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Making Vinegar

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A New Jersey fanuer informa the American Instituía líVmers' Club, tliat he mtikes first rato vtnngnr iu thir wny : Put tho eider in perfectly elcan, wc'l boiiud white onk Mik or barrels, ñll full to the bung, let tli -m. rciunin. m the open ir uiitil tflcr rhe nl-oliViií fw itientation is comple'eii ; th'.-n raeiv ofl tbe clear liquid, beins? ntrefal rot to .Üow any cf tlie poruaee to run out w'h the piKe eider; tho empty out tne f-illintí, and w.ishouttho eitíks, and put the cidtr back to ripeu ; nmove tlie to a dry, warm, uiry pUce ; let theui reinsin a few daj, thn procure another cisk as before statsd, maile ni ihn carne iDHtuii il, cleun, uní wcll b "Jnd, hii 1'lHce it btiside the full one, ai)A commeuo3 by driwing out daily one gllou from a fsuci-t in th head, snd l"t it lall is ibrovgh llie air as can ronreuifut ly be done into a woodcü vessel, and pi.ur from a hi.b au elevaron 119 can con eoiently lie done into the other barrel continue thia process daily uniil all the pure, clear eider is drawn out Clratise as before, if neceas ry, aurl coin menee putting back in the tirst ensk, nd ttlia altenjateiy until vinegar is atlaim d Any one Ht all famili-ir with th-) nature oF eider Unsws Croin experit-uce tht when we drs.w out firstíioin a )ll barrel in waria wather, the aider ismuch Bweeter and better to drhik na 11 bevctng, Sitan, Llsr tbe barril hns beeü drawn from for gome leí gtti oi 'kue ; the drawing out by adniittitig fresh air tiui ply scceleratus the acetio tVrmeiitaii D. My object in draing tlaily n Bmall amount ani putting it uto anotbrr barral i to introduce it more eliectually to fresh air, and at the nam tune prevent too much exposuie, whereby the idcohol nould escape at the sume time. If 1 winh to vonvert a small qinntiy of fermented eider into vinegnr luiint'diately, í take a vinegar cak, and pt ten nollons of good vinepar nnd a qu rt of melker, and pat it in a ivai m place, and put in a email qnantity oí 'eider dailv, according to its acidity a-d its tenilency to that condition. Ln ihiu irnjf T hvo never failed in making and g un battd a good supply ot ürs' jual i ty cif'er vinegar. It is an old maxim "tbat it takes money to niake money." This maxim is trucr of vinepar ihi.t of money. Air, warmth ai.d liíi t aie indispensubly uecessnry to mak? uOil vinegar ; a well-ventilaU'd, dry umi arm apnrirnepi fhould not be overiooked ; too muoh exposure to the opnn air iinpsir its quality and quantity. The deree of heat uecnneury is from CO to 100. Viuogar tboujU not be uHowcil to. come 'u scuiut with iruu ia any ohape.


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