dt'8oribed in nald mortgage as. al ■ certain plecee or pnreela of land riencribed au follows. to-wit: Be itiii tiie waal half of the BOUtheOSl quarlcr of pectfon tiu;nhor twenty flvc. (exceptiog flvc neres iu the, . Koutheatjit corner beretofuro polo feo C. M. Ffllow) aud the onst third of the east hnlf of the ROVtnwcftt qitarter of section No. twunty ílvo (26J in UWU8htp nunihor three t)uih of raiige n amber three eat; alo Tin1 tOBtbeasi (jurt(r of the pon th west finartrr of section numberthirty-ooG (h In tdwuehip ngmix-r three BOUth of ranee number four eaut, QcxopUnfi one acre herotofore soíd to Jaco! ScheWe] in the Connty , of Wavfatmaw and State of Mlchiíau aosordlu to [ the United Staket Btryay, contiiimnj; hundred . and fortv four acres of la ml, raon or ïeag. Dftted, Nov. 28, 1R71. ' LITTIIER .TAMKS, Mortgn.ffee. John N. Uott. Attornoy for Mortaeo l.;ii Go toR.W.ELLlS & CO's i for choice Wines and LiqunrF for Medical Purposes. Mortgage Sale. TKFATJLT haring beun maúe in Che condltlon of ■- ft ccrtain raurtgAgc .contalntng th reis a power ofsaie for conditie hrokrn. mnde byCharTeaCbindler and BUaa Cbandler, hto wile. of the villageof ' lint' 11, iu the c tuiiy ofLontiwec, and Suu oi Mir.liiL'Jui, to Phtffinda c. Chattdler oí the Mme ctate the four toen th day of November, eignleeu hundrrd and rixty-lhree, pon certain Inndsdiscrlbtd In aaid m-rtgagei 'as baingtbe ■'. quarur ofaection number tbfrty-tnrce mmber four f4j eonth of ranee iiN!:,iH-rii:r 'j .Ms-, contaliüiig "■"■ uuuúred and fjxty acres of Irind, i " an'd "osblng 81 ton led i:i tlit lownehip of Urldcewatt r in the C(Mi:ity of W&fhtfDaw umi Öt :te oi Michigan1 to secare the pnyravnt ot ih.-Mtr.i 'if i-:_rht hundreddollurfeln f u r yom-f from dat.-, wiih tntuttfèl paya ble niumally ou tb': eupitj ;ii .-, .-i, . ■ & ut. piTaciiunii and proviiHiijj in Crtac of uoi oi too Interest ii h!í ■ [riuciptl n.ui druw in;.for the pnyni.-ut Of the Nim ,,; tweiity t-v ctelUa ns aji Attorncy Bbould ;i:iv pi ;r' io [, ree 1 se theeame, whi h m ■ !■::::■■-, with strch power of ale wasduly recordud ui tu. ottlw ui ihe K gieter of ■■: rne Cos'uty " Wanh emiw ap'd Siiti Hichlgttft. in Hu '.'th dity " l eemnvr a i, i ■■ I i'. M , Iu ljber 3 ol m page 850, by the nou paymmt ól the whote imiotiiu of the principal mi:h , uiih the annnitl Interest thereon rince the nri d y of eptc-mbcr, A. I) .-.,►;, And the amono í oiitimed ; beéaethorenn atthedateof thia nutfce buiug one tbausand and eixtyflve dollars and flfteen er nis, 16j tor prlnctpBl imd Interest; to-' r with fee, and ui stilt ■ r proceedThg bavlug beoñ Infttlinted üt luw to r covet the clebt wenred iv sald mortgagé or Hiiy pari th N o tice Uj hen by ïvrn that on s.ttunlny. fhe ?fth öay ol K brnary, A. ]. im.1. a m the foreuoon it:' thpl day, o the èouth door of ihn Conrt I in tbe City if Aun Aihor. wtlhln and for the pf VVashtonnw Cthat p] huli;ii;L' fhe Circuit Cónri withïti the Connty ii. whlch lh pn niimn to hu sold are síluritc), í-:iui noitiftge wil] be forectosüd bj a Bale of thu mortagéd premi e above describí t, or totáe pátt of tin m. ml public anclIoD, to ihti Iu'l'Uo.s; iiúitiii-, fue canil, ïary tbe amoatitdne on PHltaute.and mortogeai tin dam of fíiís nottce, lttl - infi r ■ml the COfttfl ftiv-, u. tl exp provlded ior in aaiii Uiortgdue, and tbiwe ;i owcd by laW Daled, Au Albor, Novmli-r, : i . IKfO PH1UNDA C. CHA.NDI.KR, Coma ft iïdOT, M'urte AHy's Tor Alortirafe. 