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The Attorney-general, Hon. Dwight

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May, Lkís wrilttu a " takiug the groünd tb&t thoro is uu luw by wbicti the expenses of the Vanueiuhkh. trial - ! seconct or tliiid, if the tliird is ever luid - cün be charud t uuil tiunid by tho State, aod that whether tried in Siauistec, Kalainazro or any otbcr cnunty, Maoiütoe alone is Hable for tfoe expeni-ea. Hu huida that a cfaauge of veQue doen not change tlio rcapoiititiility of pronecuting, uöii tiiat tlio ciuuty to whicb. a uaso 6 removed i only bouüd to furnieh court rotui. It ia ihcn time ihftt a. law as enuctod piovidmg for snch cases. If a porson ührged nith B i:rimit)l offensa is not oonteut to be ! tried in tho county whero it wal niittetl, or if having had a fair trial pi;blio clbiimr drives tho Cuurt to give hiin , tt new oüo in auuthur county, tho luw . should definitely próvida for ihe expendes. We should be williug to e it provide for the State Bsauming tb lili, r,á the proaecutiou boiug ïaado tho duiy of the AttoruoyGeneral. Wednksuay was h field diy in the' Señale. First, Senator Sumnkk malo an explauatory speech aa tu roportcd diffcreuoes betweeu hiiiielf und the President, nd theu whcu ho San Do mingo resuluúous cume up inüiio u hing aud oharacttiibtio spceeh, h3ndling t!m propositiou to annes or puroha'e, wiihout gloveü. Ho M fii'ij'jenliv iütjrrupted by Mr. Mkkton, aud was ed by Mo?sra. Morivs, JMïi;. CüASVLBR I and (Jon' The w::r of wurí.'s wí ! still goiug on when ihe disptttobeg cSed, witli an uil n){bl tewiioo in prospect The House uscd up inott of Tuesilay and Weduesday on the generwl amneety b';ll - so-ca!led - but finuliy potjiouod it until tho 11 tii of-Janunry. Thk llepubü&iEs have C7 meuiber in the coming Logislature, but tho friends of tlie füiir ui nel UI tea for Unit ed States Senntor cUiin 40 votes esch Tho Grand Rapi ia Lomotrat, howevcr, distiibufces the Tutes as fullowi : V. A. ITowaiid, 34; Fbiikv, 20; Iílaik, 21 ; J. M. lIowAi'.D, 16. and predicts tliat wi'l be the reauit of the firrt voie in the Ciuious. What buïirifss thd Dcmecrat has to know we kuow uot. - ïho frionds of Blaib hereabouts are very confident thnt be is to win the goal ha haa been ruiming for this twelve j or eightoon jeara. Bbeori the Repulilicau Cougressicnal nomiiiftting couveuiiou wsa beid ii this district, prooediiig tlie at election, the Ypsilauti Commercial proolaimed "Our Blair" a fuüure, and proaou'iced it high tima for bina to mako wtiy for & bttter man. The Commercial now goes in strong for Bi.aik for Senator, and pilches ulo tho otlmr candidates with a veDgcar co. What new light has the Commercial received ? or ia Blaib a laiiure in tho House uud yot just Iht man for the Scnate ? At the ppeuial electioo lie!d in the First Pennsylvania Senatorial district ou Tuesday, to fill u vacHUCj causud by the death of Suuator Watt, Republioun, Dkcíikkt, Dcinocrat, wss elected by 1,343 n'fijority. la 1L63 Waii was eleoted by 176 majority, and in (Jetober lt the Rad'cal candidato for Sheriff hud 75G nifjoiity in the district. Tha liadicala had nne majority in the Senate, the delh of Mr. Watt made a tie, and the election of Mr. Dkchert givei the Demócrata one majority, aod will aid iu aecuring fir apportioouieut billa uuder the uew census. Parson1 NaïBY bas beeu iraitating th.u olher and ancitnt - we muau the d - 1. Hu - the d - 1 not the parson - made a tender of aU tho fields to be 'een from a high mouotaia v?heu he didu'l owu a f.iot of theiu, and now, aitin, uomes diguiiod as a pardon and offora the Frenoh tioverntnsut the gdrvices of 4U.O0O of the New York Democracy. Fie, Nasbt, hadn't you botter be liberal on your own capital ? Fked. DjcaLAB mudo a peech at n New E:ig!and dinnar givon in Washington a few days ago, aad based bis "right b) celébrate the landing of tho Pilgrims, equally rith his white maater," on the alleged historical fact that the "origiaul" Mayfiowor after landing its Puritan cargo, ''brought over a cargo of slaves," iroin one of whicb he dsücanded. It was a "sense of duty," says a recent Washington dispatch, that camed Presideut Grant to nomiDate Vice-Admiral Poktkb to be Admiral. That effeotually disposes of the "magoanimi'y" dodge. If uot, tho same dispatch intinteB that the President ia not in favor of Porter's oor.firmntion. Tht is the Senate'a "duty" not bis. Mu. Dkake, of Missouri, having resigned his seat in the U. ö. Senate, to accept the position of Chief-Justice of tho Court of Cluiinp, Gov. McCi.uua hns appoiuted Hon. T. D. Jkwett, of St. Louis, as his suoecwr. Mr. Jewj:tt will get mileage and ealary with a tery short term, as bis sucecsf-or will be elected at the-'coming scïbiou of the Legislature. The proloalionists of Conres put a heavy triff on foreign-rnade carpeta in the interest of home iudustry, and then its under officers are peruiittcd to order by that cheup line, tbe Atlantic cable, supar-Wiltons for its own hall. That's oiie way to favor home mauufacturers. 1 ui mi ui - i If Ibe Presideut'a fiiends in Congres dou't hurry up tht reeolution purchasing Sau Domingo, tb& ohtiae will bo lost, tbo Cabhai. iDSurrectionists, RÍaed by Il}t', pro.r.ising to disrose of the nuthoiit} of B.slz. '


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