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A f'jnny aflair ocourred the other day illuBtratiu tbe imponance of business men's looKing on boh nide of scrup psper upon which they inay write order, receipU or message. A well known inercbant hmiiiír a sinttll lot of dan:ge 1 and almost un.-alable goods renmiulnp froii1 a large conignnient, at. last anocueded in "workiug them off," aud ittiug dowD at bis denk wrote a note to the con-ignor, aunouncÍDg tbe gratifyin intelligeuce 11 ibes word : '1 have at length gucceeded ia cloeing out thse, by selling tbe whole lot to oíd Scroogrind for a hutidred dollars, aud glad to get rid of ibein at any price. I'm no afraid, eveo now, thr sharp oíd codger will back out, tht I won't let Ui tu bare tbe goods Lili be paya tbe tnooey." At tbis point the merchant was ioterrupted, aud turuiog the note sheet face ilowuward iu his portfolio, went out ioto bis warehouse to attend to a cutomer. An b,our or two afterward, a be ro'urned, huviug forgotten tbe note eutirely Scroogrind's clerk enters, hands a hundred doliar lufl, aud usks fer a receipt. Tbe uierchunt seizu tho first piece ot paper beforo bitn, dashes off tho receipt, and hands it to thb clerk. tiat was bis cousternatiou ba'f ao hour aíterwHrds, whf n the rinnrag O)erk relurued witli the mewige from li is master, "Mr. Scroogriud wants to kuow it ou won't give him anoiher receipt on a clean piece of paper," to fiud that he had iuscribed tbe acknowledgmeut on 'he back of tbe very letter uunuuucing the salu to hia correspondent. Scroogrind gut au amount of private iruorinaiiou wuh the firgi receipt ibat he tiidn't (M'uut upoD.


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