1 Irfg p S,!1..VVTHERBAS, defnuU baa n nvide io the ■ confliTT ti)iis of o rrtain mortcag mde aad i i hy Mary E Kuckmao vnd Silas c. Kuckmau her hnsband, I i Cfharii e Kelloirg bearinu l te the twen tk-th f ■_(; May (-t ■ Oi-hib. i a ]j. I8(W, and n ;:!■(■()] the Reiiictcror Dcods fortha Coucty of Wnfhtnniw and .siiitof Mlchiettn, ín Libcr t.fty-on: C4J; ol Mortgiiget) ou pa e Inur lui Qd red and nluetv thre C499J oi n .. . tary.A i 1S.0: And whereaf tbw e TVinerliia doe and un pald on shid m rtjiae Uit muu o; tbec bundred aud L'.vi i,; y ntne dollar and fort y iiïne cents fi3 ; 40) j'.nrt riici i-!, nu f-i;ii or proceodiog ritlier at law or in eqnlt , has been I , i the urne or any pa i Chëreól : Nou-, therelVre, botictí is herebj given tliïU by virlue ol powpr oj ;i].' in b-nui tafned and 6 tinne ofthe tatute in such ca 1 provlded, I ah il sdl at public auctlon to hlgheat biddeivonSaturday,thetwéntyüirlir.'.- da ol February, A D, Wl. atlhh"ur of t#tvo'clock tn thé afiernoon ; M.-iid Ay nt the outei doojr "i i ie Circuit (Juan Room or the ■ ivo! Wa liti-;u:w,in the City of Anti Arhof County aforsBaM tlie premiacp cU-sfiincil in eaid mon oreo mu b ïhureof as himv Ui' Qoie8rary t. tbe nm (mits oow dtu or to beeome iliï? i mortgftge ut the dnte of tbia uotice, togtbxr with tbc intrt.'i wbich shnll havo accrued tnereon, an At orney'i fee of flfty fñOflolÍRTS as in eald mort .-.■idcit. in ca ■ ikn ti Ebré cob Ame, and tht owts, chargca and pxp nsea ,allov.-(n bi l;nv, and proVIded for in mtd ttto The descriptloujof sald premiaba i ae folio wa: All followitiL' deac'ibed premiso, ■:iv;ii-rl in th( Conj iy of WashteiiAw. an i State of Htohlgan,to wit: Du uvst one-hnif (v 'aJ of the north-wea ose-qnar'er m w ',, j oí pectlon Beven CTJ t wn tour d i Mmrh of range rodr eat, coDtaiiUaa tb.ii i Aleo :ill Lhui part ui the weal hojf "f the Boatb,-eae qnarttfr of svctfon nomber on 0). in townshi] ■ foiy ' y aoutjb oi range three (3) eat lylnj dontnwefit of t&e lïivcr RaQu and Dörth of" tht Saline ruad.contttloing aboul sigh acres, said prop erty b tug cooveyed to Slkii J. Kackmab by Jama ! dled ííovembor 2Cth, A. l) is.':! and recorde1 In LfT)er nnmber thirtv-sis Deedu, page 8M in the Reg)9tei"s offieer fbi ,l.' County of Wathlonw and tatu of MicnigAn, Sali propeHy tb be sold, nnject 10 the payih nt of tho su ui t hundrod and flve ïi-100 dolían ' ai.d iütercst from Oct. '2", IiJ'J, buiu ftirthei iutali nuMit du'1 on Mid mortgae. Dutcd. I)ec.l, L8J0 ma CIïaRLES_KKÏXOOO, Mortgaee. Keal Pástate for Sale. STATK OKMICIilGAN. Conníyof WásntenaW; sfl In the of tbe tata uï Lodoisku Swifl minor: K-tice is licnliy glven, tbat .n parsnance o an oreer grafated to the underai&rned Qaardlan o tin1 estáte ui 'ii! minor, bï tho Hon judgfi of i'ro bate Tor the Cotmty oi Wafentenaw, on tbe twenty third day of November, , D HO. there will be m at public vemlue to tbc highest blddor, at the sou tl door nf