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Butter And Greeley

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Mra. E. O. Staiítos, wriiïng froni tlooliport, II!., to the Revolutivn, gets in ■"her hit" at Uctiek aud Grkkley in thii wiso I t'uink ihe soro sfuictionB of the RJmblitean pnrty HI rebound to our adantago. I vc there i?) a Democratie gio ín evëïy State, and the ttepublicans bein to quake in their shoes. It is evident "thHt tho "party of moral ideas', iieeds some new comeutto bind its forcea toguther. I am amuaed as I roiid the papers to rea the varioi;s prescTtptions ■our editora and Btatesmen otk-r for tlia deoüning invalid. Of all, I think (Jeu. Ï5utler's the most proposterous. A rar } with Eng'and ! on the Alabama cIbíiub! lo uoite tho Rcpubl;cn party 11 A wighty movo füí a suiail ïeö!t ! Í I It icmindemo of tho Frcuohuian's funeral: At the dyath of Uis baby, a mouth old, inuumerabla Irieucla filled l)ii uousa, aud long IfOPS sarrotiuuea It lu oarrnigCH und on borne; auástill they carne. ïlio father was 80 oVerpowered With these niarks f attention that be ruahed to tho fmnt dbor and said : "My fricudti, I am tru ly grateful foí gíich marks of sympathy Mid i'61-fOcE i 11 the hour of mv affliotion, 4ud iuy ouly regret s that the chüd is o exïseedingly stnall." From the recent tilection returns, Geu. Butler might ha? Fome some of the same regret, in viow üf the magnitude oí Lio proposiUbn. I thiuk wonian Buffrnge wouM be a fnr beter, and expeueive, uemeut fur 1872, Which the Demócrata w'lll take, if the Rapublicana do not. If the Kepublican t)rty eau only bo aaved through war ith Eugland, it had better be gatbered Vo its futhers, and be respectably buried bebido the old Whigu and Fcdersl ists in Ihe fauiily vuH. ItB work is dene, for it has uow no grauii moral idea on whiuti to baso Uulf. Even the btlligeretjt ; New York Tribune wiuda up one of tg glowing editorials with the Cbristisn motto, "Let us have poace." I seo that venerable journal bas paid its respects to i me again, in its usual eomplimtntary ■style. ïhat I tnay not bo in ts dobt, my audiences are infoi mcd every uight of the generous, canaistent, nmguaiiimoua part Mr. Greeley is playing in the truggles of the woiuen of' thi liepublio for education, vvorlc, wages, social virtue, purity, civil rigbts, and political equality. Mr. Greeley aw the degradation and humiliation of woniaukind ■wben Bummed up in tho infamous verdiot of the Macfarland case, and txpresed liis indignation like a just and noble man ; but bis influence for ycars has beeo educating tho public sentiraeut to just sutb an eslimatiou of womankind. Sympathy in iudividual cases amounts to little, as a civil 'gent, until oaught and cbaiued in logieal irrefragible propositious and ooincd into State Uw. , i mm -- ■


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