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Commissioner Of Agriculture

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The Cotuoiissiooer f Agrioulture, in his sntiual report, oxpresses the gratification be feels iu reprenenting tliat agriculture is in a prosperous OOnditiitD, tnd productivo in a high degree. He' ea8 it g the louticatiou interest of the country, the source of iiipply of the pbyeical wants of all classes, ai d the Buisery of euertry and virtue. Agrioul ture is further equally esseutial for the recuperaúou ef the lens healthy purnuits of lile from their w&Kte u,d i-nervutidu The Cooimiei-ioiier also sa s it is grutifyirg to believe, from indubitable evidenoe, that the exampli-s of rational and recuperative culture are relatively moreaing riowever elowly and gradually they muy be uiakiog inioads upon the dee:ructive and irrational modes eo generally preva)ent. These exampleg are moHt uunieioub in the niiddlo States, and may be geen witb comparativo frequeocy in the older sections of the West. They ar' found occasionally in New Englsud, and are beufoaiug 'o be noted iu tho Southern State, but there is to Stte iu wliich t'xhan.siioii arid irrational culture ia uo predi nuihífnt. The industrial collegfg under tLu land graut of Congrt-ss of 1852 Lava pingrcBscd during the past year, aid the latid hcrip lus been is.ued iu nio&t of the Southern States, nnd a tion i f it i-old; but the CominÍHgiuDer Las Íicíii J of no action toward the orgsui zation of Cülligcí, nnd fe;irn the scrip il kouie iutancBS been frittered away by Buien at nominal priees, us has ticen the case io mauy of the Northeiu and Eaistcrn Siales. The Coini.-sioner epoaks of bteam plumng, eilk culture, cincliODa trees, the h atislical divigioo, Cíittle disease, the library depaitment, grounde, etc., makiog Buggentinna de Hgncd to v valuablu in the future. The BumbiT 'if packnges ssued durini 11 niontt s cif ifie yearwas 358.391, of whioh 133,043 creseut to mcmbers of Cngfs, 7, SCO to 8griculturl societies, 71,400 to ihe corpn T staiiHtical co1 retpondentÉi, and 7 9G0 to meteorological obíiTvt ts The dÍHtribut(in includeg Botds of cercáis, grassef, hemp, jute, ramie, opium, poppy, sugar-beet, tobáceo, 8rrfiLuin, forest and ihadfl treee, aDd many of the spet-irsof plante, oluKginoiiB, edible, medical, and fibruus The iu"8t alm d;.ut Mul fon viooing evidence of the gieat economie valué of this disti buiien can be obtmueu trom the urchives o the dopartineut, er guiíicd froni iho sube report in i he recent antiutil volumep, ïhe total amouDt expended by tbe d-)pertment smce November 30. 1869, s SlGT.lTf), including salaúes, 1 aving thc to'nl balance unexpended of tbe appropriaiion for the cuireut fiscul ear, a07,370.


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