the Conrl II iñse, En the Cflty of Ann Arbof in the Ooonty of Wauienaw, in sakl btfite, ou Wednesday, the elévenla rtay óf Jántiary, A 1). lTl ut ten oV'mh-k in the lufi-iiKon of tbat dn (BUbjeo ;xumbr!iM:eif by mnrtg&ge or otberwlse exjat ÍOg at time ot' tule, and also subject to the rili o) iiiiv.vr ol tlic audersigned as wldow (f Franklii SwifÜ deteased, cbereinj t' nliitfi on#-fourtk o tbs Polio wins descrlbed pwoetaof real t'srar lo-.vit: ncii ,l; i.u tlio cat-t line ol' seetloj tweuti-niji'1. in townshlp '.v.y nouth of rant ix cafi, in Bald Statr, nt n point tliirty om ro ds nor hof nu rseitu.n ot the center O Uuron Btreet iu toe City of Ann Arbor.if extended casUsrly as in the original plat, thenceweat parallel Ui Uuron Btreet ten roda, thence urih Bve rods, tlience etiPt parallel to Hutou streel ten rode, thence Boatb to iiu' place of beyinntnjE subject to Stat street; Lt belng the ejtst partofthe land couveyed bytt. W Juwitr to Mary J. Mayuard, Warcb,l5ih A D K Alert of tht; nndividod hal: of a piece of land lying and belug eaer oi Sineiuv M'l)-Pin:d and ou tho southeaöt q.uarter of aocCiou twen tv s.inii townsbtp and range commenc ng at the Boutfi ea-'i corner of a piece oflandsold by Normnc Cliapin aid wiir t" Predertch Uyeiv, asd aithewe ten tenaim's of a street that iomintu-s od Pontiac streed and rana wcst rly betwetta blocks lour and live ol lirown & Ku!Iers ddltloQ to tno villaiiQ fnowci'yj of Anu Arbor, thence westerly on satd Myer'seouth line twenty rod ot mora to the eaM mlll pond. ttit'ii eo douit aid i&ill-pond to lund pold by said Chaptn and wlfe In ij : to Clement R. Thompson, thence casterly nlon; tho norvhlineof sriiii land to lan bÓW by E. W. M organ and wile to oid Thompson Ütenoe northcriy on ilic fresterly .inc of said Thorap&on'tj l&nd t - tue place of begiuning, coutainlnji about flve acres "t" land more or lss- togher with th prltllHge of entering on and npon taeaoaiheast corner of satd Uysf% land writh :i t.-.nn or slock at 11 tiiat8, so that John T. S wal hel or hU representailves may have fre awess t tho plece f lund above desertbed as belong ïiir to said minor for all neosesary pnrpAei s. AIbo ofthe undlvided half Qf -the Slitcfalr Httl property, in said city of Ann Arbor. and of the tanas, rlghts, titU'f Interest wat r power and priviHgei conveyed by a ccrtain ded ex ented May st, A D. l?ftT bi WilMiim-M Sluclalr an4 Wl( to Frunklm Swifr and Wiiliani DtMibc!. leccirded in iibcr sislv-uuef 1 of di'fds In tbe oflce ol tae RceJAtex of Decda of aald County, on page fonr hundn'd and ftfty MfiOv ANo of slip No one hnndr d and tbrop ( o:. in the Methodist Episcopal ' hurrh of Anu Arbor. And also all the rlght tltle and i terest of said minor iu anti u pi'isonfit estáte of aid Frankliu Swtft deceascd. Datcd, November Í8d, A I). 1870 L. KLIZAHETH SWIPT, 12!