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The Alabama Claims

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Nkw Youk, Dec. 19. The Tribunt'g Washington correspondent telegraphs tk t Ibere are strong jeasons frotn aa autlienticsourco, fur belioring that an amicsble adjustrneiit of our differences withEugland, iuconneotion with the Alabama claims, will not Be delayod for a innch locger period. It is bolisved that Gen. Schonok will, soon after bis arrivol in Eugland, resume tbc negotiittions now suspended, and tbat they will be carriod forward in a firm aod friendly manncr, and that tbo English Governinent will weet the queslion Vn a frank nd fair epiiit. Tbo temper of the Britbsfa peoplo is thoujjht to be lvorabla at ibis time for the tuccoss oí tbe undertaking. Tbe fülljwing is believel to bo the points upon which the negot:aiioua Will bc ïutide ; Tbe United States, lis a basis of setllemeot, will reqairo, first, thnt England stiall pay tbe owners for ships and proper dstroy ed by the Alabama, witb interest on the valua of tbe ssuio from the dto of destructioj ; second, that Etiglund shall roimbure the Ucited States Government for all expenses iocurred by the United Stites ia consequenco of the Alabama, nd where successful j tliird, Kngland ■hall make a public recogtiitioii of the rue principies of neutrality, oa the basis of tbeir settlemeut. It is tbought ibat tbo United States will not demand constructive damages inanyevent. Other sourceB of iuformation from thoea a!luded to above substaniially confirm tfaie ■titement of tbe subject. Geo. Schenck will make no extortionato demands. He i not to threateu non-intercourse or the furcible annex&tioo of Canada, nor is he to demand a confession from Great Britoio that sho bas actcd dishonor&bly towird the United 8iates - a confi ssioo that no proud uation would make unlets conquered and rnduced to txtremitios Thcre ts food aulhority for stating that Gen. Seheock is expected to ddiuand oothing more Ihsn the p:ompt aud equitable settlement of our actual uionuv losscs, and that there will be uo tullí of damages lor injured honor in the diploinatio negotiatiems wbiub be is to open and conduot. Tbo reparation which be will ba instructed to ask, it is beiioved, will be wüüticly accorded by tbe English Govornmeot, There is uu erronoou iinpression prevailing witb regard to Gen. Scheock. His mission places hiin in a falst attitude at the outüüt, whicb it ii not pleasant for him to eccupy.


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