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The Baby Mysteries

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" ilitl jon come Irora, baby dear? u of tlie everywhere inio here. Where dld rrt pt }ir ivcs so blue? {Jut of the sky as L caine llrough. Wliat nmkos the lijjht in thom sparklc and spluï Sonic of Uu starry s)lkcs left i. Wliere did yon sot tliat liule tcarf 1 fonnd it wuiiiuo' w.lioalgot here. Wliat nwkrs your forehcad so smooth an.1 blgb ? A soft hand sUokett lt as I wcut by. ■Wliat make j'our chsek likca warm, white poml 1 saw somethlivg bctter than any one knows. ■Whence thnt thifc cornored smile of bliss ? Tlnxu aucls gave me at ouce a kiss. Vhcre dñd yon set this pearly. eaf tiop syck.e aait it carne out to hear. AVInre dld you get tliose arms and liands? Love made itoefi iuto hooks and bands. Feot, wlience dki you come, you darliug thiiiiïs,? ITroin the sauic box as tlie cherubs' wings. flow diil tliey all just come to be you ? üod tliouglit about me, aud so I grew. Rut how ifiii you come to us, yon cívar ? s!yD tliouglit abinit you, nnct so I am here. Sípuiiattip5


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