(7 Guardián Real EeUte for Sale. STATEOFacniGANÏCountyofWMhtenawsft. In the matter oí the Bstate of JohQ Poatt,ependtiu-ift. Notííw ïb Irereto gWeB,tnt in pnrsnanceof au order grjuited, 'o the nndenigaed, Guardián oj the Bátale oi,' s&td fpendtfarlft, by the II n ,1 dge 'f Pro bate fof ouniy "i Wa-hu-i av, on flrat dy ofOctobvr A -) 870, there will be Bold at public vendue, to the hirhest bi-uler. al ttie dwettlng house ou thepiemisesliereinafter desaribed In iheCouuty ofWashtenaw in saidrScatei on Wednewfay, the tbirtu-tli day Of Nnvrndier. a. D. WO, at ten oV'on, '!i rUv fori'iioon of lh;t day. Csabject to all enoambrancee by mottjrage r otberwtee existirjr at the tiiiK' of hu salej the ftIlowlng dt'scrihnl reaJ i Btate, to wit : Tweuty ftve aerea off the touth-east quarttr of the soul -tast qiiartr ofsecttoc thinvÖTe, In towusbjn oe snitli of range four cast in èaid Suite eonimcnciiiii at thu couth ve$1 coriur thereof and runniriL' thence iiortli oue and a hr.lf degreea est etightcen chnins and tixty link", thciict north etbty-otne and a halfdegre east thirtieuchains mul foriy-four links, thence sunifa pné and a ha f áegree 'jist c-i r&teen chainn nd sixty links th'iiee south eiirhty iiiue and a bslfdegreea - wesl tl: ii teen cbatns and l'orfy-fonr link , to theplacteo ir-iinnM r. fekcepíihfr one acre in the portnwea corner tbewuf, boinc sUteen rode long east and wept anti ten roda wide north ifndsonth, sold by said John Peatt to Robecca Tuttie .Octobcr 71 li. A 1) IS'j j Datcd, October lst, A. I) ïTO. OEüIÏGE ü. ARMS, Guifidian. The flbovosale Is posponed to the thfrti-th day of December nm ovlock P. M., te Uk e place on toe stepl of Allport's pezter Exchange, In the vühtirr ol Dexter. GE . C. ARMS, Guardian. Dated, Noverabcv 80th,18T0. Ral Estáte for Sale. CTA.TB OP MIQUIG N. Connty of Washtenaw, as. In the matter of the estáte of John ïtMrijr-' Volz. deceased. Ifl hereby glven, in nursusnee of an order granted to the andersfgned Admir.istrator of the etate ol said ceceased by the Hou .ludge of l'iobate for the Conn1 v of Washtonaw, pn tbe twlty-écond day of September, A D. 18?(ft thon-wll be sold at public venan e, ta the si ff d et t bidder, at thesouth door of the Court House iu the ity of Ann Arbor, In the ' onnty of Wïishienaw in said State o:. Snturday, th; twentv flnft day l Jau'inry, A D.lftTÏ. at ten o'cl.nk In the fórenoon of tbiU düy, fsnhjt-ct to all enciimbr.-iiK-e by mortsatíe or 4)tli rwif azisttnii at the t me of the death ofeald deceased, 'and also subject to tho rignt öfduwerof his witlow Iherc.inj ttie foHow n lt desrribed real estáte to wit AJarc&l of land descrlbed as erm mencing at a point in the center of the Eber White road "ii in est line of secrtou thlrty, in tbc toun ship of Mn Arbor. and thlrtden cháins aortn from tbe sonth-west corner of eaidsection, rnnntng thëaee eouth two and a : alt" aegreea wesl thirteeij cbains to the poathwest corner of ga-d section tbirty, thence north etebty Beven and a (piarterdeirrecseaBttv two chaina and eleven linies, thencf utrth two and a tmlf fléffrees cm elabtéêB chtn and slxty three ÏInkfl to iluci-nter ot said Eher rt'nitc roatl. trence Bontb ni'vci-ty th ren and a hair degrees wtf aldng th cent'r o Bfttd road to the place of begin thii ty-finir and OU acres, AId a pleceofland begin ninp; at the north-wect corner of ftCtlon thirtyonp. in tho town of Ann Arhor, rnnning t nene e easi aloiifttbé suuion lin íorty fonr chniíis and fortythrte linke t( a stake, thence south seves chafüi and thlrty "!ij