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The ... Ventilation Of Dwellings

The ... Ventilation Of Dwellings image The ... Ventilation Of Dwellings image
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At tl.ij oeason o! the ycar, wlien so man}' persons suffer from coM and sore throats, the nseeesity for aToiéing the of s-oh ailmenta cannot be too strongly urged. A mugli may seem to 1)0 but a iriÜinj; aff-iir in itselt', but freqnently repoatod at'acks of it will lead to more serious consequences. A prop. er obsérvanos of the laws of health wül irevent tho occurience of snch affectiors while ft continued disiegard of such aws wil!, in many oases, result in troubIrsotae, if oot fatal, disorders of the sysietn. It is a popular notión that it is tho exposurc lo cold weather alone mhich produces infiammatory diseases of the throat and hing?. That tbis in not trua is abundantly proved by the faot thnt thoso who are innst exposed to tbe inolemency of the wcalher nro in general leaet liable in be affscted by it. Wc are iiidcbted to tbe invontive genius of man for tho inost fruilful causes of bronehitic and tbroat affeetions A man, or in most cases, it is ,i dolicate wotnan, t?its for two or linee hourá in a crowded theatre or cliurch, breitliing an atmosphere tainted by tho exlialalions from tbe luns of hundrods of other people ; bis syetem is exhans'eil, hia skin is excited to nnwonted aetion, and wben be loaves the buildicg and goes out nto cold air lus blood is suddenly driven to tbe interior of the body, and then ensues a moro or less permanent ongestiou or inflamation of soma of the interna] organs - u-ually tbs air tubes in or leading to the kins. Thisprocses heing repeated maoy times, a ebronio bronchitis is tiually established ia perous otherwisa bualthy, und life is ever after rendered tuis. rabie by tlus periódica! overheating and sudden chilüug of the body. A stül permcious tffect follows from tbe so called modern iuiprovements in beating houses and pubüc buildings. Instead of tbe oíd fasbioned íire places, which consuoied a large araonut of fuel and caused a current of fresh, pure air from the outside to rush ïuto the apartmontthrough every possibla avenue, we now !uve stoves whiuh burn but a small amount of fuel, and the necessiry beat is gained by tighily olosing the doors and wiudows to prevent the access of air ; or, what is far worso, beated air from tho furnace ia conveycd to the rooms and there cenfined. The result of tbiseffort to economizo fuel is painfully manifest in the palid cheeks and excitable nervous eystems of tbcse who are oontinually subjected to its influence. Many families sit during the loDg eveDings of winter in what is considered a warm and comfortable apartment, the windows of which are oautiously closed, and every aperture for the eD trance of fresh air carefully sealed up. The fire in the stove, tho burning gas and six or eight pair of lungs soon cocEume neaily all the oxygen in tho room, and the air within beoomes very impuro and utterly unfit for the purposes of respiration - When this is continued not only during tbe cvening, but all day and perhaps all night, for many Bleep in chambers so warmed, a consUmt state of ill-bealtb is suro to result. Headaohe and languor are amoug tbe early symptoms ; dyspepsia comes next, especially affecting tho fomale members of the fumily, and nervous and hysterical symptouis follow in the evil train. Coughs and colds are frequent, because aueh persons must inevi'.ably bo esposed at times to cold drafts of nir frora an open door or aloDg the passages, when the who! surfn of the body, whioh has j nat been preternaturally heatcd, is chilled, thu3 induciug internaloongestiou of the blood. It is not always tliat the result nf this ignorancc oí sauitnry lawa is feit iinmediaiely, and, for this rei o;i, uany persons are led to bsiieve that they ndefiuitely continuo to dofy theiS aws ; but soonor or later, they will tuffer the inevitable consequeiices, When persons rcmain for a long time in sueh highlyeated npartmeuta, the heit produoing SlDOtion of the blood is not brought iu;o action. It is necessary in urder to niaintain tbo uatural heat oí the blood that tho waste material ia the pystem should bu consumid, nul unlcss thia is the oase the impuro matters are retiined, and tho blood is constantly lüaded with them. The b'.ood is tuus coiitiaually deterioiatinf, until, at last, it arrivés at a condition fuvorablü for tliu dovelopnieot of tuborcle. The misohief gots on ncreasing by slow dogrees, as the same habits of living are poreistod in, until tho ehangea aro so great that uo altcration in the mode of lito can havo ar.y eifect, and so our inorluary iists aro being contiuuilly fed vita numero ua victima of consumption. Tho origiu of eonsuaiption i not ali'lributed to the habit of living ia insufficieutly voutilatcd apartir.cnts ; - nor does this diseaso alwaya arise in tho.-e who are accustouied to such injudicioua espusuru , but, neverlbclesN, as most pbjaiciana will te.-tify, wholu families of girls have frequently thus hoen oanied otf, the boys escaping, bocause tut-y are iiiuie iu the open air. Every moaLS should bo adopted to have lbo air of rouiust in whioh people %imren'to eorstaaily chknged. Chnreb v, theiiters, 8choo!-l-f)0in6 anfl dwbiling Iiousaj shoul'l "boïroely venlilated. l'hosu wlio are coinpelled 10 ïponcl th groat pot'tiuu of their time in =lhe house bIiouUI tHH;o ilTly fxerciae u ihe opeu uit, wtiaro tho blood will not nly rooe.vo its duo uinouut of oxygen, tut wbero it 'Wül liavo au opportuuity to urn üp all te wuste and dead materuiU in order to maititaiu th body atils nutiral teniperuture. In fine, too niuch irens culi uot lie luid iwjdm 'tlió vital mportanco to heafth of pieuty of Tresh air and ïijjorous xeroise, especially j iug the ooider neasons of the year.


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