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Explosion Of A Gas-holder

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Ccncinnati, Decouibur 19th. Gas bolder No. 5, of the Cincinnati ga worki', explüdud at 5 o'clock this evoning. The conoussion was feit for milea a'vay. Persona within a few ► quarea first tioticod a low rambliog sound vv'ith an oppressivo condition cf lbo atmosphere likethat atteuding ao earthquake. Suddenly a tliuue shot upward iiluminating the cloudöd haavenwi b. red ar.d whito light, aod revealing i". öutlinö clearljr the surrounditig bilis. Eiht iinmenRO iion cciluniua thut puppnrted tlio holdr were throvyn out and u.ainly brokeu to fragment?. Ouu feil aoross the oíEco, crushing o a part of the roof. Tho liolder whb t'rected over a year ago iu tho plasu oecupied by the ono tbat esploded iu tho sammer of 1860, f rom number 12 gaugo irun, and was regardaJ as oue of the best over ia vented. Tha total loss to tbo compuny wiil be about SlOÜ.UOO. Fortunately do one was serou-!y hurt, otio tiiun aloue being süghtly burued. Thoro w s no person immediutely about the haldor, although 40 persons weit) at the rotorts ooly a few buudred feet away. ïheio is do olue as to the oause of the explosión. The foroe appears to huvo exploded itself. Norihwardly aud so'Jthwardly the barometer had been fílliug and wa very low. The oifijors of tbu üo:upany 8y they will bo abl to furaisb suificient liht fur the city.


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