link-, thence wet forij Tour chacina and rorty-three links tbence nortH roven chnlno and !orty-ll t links to the p!ncc of botritininir contatfilnp :h:rfy-two and 7- 1 11 aeren .Mso tlie east huif ol the sa-t "half of the south went quartor ofseonon : ■u. n town hii three south of ran ré flve eatt, co-.t:iin ti'ftoity acres ttoee or leal Also tw(ntr ores of and lying north oi' the highway and oïï of the wesl tlde of tbe east half of the xdritheasi rjuurter of seclon twenty flve. in townshlp two potUh of rango ftye iaat; all beïng in sald Statëof Ml I D.-itcd, DeCcmbi-r lï'h A 1 Is7o. ti".)) JOUN a. VOLZ, Admjnlatrator. PIIYSICIAKS PRESCRIPTIOSS" i;n-,iri:i.v anu CAREFtJLLY PREPAFED BT Ji.W.KLLH&V0.,DRUOOIS18. Estáte of John OibiieT QTATE OF MIOIIIGAV On„„. J" Pn snt 11 Ira m .7. Beskei Tnj " vlll and testament or sala JïÏÏSSï tfc p.y.;"-d itdmlnfatrator win, h 'ft ,," Therenpon it la orden, Mnmi " V'1 "ir lh" hearing $,, SlÜS. Nal the Iccateca dcviwesïnd „'"' PnltiíA ed. „,,d II other períóS i "l ' l. ';-.„'.„. h,,: „'hU'"-;', u OieCIt ..i Awi Arbor, :,„) w , olte0. berebe, wi,y the prnyer of ihí „ .ífMQ hebcarln.' by cnu.fn.r, ' IM''Wïï bepublishedlntl ■ ' -' ""k',,S inted and circiilatlni: i., naid („„„; .". "'O Jode „, pro Estnte ..f fmTTTri.T SÍTATE OFMIcniGAN,rountyofW.,M 1 , At ln ..f ,!„ .n,,ale (.,- ' h tu,, f W htenaw.tolchn al [he Proütí óí't"l"í City ..f a.,,, irbor, on M.,n '.„'S of becc-mher, ín tueycrone thou8„nd ift,k 5 Irotl nnd seventy. "ua 'sktw l'r.-,.,lt. nirim i Beukt. Jadge o' v„k 'ixlflllnVthepe'tillon ,-.,,, . , Freeraan, tíraylng tfial herd.,;' I "? ThWWpOD it s ordené thnt Mondar II,. dasofj unaryDeit,atteno'elocktnthWr.Ll!N - nirtfiohoarln.-ofsald ,,-titi,,. ,!?" devlMwa utl keln ai lw „r ' í lliH, and all othei pereoa int. n t. ,i i,, uU ""? hvlden, m tba Probate Office, In iheaiVírff"1 shov Cjne.llaDïtl)erebe,witth.ï!.' o ;f;iÜ')i:,t bould nott írnt. ..SFfN th-rordered,thataldtlilonerg?ii ío.i 4l i. terínted in snlrt . st„to. o( 5..ÏIS tó:'t ald i. 'u and the bearinir ihereof i., """!■: ,,n'-;r t'i be ,ulti.M:(l n L'WHi E-tate of Thorais I. Olctt ' CTAT) OF MICHIGAN, Cunty ofWasW.., 0 ,t ,, sesalon of thc Probatp Cunrl forn?í' 01 Washtenaw. holden ai ihePmbatioéïIrS ';ity ..f Abo Árbor. on Satnrday ,hi mV" November, in ihe jearoue thonM,,d ci-h ?„ anti ncventy. -'fefli inioíj Pretent Iliram.I Iiwikes, .iuil,i nf prot)5.. In the matter of thc estator Thomoj V Joha D Olcott, Arlmjuwtnator of u ,„ ooméc hito Coort nnd representa tlntïl f"' DieparedtoHndeihli ünal account a sndUfcJJ Thi-n-npon t is Orderert. thnt Mona, t),etM, sulli (iay of December m-.xt t ten u'el Vkuiiü? noon be awIcn-drorexamlnlnRind.lloiZÏ accpant.and tliat the hcirsat Inn of widiwLl? sndallotherpeisona Intererted In . .,i ...T1 rcquiivd io pnenr t, ,f s„ , „ " ■ be holden at the Probate uitke. in the {11 tt, Arbur, in frnid Connty. and sluw ennae if atu il! be uhv the said neeonnt pli.mia not be iï? Aiid it is lurther ordercd snid Admiui,i.: gira notlce tóthe persone Intrreated in Z? of the pendency .if said accdnnt. and tb S ; a copy of thSa order to be wí liehrdm thc Imckifav Arnu, a new?riin.r „■ j and circu lating in said Connty, tlirt-e socS. week pn'vMup tö saidday of iK-arini: (A iruecopj.) ' H1RAMJBKAK 'g"j JadseorPrei,!,, Estáte of Samuel K MoMali." OTATT:„KMICIIir;AN.C..t KTYOl Wii,rot. O Ataseuiionof the Probate Conrl foriheft. o) W ashtenaw, holden :it tiicT'rolMUcOllininibinl! or Aun Arbor, on Thiirsday, the Brst jnï nbcr.ln thc yea: one thousand }l;itliü und seveiity " ""■ Present, iliram .1. Beakes, Jndyp of Fru In the raiittcr of the Estáte of Samuel K Itó decertsi tl. On readinirand ftllns thc petition, ddy nnIU Charlea Plennns, prayfng thai a cortain iMtnüs now :: Ui In tiiis Oourt, piirponinK lobèlbik will anti testament of suid decenscd. my btitiT ted to probate, and tbnt V' snd Caroline Ncktttw beappöinted entora Mccsot. Therenpon it is Ordered, that Monilay, tl hh pixth day of December, inxt. . at ten 'clck to tfectn. DoODa be :ií;(.'nedr.)rthehe.inuu'ofaai(l)ftitioi,o ttiut the leuateesi devhiees and heira at Uw uía oeaaed, andall otte persons ntfre.-tttliiiraiiaan are reqnlred to appenr at a bcssíod of aald Coatita to be I 1 'róbate Oftlrr. int'je CS Arbor, and show cause, If any there lie.vjlii ibfa er oftfie petitloner should not be graotA: AnJii'i rnrtherorck'retl thatsald pt-titioner rivenoStf t ü persons Interested in san estáte, oí the petidáoií safcl petition nnd the hearing thereof, t.v catrjr, copy of tliis Order to Iv publithed in the .ïiiii Arijas, a iieVKp:ip'.T ] fijU-li and fircnlsliiljiiij County, tLjee ticcessive weeks previout tuuljfa of hearing, Atruecopy.J HIRAM.I. REJifi l'-'-mtd Juile olProïii. Estáte of Mjron Mt-LareD. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty ofWaAtemA ' At a eesslon of the Probate Conrt rórWBHarj of Waahtenaw, hid.ien at t!iïPrott:itt'Officf,liüi City of Am Arbor, un Monday, the twtttyelliM day of Xovember, in the yeai one tbousacd eiji hnndrei and serenty. Present. Hiram J. tieake.Judgf of Prolíltí. In the matter of the lístate of Jljro MtLim, deceased Oji readineand filing the petition, áuh-ytúltttí V. Turnhull. praylng that ome njutk psrsbo mav ba appointed Adiuinwtratw of itt tale of said QeocasedThereupon It is orrlerod that Mondar. ihfitni sixth diiy ol Dtflx-mber, next, at ten o'clock lia forenoon. be nssigned for the hearing of M3d yA tion, aod that the heirs at law of miitemi and al! other perot-us la.terej&ed iu ?ï'd enia, are reqnired 1 o appenr at a ses.--íM ol saié Cwt uien to be holden at the Probate Office, in fteCkjfl Aon Arbor, and showcase, If any there bt.iljh lr;iyer of the petitioiier should not be j:rsnïjfd:'ittr orileretly that said petitioáír pt not ice to the persons interested in snidesme.of'Ji pendency ofsaid petition. and the hearinu' cben!. causiiti: acopy of this order to he pnblishrt is tii 11 kiffai .1 ve.1', a newspaper priutedaad circnlltii[ in said County. three successiTe wfvks prerio said dnyof hearing, UIRAM J.BSJIB Atruecopy. Judsft!fi t8td lístate of Ulric.h Kocder. CTATEOF MICHIGAN, Connty of WwltttMM O AtasesstoBof thePiubate Court fyt tkeCti) of VVnshtenaw. liolden t the Probate Ofltt.iil ('Hy of Aun Arbor, on Tiavday, the tiitjnii day of November, in the yearonetbooíuiíí' tiundrco and M'venty. Present, Hirnm J. Beakes.JndgeofProbitt. In the matter of t!ie Estáte of ülrict Kot déceased. . On rcarlingand fllln? the petition, dn)j wnJ-J Roslna Kuedor, prayint; thatshe oraomeowern able persuQ niay 1. appointcd .idmiB;stritrixiiU -1 :!'.- of said deceased. Thereupon it is Ordered, that Mond), uV" leenth day of December, next, at ten o'"'' tof lonTbe aasigaed forih sariigfaaM)B anti that the netrn at law of aaid dtcensed, M-Uother persous interested In suid estáte. are MiW toappear at a hcíííoii of aald C"urt, On o holden at t Ik I "l!1DA'ï! Wnd show canse, lf any there be, hy Diepram petitionershoulduot begranted: Auil iti.-furW erdedthat -,i,l petltloner glve notlce to tiie P" Interested in said estáte, of tlie peuilencyolni'r, t:tion,and the hearing thereof, bj cauilBgiW" this Order t, be published In the McWaiW bewtpaper printedand circulatiïi? in MtdU threesucceasive weeks previun to esiddaj'"1 (Átrarcopy.) niRAM J.BEAKE?. 127K1 Jndgrom Estáte of W.illiam V.Grant. QTATKOP MICEUO'N, County ofWaehtM. ■ At aèesBlon ofthé Probate Conrt for He CWj. of Wash. naw. holden at the Probate Officf 11 City of Ann Arbor, on Monday. the tenijJ of November, in the yeat one thoaíandetí"IBr tired and BHye&ty resem lli um J. Beakes, Judpe of ProMtt In the matter uf the Estáte of William "" ■'■''■ Atili On nadinirand flling thepetilion.diily"" Georn C. Page Executor, praymi; 'ha' , ai llcensed to W1 certíln real estáte wrirp-ofM, cea d di'-d ei?.ed, for thc purpose of "i"11?:,. the proceeda of ench sale umons thc pei"" ested in said estáte. .j-tüii Thereupon it is ordered, that Titped8y.w'"„ day orjannarynext, at ten o'clock in thcl("t,i,ji for theheariufrof said pelitinn, """."„ü tnd belra at law of JJJ and all other persons interested in satil "■'"': K quired to nppar at a session ofsaid Court, '"' ( holden, at the i'robate otlice, in the city of A „ bor, and show cause, if any there he. wliy of Ihe petitloner should not be Ríanteos JJI1L11B further ordered, that sa d petltlonei pn vxV",, ■! persone lulereeted iu .-aid estáte, of ihe l1'",! said petltion, nnd the hearing thereof. by lar epj of this order to be publlabed I ■■ Jj 1 newfpaper printed and circalatiDi, Oo'unty, four succesulve weeks previous 10 " ■ Hgjg j O T I C E ! N-tice is hereby given that I f'rbid the P'Jjl of the rol lowlng notes to any person ne'io ' g l the same havlng been lost by me or stolen ,, .11 : One note of eiu-ht dollo-. Thomas Denuison; onenoteoi seventj n dato feb'v, lf!t. aiuUignnd by william oueii"t of seventy live dollars dated J-" itn (6 by W'iliam Boger! one now huodred dolhirs, riven by Kichard s'0(ii' vrhich there la para ttrty dollars: one " "' n hnndred dollars dated Kei) .UWO.and 8 , Col, ; and one note of forty t',(. 0 ted May 18, i-ú ', and slgned l" Jmo ' ■ "„jIk of said notes were (jlrén to me aua "" legallï trniisferrid 10 any one. Ilambmg, Nov. 28 jat K..SW0' WILLIA iv , PAHMERS Wanting to Exchange GOODBÜTTER, FRESHEG5J , Drled Apple, Snreet Lard, Woolen c 01eu Rogs, warm .Socks :iml iU c ForStaplecrFancyI)ryGool AND CnoiCE OKOCBBIESi All marked In plain nu-uresattheircofh '-"'j aeethe MATNARD8. ' t.ike tHeon"'""


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